My Homage to Emily of Nails By Very Emily! What can I say about Emily that you don’t already know? She is super talented, ridiculously sweet and one of my B4L (Boo for Life) ;-) Love Ya!
Mint and Gold are all kinds of sexy together and I’ve wanted to do my own Mint & Gold mani since I saw Ems months ago. I’m really happy I waited!!
If you’re participating in Homage Month with me this month and I don’t already know…hit me up!!

Replies I got for: Who is your favorite youtube nail artists?
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    nailiac answered: Robin Moses, she is incredible!
  • tanamojo answered: cutepolish
  • nailsbyveryemily answered: cuteglitternails for amazing 3D acrylic work and robinmosesnailart for mindblowing skill with a brush and creativity!
  • poptartsandpolkadots answered: cutepolish :)

So sorry I totally forgot about posting the replies I obtained. 

Thank you to those who replied by the way <3

As for me, I enjoy watching:

there are some others but I usually check out those ones.

Emily is totally awesome! Freakin' love that girl!
  • me:So I forgot it was going to rain today. So guess what bitch wore a skimpy white dress to class today! haha >.<
  • Emily:I bet the boys didn't mind hahaha!
  • me:Is it bad I just saw a picture of my ex's new gf and lol'ed so hard?
  • her:hahaha she uglyyy!
  • If you don't know her, you should! She does wonderful nail art, and one of my ultimate fave girl! And because she asked so nicely, I AM BACK! Won't be posting a lot of nail art though. Time to time when I get enough time to do so.