reasons to do something like this on riverdale in some way

  1. people will actually appreciate melody/asha bromfield and her gorgeous voice 
  2. showcase kj’s *mind blowing* guitar skills
  3. i want to see how they’d lead up to this considering the pussycats can’t possibly be too happy with him right now (for what he did to valerie)
  4. melody gets to do something other than snare and forgetting she’s there
  5. ?????characterization for melody?????
  7. therefore contractually more pussycats screentime
    how is this not appealing to you guys

— sim oc tag —

i was tagged by: @cinemasims

chosen oc: melody saunders-schmidt 

also get ready for some family mystery ??


  • you don’t need to answer all questions if you can’t answer them (i.e, it’s not revealed yet, no one will ever know, etc.)
  • fill out the 2 blanks above, with the link to their bio/pictures and where people can find the story they’re in!
  • once you have finished, tag 10 more people to do this tag at the end (anyone with an oc can do it!)


what is your character’s favorite memory?

being with her biological mom and sis 

what is your character’s greatest fear?

her biological dad

what is your character’s proudest accomplishment?

being accepted to a new family 

what will/can break your character completely?

​umm losing her family again??

what can drive your character to do criminal act?

she doesnt have to because amber can just steal whatever she can lol

what pet (mythical or not) would your character want to have?

ok id like to think shes a harry potter fan (even tho im not) so maybe an owl

what is the cutest thing your character has ever done?



how does your character feel about sexual intercourse?

shes like 16 but anyways

how close is your character with family and friends?

she loves her new home and friends!!!

how does your character react to pressure?

how religious is your character (if they believe)?

religious but open minded !! she was raised by her mother to be faithful 

how does your character’s personality change when someone gets uncomfortably close (relationship wise)?

​when he feels like he’s revealed too much of himself he closes up and tends to let that relationship whither

how well does your character act around with unknown and different people?

​she tries to be friendly with them!! 

how would this character cope with losing someone extremely close to them?  

​by praying? i guess



if a zombie apocalypse begun in the town your character currently lives in, what would they act like?

idk like fight with them or something

what if your character suddenly woke up to an unfamiliar place, and realize the life they lived was all a dream. their family, friends, home.. all gone but still crazily vivid in their head. how would they react?

​she would freak out

if your character was thrown in jail, what would they be guilty of?

protesting maybe lol

i got tagged forever ago so i tag nobody :<