naima keith


The Origins and Impact of Afrofuturism 

by  African and Afro-Diasporan Art Talks

“The Origins and Impact of Afrofuturism”, with Naima Keith and Zoe Whitley, curators of “The Shadows Took Shape

[DISCUSSION] African American Artists & Conceptualism
Sunday, December 8 | 2pm
Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Auditorium, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn Museum, located at 200 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, NY

Conceptual art, in which material forms are deemphasized or entirely eliminated in favor of an engagement with ideas, offered artists of the 1960s and ’70s a critical framework for exploring social issues. Largely excluded from mainstream institutions of the time, African American artists employed conceptual strategies to examine complex social issues such as race and identity. The Studio Museum in Harlem’s Assistant Curator Naima Keith and artist Fred Wilson discuss the impact of African American Conceptual art during this period and its legacy within contemporary art. This event is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Materializing “Six Years”: Lucy R. Lippard and the Emergence of Conceptual Art