shes a water spirit and shes extra as hell and has instated herself as the protector of THE ENTIRE GODDAMN OCEAN because some krill were trying to eat a book she was trying to read

The light isn’t on my side lately, so all pictures get terrible lightning. But I had to participate for this day. Being a lesbian myself, I have a disproportionate amount of lesbian dolls, but most of them aren’t in relationships atm (or their partner isn’t shelled yet), so they don’t contribute much to the lesbian visibility in the hobby. But here are the ones I currently have at my apartment who’re gay girls and relatively finished. I also have some at my parents’, and some here but lacking face-plates (due to being off for face-ups), and some lacking both wig and clothes. But these are here at least.

Song-Hwa’s technically bi, but she and Naminé (who’s gay) are the only complete girl couple I currently have here so she got to join anyway.

Kessie and Lynette made the flag together.

(and Nivah’s also trans so she’ll show up on trans bjd day too :3)

From left to right, back to front:

Freakstyle Salomé - Nivah Almasi
Lyouba Mélina - Nairi Okafor
Kaykedolls Coffee - Titrit Zaidi

Dust of Dolls Cham Näbi - Kestrel “Kessie” Ahnah O’Hara
Asella Noble Dolls Reglisse - Eiluned “Lynette” Lu’Khari Eramantan

Withdoll Nana - Song-Hwa Jeoung
Lillycat Cerisedolls Millie Choupie - Naminé Ainsley

                       Xian Nairi foot Mani Dui , Inagi Aden by inthinking                                                                (location on map in the source)

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I was never quite satisfied with Nairi’s wig, so I put her in Nivah’s. I don’t like having two dolls with identical wigs, but I’m quite sure she needs one like this herself at some point. Maybe I could make it pure black instead of brown-black like Nivah’s so there at least is some variation….


Urartian Bronze Belt, 8th - 7th century BC

Decorated in three registers with riders pursuing bulls and lions in fields of roses and trees.

Urartu (map) was originally known as Biainele with its capital at the rock fortress of Tushpa. The ancient city’s ruins are located just west of Van and east of Lake Van in the Van Province of Turkey. Today the region once known as Urartu is divided among Armenia, eastern Turkey, and northwestern Iran. In the bible, Urartu was known as the kingdom of Ararat.

Urartians spoke a language that was related to Hurrian, a language that has no other known connections. Their written language was adapted from Assyrian cuneiform but their inscriptions unfortunately only refer to royal construction activity therefore we get most of our information about Urartu from historic Assyrian sources. The Assyrian King Shalmaneser I (13th century BC) first mentions “Uruartri” as a Nairi state, which was a loose confederation of small kingdoms and tribes, of which he and his successors conquered at times, but not completely. Urartu re-emerged as a powerful kingdom and rival of Assyria in Assyrian inscriptions dated to the 9th century BC. Its tribes became united under the Urartian King Aramu (c. 860 – 843 BC) and the kingdom reached its zenith in the 9th and 8th centuries.

In the 7th century BC Urartu suffered from invasions by the Cimmerians, Scythians and Medes. The region came under the control of the Armenian Orontids in the 7th century BC and the Persians in the mid-6th century BC. By this time the kingdom of Urartu was no longer extant.

I put Levin’s wig on Nairi, and ooops… now I kinda don’t want to take it off xD I might have to make her a similar one, in dark brown or black. More work, though D:

It’s a tragedy, because this one seems to look good on everyone, and even though it’s a hard cap, it fits a surprising range of dolls. It’s perfect on Nivah, on Nami, on Nairi, on Cecil, on Kai, on Shy, etc xD I might have to make a large amount of braided wigs….