Wrap yourself in little luxuries this #howtotuesday. Learn the look.

step 1: hydrate with apricot cuticle oil.
step 2: clean then prep nails with an essie base coat.
step 3: apply 2 coats of ‘mint candy apple’. let dry.
step 4: using a striping brush, delicately draw a ribbon looping across the nails.
step 5: draw two tear drop shapes and attach them at the point to create a bow on the ring finger.
step 6: shine + seal with an essie top coat.

My assistant wants to walk through the world just for a day without some guy hitting on her when she runs to Starbucks to get me coffee. She wants to not be called “cute” by the security guard. She wants to not be told that she should be a model. She wants to not see the look of surprise on someone’s face when she tells them where she went to college. She wants her boobs to no longer be a topic of conversation. She wants to no longer make 70 cents on the dollar. She wants to not have old men legislate her vagina’s rights. She wants to not know that a glass ceiling ever existed. She wants to not believe that having a baby would end her career. She wants everything in the world to be made for her, be about her and speak mostly to her. Because that’s how it is for men.

Water Spotted Turquoise Nails: How To

This technique is related to water marbling, so if you wanna try it but you’re totally lost, look up “water marbled nails” and “water spotted nails” on YouTube.

This is much quicker and easier than it looks!


  • Black, gold and turquoise/blue nail polish
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • A disposable plastic cup
  • A jug of water
  • A bucket
  • A roll of sticky tape
  • Tooth-picks or skewers
  • Pure alcohol in a spray bottle (I used isopropyl. I’ve heard that perfume also works well)
  • Acetone and an eyeliner brush to clean up


  • Apply base coat and turquoise nail polish.
  • Add some gold flecks using the brush that comes in the bottle.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Fill the cup with water almost to the top.
  • Get your sticky tape and cover the end of your finger to at least the first knuckle, leaving the nail showing.
  • Take the black polish and drip 3 - 4 drops onto the surface of the water, holding the brush quite close to the surface so that the drops don’t sink. The black polish should spread out to almost cover the surface of the water.
  • Take your spray alcohol and spray it once or twice into the cup. The droplets of alcohol will hit the black polish and repel it, creating holes.
  • Dip your taped finger into the water, nail-face first.
  • Without removing your dipped finger, take the skewer or similar and use it to collect up all of the excess polish still sitting on top of the water (you might have to wait for it to set; it only takes a few seconds).
  • Take your finger from the water and remove the tape. I find the tape removal to be easiest when I use tweezers.
  • After you’ve done a couple of fingers, the polish will stop spreading because of the alcohol in the water. Dump the water into the bucket and pour a fresh cup from the jug.
  • Once you’ve done all your fingers, use acetone and a brush (or whatever you find easiest) to remove all of the excess black from your fingers and cuticles.
  • Add topcoat.


  1. I got this idea from Spektor’s Nails.
  2. If you have some skin staining, I find that a short soak in a bicarb soda solution makes it easy to rub off.
  3. The turquoise is a “frankenpolish” that I mixed up myself.

More original nail art.

War; Closed starter for nails-n-bats. [[ Warning! Holocaust fiction story! ]]

Dark, ominous clouds covered the sky as the sound of a train whistle echoed across the land. The ride on the train was very scary. Everyone there had to sit very close in order to make enough room for them all.

One person who tried to keep spirits high and calm everyone was a young woman, about the age of 20, named Madeline Williams. She had come to Germany to visit family from there. Little did anyone know a event like this would happen.

Lots of people, along with Madeline, had been rounded up and pushed onto these trains and where they were going was unknown to them. So here they were, riding in a train going to an unknown destination.

Once the train pulled up to the station and everyone was rounded up and put in lines. Madeline looked around before stepping forward, getting closer to getting her clothes and such.



HOW TO: Ruffian nails with studs.

Polishes Used

  • Base Coat - NFU Oh Aqua Base
  • Silver - SH Xtreme Wear Celeb City
  • Purple - Zoya Jem
  • Rainbow Shimmer - Max Factor Fantasy Fire
  • Top Coat - Seche Vite


  1. Paint the nails silver.
  2. Add one coat of Seche Vite. This layer of topcoat makes it easier to fix any mistakes.
  3. Paint the nails purple, leaving the silver showing around the edge near the cuticle.
  4. Once the purple is dry, fix up any mistakes with silver polish and a thin brush.
  5. Add a coat of Fantasy Fire over the purple.
  6. Use tweezers to place a row of studs up the middle of the nail. Stick them straight onto the wet polish.
  7. Add topcoat.

More original nail art.

Sarek thinks he might be looking for a gas leak or something equally dangerous, when really it’s just his beautiful, silly human painting her nails.

I don’t know, I just wanted to do another tiny comic, and I doN’T know why they look like 17yr olds. It just turned out odd.

(I bet Amanda tries to trick him into getting his nails painted too, and it all gets hot and bothered when intense Vulcan kissing is required to succeed)