What action caused by a girl will make you embarrassed? The second is?

Yuto: Body Touch

The first is…hmm, it’s a tough one. I think would be being pointed out “You have something on your face”. What about the second? When our bodies touched each other, I will feel embarrassed. I wonder in what situation would that happened. But it probably would be when her body inadvertently come into contact with mine I would feel embarrassed.

Yuri: When I’m being seriously stared at

That, when my name is being called. I wouldn’t know how I am supposed to respond to that. Like when it’s usually “Nakajima-san, Nakajima-san”, then out of the blue “Ne, Yuto” or “Yuto-kun” (consulting Yuto’s opinion who is just at the side) something like that. The second is when I’m being seriously stared at. When both eyes met the other’s. I would be slightly embarrassed. 

TN: Not sure which mag this is from. Translated from Chinese © Rosse.