Seungkwan As Your Boyfriend
  • Likes to hold your hand 
  • Is a little shy when you’re both with the other members
  • Doesn’t say ‘I love you often’ but when he does, it’s very meaningful to him
  • Plays with your hair
  • Makes sure you eat and drink water daily
  • Spams you with text messages when you don’t answer his phone calls
  • Calls you every morning 
  • Cute little dates at the park and to dinner
  • The only aegyo he will accept is when it’s yours
  • Argues about who’s the prettiest (He always chooses you over him)
  • Gives you cute little surprises for fun
  • Gets extremely shy when you wanna go swimming with him
  • Is too nervous to take off his shirt
  • “I.. I’ll just sit here, you swim.”
  • Tries not to stare at you in a bathing suit
  • “You’re just beautiful, sorry.” - Embarrassed little boy
  • Will definitely take his days off to spend with you
  • Loves when you sing and act a fool with him
  • Always dances to girl group songs, hoping you join in
  • Brings you lunch at work/school when he’s not too busy at dance practice 
  • Extremely clingy, tight cuddles before and both after he has to go out of country.
  • Sends you free tickets and prays you come see him because he’s not allowed to drag you on tour with him
  • Late night phone calls when he has a belly ache
  • “Video call me and prove to me that you’re eating food. If you’re not, so help me god I will send someone to feed you.”
  • Gives you his clothes
  • Eskimo kisses are his favorite things ever
  • Back/neck massages when he knows you’re stressed
  • Will out-diva you when you get sassy about something
  • Dramatic as all get out
  • Likes watching you do your makeup/paint your nails
  • Watching cartoons and cuddling on the couch after a long day makes him happy
  • Always tries to bake for you but messes up and gets super moody

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Thomas Sanders is a treasure that needs to be protected from everything awful in this world- and I had to try and show how much I adore him (because that’s what crazy people with too much time and too much finger nail polish do). 

I have two favorites of his, Schools Getting Tougher and If I were a Dog Show Judge, all are hilarious but I just love these two so much. They crack me up.

All polishes used are OPI, and I used the new Bundle Monster to stamp the numbers. That mouth kicked my butt though!! I had the hardest time making it look presentable then just gave up and did a slash. x__x

What do you think, thatsthat24? ^_^

By the way, if you’re curious, here is the Vine I’m talking about:

anonymous asked:

what do you do as a distraction from self harm? I've been clean for a few months and i have been so tempted to start again and the thought of that scares me.

Here are some alternatives to self-harm - i hope they help in some way 

  1. Exercise
  2. Put on fake tattoos
  3. Drawing on yourself in Red marker
  4. Scribbling on paper
  5. Writing (poems, stories a diary whatever you like)
  6. Watching your favourite TV show
  7. Listen to your favourite band (Preferably not triggering songs)
  8. Painting your nails
  9. Watch a movie
  10. Do some homework
  11. Learn or play an instrument
  12. Look at the stars
  13. Read a book
  14. Create a bucket list
  15. Obsess about your favourite celebrity/book/TV show – Basically just Fangirl/Boy
  16. Singing
  17. Snap a rubber band on your wrist
  18. Begin the butter fly project
  19. Cleaning
  20. Play with your pet (If you have one)
  21. Read a book
  22. Bake cookies or Just bake something yummy :3
  23. Scream in to a pillow
  24. Dance like no one’s watching
  25. Play with clay or play-dough
  26. Build a pillow fort
  27. Find a new hobby
  28. Call a hotline or therapist
  29. Give yourself a make over
  30. Go window shopping online (Browse stuff you want to buy)
  31. Go through photographs
  32. Go to the zoo and rename all the animals
  33. Take a selfie?
  34. Pray
  35. Go through your old stuff
  36. Go to the park
  37. Teach your pet a new trick
  38. Cry
  39. Write a list on  things to do instead of self-harm
  40. Mix warm water and red food colouring together and pour it on to the place you want to self –harm (It looks and feels like blood)
  41. Talk to someone
  42. Play with bubble wrap
  43. Eat your favourite food
  44. Organize your room
  45. Create some new outfits with the clothes you have
  46. Find butterflies
  47. Write Fan fiction
  48. Watch the rain (If it’s raining)
  49. Put on some boots and splash in puddles
  50. Stand in the rain
  51. Listen to the rain and read a book
  52. Go on Tumblr (Only if it isn’t triggering)
  53. Go for a walk
  54. Scribble on photos of people on magazines
  55. Stab an orange
  56. Throw an apple or a pair of socks against a wall
  57. Tear apart newspapers
  58. Draw a picture of what is making you angry
  59. Paint
  60. Hold ice in your hands, against your arm, or in your mouth.
  61. Wax your legs
  62. Splash your face with cold water
  63. Put pva glue on your hands then peel it off
  64. Massage where you want to hurt yourself
  65. Take a shower or bath
  66. Colour your hair
  67. Find some jokes
  68. Watch some comedians
  69. Make as many words out of your full name as possible
  70. Count everything (how many stairs you have, how many tiles on your ceiling etc.)
  71. Try and do some origami (Paper folding)
  72. Do a puzzle
  73. Knit /sew
  74. Make something creative
  75. Watch the clouds
  76. Make up a dance routine
  77. Go on YouTube
  78. Make an adventure book like in Disney’s Up
  79. Make a scrap book
  80. Learn to swear/curse in another language
  81. Talk to Siri
  82. Play some games
  83. Pay attention to your breathing
  84. Congratulate yourself on each minute you can go without self-harming
  85. Cuddle a toy
  86. Put a face mask on
  87. Chocolate
  88. Try to remember a happy memory
  89. Have or give a massage
  90. Light a candle and watch the flame (But don’t touch it , please be careful)
  91. Take a bath with loads of bubbles
  92. Meditate
  93. Yoga
  94. Feel your pulse
  95. Lay on your back in bed
  96. Create a safe place
  97. Make pictures with the clouds
  98. Read your horoscope
  99. Look at the stars and try and make shapes
  100. Treat yourself nicely
  101. Try and think of at least 5 things you like about yourself
  102. Go Swimming
  103. Do something that you enjoy
  104. Avoid things that might be triggering, certain songs, blogs, of shows etc.
  105. Cover yourself in plasters where you want to cut
  106. Give yourself a henna tattoo
  107. Make wounds with make up or lipstick
  108. Phone a friend
  109. Make a collage of how you feel
  110. Write your feelings down and then throw it away

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