I’m not always as confident as I seem. There are many nights and many days when all I want is to be held. I love being held. Always. Sometimes I don’t want to talk about what is bothering me. Sometimes I just want a hug. Someone who will let me cry. I like when boys cry in front of me - when people aren’t afraid to show what they’re really feeling. I don’t like when people run from their true feelings because it doesn’t do anyone any good. I wear my heart on my sleeve, but I am not naive. I know what it feels like to be completely broken and I am all too familiar with what it means to be hurt. I know what it’s like to see something funny and not laugh. I’ve been taken advantage of, used, and abused. My feelings have been blatantly disregarded. But I still believe that all people are good at heart. And my trust in people has not diminished. To be completely honest, I hope it never does. Ever.

i love my dad but hes a fucking naive idiot when it comes to services online
like he’s the spitting image of what joel from vinesauce is making fun of with his pc destruction videos. the technologically oblivious old person who is gullible and clicks on the first result on a google search, not even checking if it’s a secured https server

he gets scammed so many times with these fuckin viruses that claim they’re microsoft but theyre not and he actually calls the number and im just. can u not touch technology ever if ur that gullible because eventually we’re going to get so severely hacked all of our credit card information will be stolen and we’ll be living on the streets

i installed the WOT toolbar on chrome for him because i think that’s the only way he’ll be able to be careful online

A few months back I posted this image along with the remark that I grew up with the shows on the left where the characters were stripped of their clothes for their transformation, and that when I watched Miraculous Ladybug I found it weird that she wasn’t stripped down as well.

Back then I was not aware that in Japan and many other cultures, the image of nudity is not seen as shameful like it is in Western culture, so I naively asked what it meant that the characters not stripping down for their magical-girl style transformation sequence was in the minority. I have since been corrected through many people explaining about the culture and symbol of purity behind it.

The reason I bring this up is because some of the people who commented on this seem to believe that I was shaming the shows on the left because they do strip down the characters, this was not actually my intention and my last words were just poorly worded. As I’ve said before, I grew up with all of those shows and loved them, and I saw nothing wrong with the characters getting stripped down since no nipples or genitals were being shown or those parts were covered by light. And I think I already sort of knew about it symbolising purity as I also grew up reading the W.I.T.C.H. comic which had characters with no clothes in it as well but with no sexualisation and I got what those scenes meant, which someone also pointed out. But the realisation that instant transformations were in the minority and not having all of the fact led the final part of my post to be a bit stupid, and I apologise for that.

Also, that post now has around 970 likes and 535 reblogs, which is absolutely amazing to me. Here’s a link to the original post:

the minkii - album 1 + [listen] NYC-based alt-rock darlings The Minkii are finally releasing their long-awaited debut album, “Us & Them.” Click play for an exclusive first listen of the record, courtesy of RR Music News.

01. happy - the maine // 02. my own worst enemy - lit // 03. somebody told me - the killers // 04. slave - lola ray // 05. the city - the 1975 // 06. somebody new - joywave // 07. troublemaker - grizfolk // 08. breaking up my bones - vinyl theatre // 09. i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you - black kids // 10. naive - the kooks // 11. she’s a riot - the jungle giants // 12.  moving to new york - the wombats // 13. stay useless - cloud nothings // 14. kathleen - catfish & the bottlemen // 15. sex - the 1975 // 16. fever - the black keys // 17. arabella - the arctic monkeys // 18. the epilogue - crosses // 19. trip switch - nothing but thieves // 20. my heroine - the maine

original au post

Sometime back, during the last Schoolmatsu gatcha, I finally saved up enough gems for my first 10x roll.  I was so excited; I had been looking forwards to owning a prince matsu ever since I laid my eyes on them on this blog.  I threw my 500 hard-earned gems into the general gatcha, waiting eagerly for a prince to take my hand and prance into the sunset with me.  Bathhouse Oso and Kara showed up instead, taking my diamonds without hesitation.  That’s okay, I thought.  I can’t say no to my precious eldest boys, and there were eight more rolls left!  Tracksuit Oso was next to snatch my gems away.  My smile wavered, but I was determined to stay strong and wait patiently for my prince.  I was so naive that I couldn’t see the impending nightmare before me. 

Laughter echoed in the distance and my blood ran cold as three Expo Jyushis came barreling towards me.  Any other day, sunshine boy would have brought a smile to my face, but that day, I was overcome with anguish.  His maniacal cackles seemed to go on for eternity as he and his clones trampled my hopes and dreams.  An Expo Kara lagged behind, but his smooth words couldn’t undo the damage.  His beautiful and painful face only added insult to injury as I curled up on the floor, begging for mercy in the shattered remains of my fantasies.

I couldn’t make out the next two silver cards through my bleary, tear-filled eyes, but I was too upset to care as my hopes slipped away between my fingers.  As I lay broken and defeated on the ground, a final shadow loomed over me.  I looked up with desperate eyes; had a prince finally shown up to wipe away my tears?

Screams filled the air.  Whether they were mine or Delinquent Choro’s, I couldn’t tell.  He scurried away with the last of my savings, leaving me crying quietly in the dirt to watch ads in a meager attempt to scrounge up diamonds once again.

dear albatross,

why do i miss when you stuttered

why do i miss when you laughed

why do i miss when you thought

why do i miss you?

why do i miss your voice

why do i miss your texts

why do i miss your messages

why do i miss you?

you used to be so nice

you used to be so caring

you used to be able to talk for hours

you used to do anything to make me happy

then you were cruel to me

then you were rude to me

then you told me i am nothing

always was nothing

will be nothing

why do i miss you?

unlike you, i am naive

unlike you, i am average

unlike you, i am dumb

unlike you, i am.. nothing..

i miss you, albatross.

and i know

from the deepest part of my heart

that you do not miss me

that you never did miss me

that you never will miss me.

and i am okay with that..

- Confidence

Confidence is not something that comes naturally to most people and I will be honest it didn’t come naturally to me at first and being that naive child I went about the world lost with no sense of direction. It took me a long time to accept myself. I didn’t like my lips, hated my nose and my voice annoyed me because of my accent that comes in and out when I said certain words. It didn’t help that I was African growing up in a foreign land as a kid, being called an “ African booty scratcher ” an insult that still angers me till this day. As naive children we didn’t know better, because no one teaches us how to love ourselves at a young age, the fact that I wasn’t consider handsome or attractive by others because I wasn’t of a lighter skin complexion was very hurtful to me. It took me up to middle school, end of it actually to get into sports, start working out and as I started to grew into myself, get a better understanding of myself, my culture and the world around me I also started to dress myself accordingly. By high-school I was still trying to figure myself out & trying different personalities from others. But now I have a better concept of who I truly am, my own beauty.

The incredible adulteration of bread, especially in London, was first revealed by the Committee of the House of Commons ‘on the adulteration of articles of food’ (1855-6), and by Dr Hassall’s work Adulterations Detected. The consequence of these revelations was the Act of 6 August 1860, ‘for preventing the adulteration of articles of food and drink’, an inoperative law, as it naturally shows the tenderest consideration for every ‘freetrader’ who decides ‘to turn an honest penny’ by buying and selling adulterated commodities. The Committee itself more or less naively formulated its conviction that free trade essentially meant trade with adulterated, or as the English ingeniously put it, ‘sophisticated’ goods. In fact, this kind of ‘sophistry’ understands better than Protagoras how to make white black, and black white, and better than the Eleatics how to demonstrate before your very eyes that everything real is merely apparent.

At all events the Committee had directed the attention of the public to its ‘daily bread’, and therefore to the baking trade. At the same time the cry of the London journeymen bakers against their over-work rose in public meetings and petitions to Parliament. The cry was so urgent that Mr H. S. Tremenheere, also a member of the above-mentioned Commission of 1863, was appointed a Royal Commissioner of Inquiry. His report, together with the evidence given, moved the public not in its heart but in its stomach. Englishmen, with their good command of the Bible, knew well enough that man, unless by elective grace a capitalist, or a landlord, or the holder of a sinecure, is destined to eat his bread in the sweat of his brow, but they did not know that he had to eat daily in his bread a certain quantity of human perspiration mixed with the discharge of abscesses, cobwebs, dead cockroaches and putrid German yeast, not to mention alum, sand and other agreeable mineral ingredients. Without any regard for His Holiness ‘Free Trade’, the hitherto ‘free’ baking trade was therefore placed under the supervision of state-appointed inspectors (at the close of the Parliamentary session of 1863), and by the same Act of Parliament work from 9 in the evening to 5 in the morning was forbidden for journeymen bakers under 18. The last clause speaks volumes as to the over-work in this old-fashioned, homely line of business.
—  Karl Marx, Capital (1867)

todays trending 27th is about the first episode you watched, and that for me would be the picnic in 2013 and oh boy i have a lot of words to say about it

a friend of mine on tumblr [who im no longer in contact with sadly] said there was a new show coming out and i should watch the pilot of it when it came out, and so i did. i fell in love with the animation instantly and it reminded me of the classic looney tunes cartoons

my thoughts on the characters when i frst watched it were as follows:

wander - kind of annoying, reminded me of characters like spongebob who were naive 

sylvia - obligatory pet sidekick that would be silent

peepers - marvin the martian if he wasnt his own boss

hater - well uh, hes a skeleton

emperor awesome - very obnoxious

of course, now that i caught up on it in 2016 after seeing dominators song, my thoughts are fairly different! wander is my favorite out of the main four and has FAR more character than i ever anticipated, sylvia is a wonderful addition for older people who watch the show, like me, to relate to as the voice of reason and no nonsense lady, peepers is still adorable and has his own agency and more similar to marvin in duck dodgers [if yall know what i mean. hint tyrahnee hint lord hater], hater is an adorable strong boy who i want to be redeemed fully, and ive even grown to like emperor awesome, if only slightly because he gets owned a lot by sylvia

i still love the animation, but ive grown to appreciate the voice acting, the story, the characters, the background art and the colors. its all so nice and im so glad i started watching it fully, even if it was fairly late to the shows run

 lets save the show so we can maybe get more people into it and see that it has far more to offer than the first episode may show on the surface!


the raven cycle aestheticrichard campbell gansey iii

Gansey had always felt as if there were two of him: the Gansey who was in control, able to handle any situation, able to talk to anyone, and then, the other, more fragile Gansey, strung out and unsure, embarrassingly earnest, driven by naive longing.

-Concubine Oh sees much potential on Hae Soo, but she also sees herself on her.. desperately clinging on Wook’s words, not knowing the rules of the game. I love how Oh can show in her eyes that she sees Hae Soo nothing but a naive girl just like how she was before.

-Wook’s character is drastically changing, this could give us hint why would an all out war in the brethren will happen.

-Haesoo is still in denial that she likes So. Personally I can see that she trapped herself in Wook believing he’s the better guy. Because Wook treated her the best way her 21st century boyfriend could not give.

-I kinda felt bad for Yo.. (his archery skill is no joke… if you watched running man you know what this means)

-Haesoo is not the reason, nor the people around Wang So. It’s the palace. It’s the politics that will turn him into a beast if he lets everyone manipulate him.

-must. protect. precious. wang so.

mysweetkittae  asked:

What's a friendly coin wash?? Is this an American thing or am I just super oblivious?

I’m not sure if it’s only an american thing, but its a laundromat, and you pay with coins c: so it’s a coin wash, but me being so naive I thought they just washed your coins oml

anonymous asked:

I think that Karim is a very naive person and that is why he end that being envolve in so much troubles... and his friendship with James is so cute and transparent, I've notice that on instagram James's mom likes Karim photos all the time, she must know that they are true friends.

awwww I didn’t know she likes the pics with K, so cute

yeah, he’s a naive person, and he’s genuine, and i think he tends to think people are like that aswell, and yes that’s why their friendship is so full of love, they’re maybe both like that, Benz is only like that to people he’s really close to (comfy i mean)

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You are truly ignorant and naive. Wake up and take a look at the world around you. Your choices make a difference.

Lick my asshole babygirl

goodnightlittlewing  asked:

bitch u better do 8, 24, 31, and 44 for alma or i will power walk across the ocean in my outfit

I was tempted not to answer this bc powerwqlking is funny af and I would love to see it but TIT PUNCHING HURTS

8. She’s fired simple hand guns for Ranger training but otherwise no because guns are ridiculous and unnecessary.

24. She’s pretty quick - she’s not gullible or naive, but she’s also not the kind of person to think everyone has some type of ulterior motive like they’re trying to fuck her over. Sometimes her trust is misplaced, sometimes not, but you live and you learn OR SOMETHING

31. Nights with heavy snowfall, and a lit fireplace. Sliding into a bed with clean sheets, legs shaved, after a hot shower to write/relax. Nice.

44. She has a hard time saying it when she means it, but not so much when she doesn’t mean it. It’s easier to lie? Than to admit to her emotions