I had an interview today at pque. Everything is fine. I was able to pass the interview and I am now in final. They will gonna give me a call regarding to the final interview later this week.

Nag iisip ako kung tutuloy pa ba ako kasi ang bitch ng HR nila. As in, super sinugo ng demonyo ang loka. May aplikante kasi na halatang mahirap. Cellphone na gamit nya nokiang de keypad with goma pa, bag nya naka perdible, damit nya, ayos naman. Polo shirt and jeans pero hindi angkop sa sinabe ng HR na corporate. The HR saw the girl tas as in bitchesa ang hr sabi ba naman “Anong tinda mo te? Mukha kang mag titinda ng tinapa e. Wag kaya kitang interviewhin?” I do get the point na mali yung suot nya pero she could’ve delivered it in a professional way. Maayos at hindi degradingm The applicant sent her sorry and went home. Nainis lang ako kasi ang sama ng ugali ng loka. Nag bubritish accent pa ang timang.

Nung ako na iinterviewhin nya for initial she asked me kung ano daw unique sakin sabi ko tuloy “I dont judge the book by its cover. I think, the way you dress or how you look is not necessary to prove your worth and value. Diamonds and golds maybe covered with mud before the miner finds out that it is valuable. *resting bitch face* *aussie accent*”

Nabigla sya sa sinabe ko at alam kong tinamaan sya kasi nag bago facial expression nya. Bitch nya. Inis me.

Naloka ako sa workmate ko na nag add ng facebook account ng Mama ko. Yung ibang officemate ko din inadd niya din yung friends or family members nila. Nainis ako kasi inadd niya mama ko. Buti na lang binubuksan ko acct ni Mama kaya nakita ko. Hindi ako nagbubukas ng sarili kong acct kaya di ko alam kung naadd niya na ba yung iba kong friend or relatives. Kainis talaga. 😤

Ewan ko ba kung trip niya lang magparami ng friends or what. Kaloka.

“Bakit single ka pa din?”

Tinanong ako ng friend ko na may ka-MU ng tanong na yan. Bigla kong naisip, “Ay, bakit, may deadline ba?” Tas nainis ako bigla. Ewan ko, porket may ka-MU lang siya. Hahahaha. Tsaka di ko naman kelangan ng karelasyon para maging masaya, diba. Friends, pagkain at tulog lang masaya na ko HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Pag nagka boyfriend ako sige chat ko nalang siya, magpapaparty pa ko lol.

Photograph of the lake in Naini Tal, taken by Samuel Bourne in the 1860s. According to legend, Nainital takes its name from the Hindi word for eye as it is said to be the spot at which Sati’s (Parvati) eye fell to earth and is one of the 64 Peethas, or sacred pilgrimage sites in India, dedicated to that goddess, who is worshipped at the Naina Devi Temple, situated at the northern end of the lake. 

The British Library

Okay, I’m not actually good at vocabulary words. I’m just a reader who jots down unfamiliar words whenever I found a new word in a novel. Yes, reading is essential and the dictionary will be your best company. Open a dictionary if you don’t fully understand the word you’ve just read. Basically, I have Merriam Webster application in my cellphone (it is available for iOS and Android users) I found it pretty helpful every time I’m lack of words. Anyway, I invented this kind of post for you guys & gals, I called it Build Your Vocabulary, I will list down at least 10-15 different English-Tagalog words and I hope this won’t be an interruption to your dash. So let’s start:

  1. luscious - masarap (adj) 
  2. peeved - nainis (v)
  3. piquant - maanghang (adj)
  4. mournful - malungkot (adj)
  5. somber - madilim (adj)
  6. faintly - mahina (adv)
  7. niggardly - kuripot (adv)
  8. feckless - iresponsable (adj)
  9. skepticism - pag-dududa (n)
  10. sultry - mainit or maalinsangan (adj)
  11. legibly - maliwanag (adv)
  12. valorous - malakas ang loob or matapang (adj)
  13. grievous - matindi (adj)
  14. emerge - lumitaw (v)
  15. cozy -  komportable (adj)

If you already knew how to place adjectives and adverbs, constructing a sentence would be now easy for you. So, good luck and have a wide vocabulary!