At The Foothills of the Himalayas, Nainital, India

The fifth and final stop on my Indian adventure with Hostelling International and the Big Blog Exchange 2014 was Nainital, a small mountain town nestled around a lake about 50KMs from the Himalayas and the Nepal border.

Nainital would serve to be the perfect relaxing end to what had been a frantic and fast paced two week trip. Not only is Nainital small and quiet compared to the big bustling cities further south, but the tremendous 360 degree views beg to be noticed.

The town itself has only a few main streets, so it is extremely walkable. Other attractions are of course the lake in which is surrounds, the cable car going to the top of a viewpoint to better see the Himalayas, some hiking trails to nearby peaks, and the restaurants and shops in the town itself.

As we only had two partial days in Nainital, we did most things the first day so we could relax a little on our last day in India, which ended up being very beneficial as Miranda (dreamswillbe) came down with some extremely violent food poisoning and desperately needed the off day.

We stayed at the Fair Light Resorts Hotel, which is a tiny little place about 5 minutes out of town high up on the mountain. Mr. Shah, the hotel manager, was an extraordinary delight who really made our brief stay very enjoyable. He drove us into town after we arrived and showed us around the town. He then used his boat club membership to get us a free sail boat ride around the lake. He recommended restaurants to visit, shops to see, and things to do. He also had a member of his staff meet us at the top of the cable car and then direct us on how to walk back to the hotel from there while stopping to peek at the Himalayas to the north. He was exceptionally kind to us.

With Miranda’s food poisoning hitting hard, and me being fairly exhausted from the previous 2 weeks, we enjoyed the views from our room (which 3 of the 4 pictures are actually taken from) for much of the second day. By evening we went down to the town to browse the shops and grab some dinner before catching our overnight bus back to Delhi, thus finalizing our trip to India.

There will be further posts, summaries, and reviews in the days and weeks to come, going over the details of my india trip in much more detail than my daily briefs have allowed. I wrote this post during the first of 2 long haul flights on the way back to Canada and all I can do is look back on this trip with mixed emotion and far too much to process on so little sleep. India was a complex experience that will take longer to dissect and digest than any of my other trips. All I will say for now is: I am happy for the experiences I have had, glad to have met some great new people, and extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Big Blog Exchange 2014.