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Longchamp's Dating Service

A date… a date… Yamamoto normally didn’t have those. Plenty of girls asked him, but none were upfront about it and always brought it up in a roundabout way. Lunch? Sure why not~ Practice is over. Or… Free passes to a movie? Haha thank you! Sounds like fun!

Yamamoto was oblivious in some ways, and either chose to see things differently, or was unable to read between the lines. He leaves it up to interpretation. But he could only recall going on a few, and this time was different than the others. Not only was it a blind date, but it was a double-date as well. Longchamp had a girl in mind for him, and although he wasn’t expecting much from this; aside from a good time, he was excited for it.

He arrived fifteen minutes early, dressed rather casually but still somewhat dressy for the occasion, and was currently waiting for the rest to arrive. Hopefully his friend before their dates. He didn’t know them, after all. But he had put their name down on the waiting list, just in case.

Five minutes passed… and he was being escorted to their table for the evening. The host was asked to keep an eye out for the rest of his party, and in the meantime, the ball player was getting to know the menu.

 Quite a bit sounded good… but maybe he was just really hungry?

longchamp-archive  asked:

What if Ken was like a guard dog at Kokuyo Land and would bark and growl when he thinks he sees someone outside/ sees other animals? What if he was the one who chose Kokuyo Land because he peed there and claimed that they owned it now because he marked it

“That’s so unsanitary, Ken.”

“Looks like we have our new home.”