This past Sunday I had the opportunity to do nail art at an event. First off, it was so much fun. All of the little kiddies were so cute! 

It was a super hot sunny day and I was sunburned by closing time (I worked outside). But it was such a great learning experience. TBH, when I began my hands shook like no other. I was so nervous, so a lot of them ended up not being top notch. But most of the time the kids liked the color blocked stripes, which was very easy on the tiny fingers. As the day progressed, my hands shook less and less and I began to have a lot more fun. 

In the end I probably did about 20 or 25 sets in the space of about 7 hours. I can’t wait to do it again. If you live in the bay area, near Emeryville, and want your nails done, just send me a message. 

Can’t wait to do this again next year! 

I have gold on my nails!!!! 

I went to sephora yesterday, intending to buy some blush. But I walked out with gold on my nails and ciate in my purse. Ciate, I know, I know. But I had to, it was the velvet. I swear it will be the only time I buy from them. But back to the gold. I know OPI has their “own” “official” one coming out soon, so I had to try it. It’s called “It’s Real” and has small 18k gold flecks in it. The price tag said 13USD. It was cheaper than I thought so maybe the OPI one coming out will be around 40USD or something. It went on like a dream. I also decided to try their quick dry drops while I was there. They work amazing! 14USD price tag. So I may have to get it next time I’m there. All in all, a great trip, I still have to go back for the make up… XD

It seems I inspired myself. I’ll repost a pic soon, as more of a replog pic. These were actually fairly simple to do. Just colored french manicure and blocks of color. I was too lazy to wipe off the excess polish, sorry for the mess. Questions, put it in my ask. =) 

External image

External image

I designed this lamp myself. Not really original, but I like the stained glass effect.  

External image