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Idlers 12 hours of Motegi with RWB - Part 1

Last July I attended the Idlers 12 hours of Motegi with team RWB. We traveled through the night before the event from the RWB HQ in Chiba to the Twin Ring Motegi circuit in Tochigi. I took these shots at a gas station on the way. The seven noisy RWB race cars showing up in the dead of night along with an army of RWB race drivers, crew members and photographers from around the world certainly brought the sleepy service area to life.

As you can see, the cars are all road registered and were driven to the event on public roads; no flatbeds, no trucks. It was a good chance to check the cars were all running smoothly. I actually traveled with RWB regular Alex Kyo in one of Nakai-San’s 993s. It was a real thrill to be a part of that journey, travelling in convoy, in the dead of night, on a Japanese highway with so many incredible cars.

I have a huge collection of photos from this event. It was an amazing experience and definitely a highlight since I started Rapid Japan. Part 2 coming soon.


At Tatsumi PA with Nate Vosburg and his new RWB 964

Met up with Nate Vosburg in Tokyo recently to have a look at his new smooth fender RWB 964 build. Last time I saw the car, it was sitting in Nakai-San’s workshop in pieces. It was black, and Nate and Alex Kyo were working hard to get the car prepared for Nakai-San to do his thing. To see it here in Tokyo, in all it’s glory, with its glistening red paint was something special. The hard work has really paid off.

We took the car up to Tatsumi PA for a little photo shoot. The parking area was full of cars coming back from the Stance Nation event in Odaiba earlier that afternoon. Even so, the RWB didn’t fail to turn heads, and it didn’t take long before the car was surrounded by lads and their camera phones. 

The car is a very lightweight machine thanks to a stripped out interior, acrylic windows and a carbon hood. No AC/heater, no audio system, a sunroof delete and various other weight saving mods make this, according to Nakai-San, one of the lightest RWBs he’s ever built.

It’s been a real pleasure to see this car come to fruition here in Japan. Nate is actually moving back to the States this week, and taking the car with him, which makes these shots of the car in Tokyo that little bit more special. 

Big thank you to Nate and Alex for inviting me along for the ride. Thank you also to Mei-Chan who took the rolling shots on the Shutoko Highway while I tried to keep up with Nate in my Miata!