Patreon Reward: Nairobi

A Patreon Reward for one of my top tier patrons, featuring his changeling character, Nairobi. Thank you so much for your continued support!

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By Alberto Reyes

Wanted to share one photo from my trip to Kenya. Also wanted to say Thank you very much Kibera I had an amazing time, I have learned so much from you. Really wish I can spend more time here and take a million more photos. You guys are defiantly my favorite… I felt at home, will never forget it !

Definitely the friendliest slum in the world

If you would like to see more photos please go to my travel blog HERE or my Instagram at allleft



An absolute must watch. 

Hello Nairobi! (the wait has been long) but we are back and excited to announce that
2manysiblings is teaming up with OkayAfrica for a special 3rd edition of the thrift social.

So join us Sunday 22 November at the Elephant, 12pm - 8pm

Beats by dj’s TAIO, savara africa, jack rooster , nairobi idhobi + amazing bites by the cool girls at mama rocks burgers and more.

Also,bring donations in form of food or clothes as part of our philanthropy project with the jacaranda school for the mentally challenged.

tickets will be sold at the gate so bring your cool and see you there!

suggested donations is encouraged.

nairobi before sunrise

Kanungo e teko;
a woman’s strength lies in her waist,
as you fold your hands beneath your belly
and spin to the music – you

lock eyes with mine
and sweat rivers down your thighs.
I tug at the beads
through your shirt.  Shhh.
No one should know that I know.
Your shoulders pinch the wall.

As I work the soil of your neck
between my teeth,
your soles kick up earth
bouncing one-two heel to toe
and you nestle in my arms.

Utapenda kundansi?
Your beads, your sweat, your skin
glisten gold.  Breathe, breathe.
I will write love songs while you dance.
Your waist spins and presses against mine
as I hook my finger into your shanga,
and I lose myself in the tremors of your belly:
Kanungo e teko.  Ngoma na mimi.
Won’t you dance with me?