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Look, we all know what we’re getting. We know this is temporary. We know exactly why the writers are doing this. We know this is pacification. We know nothing could ever make up for the shit that was s4b and 5. We are all still pissed too. 

But we are allowed to be happy. We are allowed to accept what little we are given. We are allowed to be grateful. We are allowed to freak out to have Robin back (any version of Robin back) because that is more than we ever hoped to get. 

So to all the people who keep reblogging with negative comments on beautiful OQ gifsets, to everyone sending hate to OQ shippers or telling them they are crazy for feeling joy/having hope. Please, fuck off. 

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What do you think Vader would have done if Padme survived childbirth?

I actually wrote a little about my ideas for this here. And I wouldn’t want to write an entire fic of this verse, because it would be long and sad and I would loose interest in it quickly, I think.But here are some things from said verse:

She meets Padme Skywalker in an alley on a small moon. She’s heard stories about the other woman – stories of bravery and loyalty, of durasteel and cleverness, of bitter cold sarcasm and cutting eyes. She’s looked over the Imperial propaganda of her as well; the confusing mix of terrorist, naive girl-queen, conniving harlot, and crazy warmonger painting a picture that makes her seem like a boogeyman in technicolor. If asked, she supposes she was expecting a mix of the two conflicting images – a woman with wild eyes and wilder hair, clothes that fit like a glove with a low cut, a weapon on her hip and comms over both her ears.

That is not what she gets. Padme Skywalker is none of those things – she is a slight woman with a pretty face, tired eyes with exhaustion plain in the slight wrinkles around her mouth and nose. Her hair is long and kept in a braid down her back, still its original deep brown, and she dresses much like any spacer she’s ever seen does – simply, with layers for any temperature, and light fabrics for easy movability. She has a blaster at her hip and a vibroblade strapped to her back and, judging by her boots, probably a smaller blaster at one of her ankles.

“I was told you have something of importance, Ms. Erso?” Padme Skywalker’s voice is soft and sweet, her accent polished and pronounced. She rolled the r in her last name in a way that she hadn’t heard anyone do since she was a very young girl.

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In the south I was nothing but the baby California stripper w big wet eyes, in California I’m nothing but a naive night hotel queen dressed in lace & leopard & velveteen, in heaven I gotta b something beautiful