((With @ask-fucking-bendy

Warning! Might contain gore, psychic and physical torture and suggestive NSFW))

Demonic has finished cumplimenting his guests. When they all left he walks to the purple couch and relax over it. He was tired and even a bit bored. Since Dahak and Angelcakes went to a vacation he was alone. He was deciding to go sooner in the bed until a random message appears on his phone.

“Hey…. Big fella, i’ve been watching ya for quite a while.
I like your wings, i would like to see them CLOSER.
Follow this address and come to visit me. I’m starving for some company.

Ass: F.K.C”

Demonic read the address right before the strange message. No one in their perfect sanity would ever follow that task. But not for him. He assumed that the one who wished to see him was probably a poor soul that got interested on him. He got quickly interested, and a few hours later he managed to go into the determinated place. The house were in a poor condition, but he woudn’t be rude to say it for whoever that invited him.
He opens the door as he drowns in the darkness. His black eyes glows in red as his vision were possible. His golden shoes clap on the ground as he slowly entered the empty room. Whatever that was going to happen, there was no turning back.