Kairi Week Day 1

Favorite Trait: Perceptiveness

One thing I have always enjoyed about Kairi, despite her abysmally low amounts of screen-time, is her perceptiveness and insight.  You can see a lot more of it in the manga, such as a scene in the KH2 manga where she’s discussing with Riku whether or not all of Organization XIII is truly evil or not.  But in the game too you can see it when she’s the only one able to recognize Sora’s heartless as Sora and when she’s able to recognize Ansem-Riku as Riku when Sora is not.  Sometimes it’s a refreshing change from Sora and Riku.  You get the intelligence of Riku without the brooding and arrogance and Sora’s intuitiveness without the gullibility and naivete. 

How I explained the difference between Punk and Rock to a friend in 6th grade

“In rock, all the songs are ‘I love you.’ In punk, all the songs are like 'I hate you.’”

And then I proceeded to cite “All The Small Things” by Blink-182, specifically the line “She left me roses by the stairs, surprises let me know she cares,” as an example of a rock song, and “I Hate Everything About You” by Three Days Grace as an example of a punk song. 

Ohhhhh man. Those were the days.

I think the best gift that you receive as you grow older is the gift of insight. You see hypocrisy, hatred, true love, sadness, loneliness,heartache, naivete, and kindness. You are not blinded by immaturity anymore. This insight will sculpt you in ways that you do not notice until you are ready to be the person that you were always meant to be.

My eyes will never be shut again.

Tepid Cynicism

As I progress in years, I feel myself slipping into cynicism.  People no longer matter to me as much as they should; I allow them to aggravate me more than I should.  I once held the feelings of individuals above all else, but I have learned to loath.  The naivete of youth, which lead me to care and to practice patience, has left me.  I have deserted my principals.  I have abandoned my morals.  I no longer consider others’ feelings the same way I once did.  I have become self serving, and I hate it.  I am not blind to the individual tribulations of others, but I have let apathy obscure my vision.  When compared to all others, I do not believe that I behave atrociously and spitefully toward individuals. I do not deem myself a cynic.  But when I compare my current self to the way I once was, I see the marked difference.  The reality of who I am does not meet the idealized standard I have set for myself - I am not as understanding and accepting of others as I once was.  I question if one can hold on to the mannerisms of youth.  The loss of simplicity that comes with growing up may be the culprit in one’s demoralization. Instead, I have grown to disdain some and show contempt toward others.  To me, the mark of cynicism is how you treat others.  Because one cannot abuse what one loves, and one cannot exhale what one hates.  I long to view people as a once did, but as I become more aware of the faults of man, I fall deeper into cynicism.