Casualties on the sands of Durotar

Najirah opens one eye to look up at Asa'giri. Oh, hey, it’s you again. “…you look like a shark,” she manages before her head hits the sand again, unconsciousness grabbing at the poor wounded girl.

“… I am a shark,” the warrior says softly, holding Najirah’s hand in her own gauntleted grip. “Come from the sea to eat those that would destroy you.”

With all the promises of vengeance and rescue she’s heard tonight, for some reason the shark’s promises settles Najirah the most. Yes, eat them all, sharky. Eat all those orcs up.

Dogslug's shhh

((Oh my god this is so horribly late, I’m sorry. Also I haven’t forgotten about the other ones either, life’s just been a giant jerk lately.))

    It wasn’t the soft noise of the leather hangings being pushed aside that bothered Fah'kiri. Nor the footsteps as another came into her hut in the middle of the night. The movement of furs as the other slipped in next to her didn’t rouse her much either, it wasn’t exactly abnormal considering her bed mates. As the other form curled around her, she smiled and gave a soft purr. Then stopped. Yellow eyes opened in confusion as nostrils flared to draw in the scent of her partner. Smoking herbs, both the smoke of them and the natural scent clung to their fur, as well as the aromas of cooking herbs and the wilds. Cooking herbs? That was usually a scent that she herself carried.
    Her body tensed as she woke fully, becoming very aware of the larger form surrounding her. What was going on? Slowly, very slowly, the druid turned over to get a look at her current bedmate in the dim light. Riotous curls adorned their head and the face was indeed familiar.
    "Ehn… Jiji? What do you think you’re doing?“ She asked, caught between relief that it wasn’t another and confusion at the Darkspear woman’s presence in her hut. How’d she even know where her hut was?
    The other druid grumbled, wrapping an arm around the red head and pulling her close like one would a stuffed toy. "Zalmai kicked me outta the hut.” She grumped, snuffling at Kiri’s hair. “Said that I should ask you if I can spend the night.”
    "This… is asking?“ Came the bemused reply.
    "We’re family, family shares right?”
    Fah'kiri reviewed her options. She could kick the older druid out, but that would mean that she would have to deal with the sulking all the next day. Or, she could grin and bear it for a night and tomorrow make it clear to Zalmai that it wasn’t always a good idea to offer another’s hut. Yeah. That’d go over well.
    With a sigh she rolled over, giving Jiji her back again. “Alright, for tonight you can stay. Tomorrow you and Zalmai need to talk and get things sorted though.”
    Her surrender was met with a trill and both settled in, trying to get comfortable.
    "… Jiji?“
    "Get your hand off my thigh.“