I did a thing and I'm sorry

A beep. A noise. A smell.
Where am I?
Can’t move. A room. Which room? My room? No, unfamiliar smell. Another room. Another beep. Yes, of course. Stupid. A hospital. Obviously.
But why? Why here, why now? What happened.
Oh. A feeling. A hand. Whom’s hand?
Long fingers, short nails, a hint of dry skin. Warm. A man, yes a man.
Obviously a man Sherlock. And you know exactly who it is, don’t you. Don’t be stupid, brother mine.
Another hand. One on top, one below.
Warm, safe, home. Obviously, John’s hands. Stupid.
Can’t move.
“I’m here”
Don’t go.

Light. Bright. Very bright light. Blinding.
A thumb. A caress. A feeling. Home.
One eye, other eye. Blinking, twice.
Another beep.
“Sherlock? You’re awake?”
Yes, yes!
Or am I? I’m not sure. What happened.
Oh, yes of course. A needle, a pinch, a relief, a blood stain.
“Why again, Sherlock.” Sad voice. Sad John.
Can I say something? Trying, only muffled sounds. Guess the answer is no, how annoying.
“I’m sorry Sherlock. I should have been there.”
You are here.
Eyes still open, blinking.
New feeling. Hand, in hair. My hair.
John’s hand in my hair. Gentle, reasuring.
Please more. Something, anything.
I see his face for the first time, though my eyes have been open for long.
Hair, eyes, nose, lips. Sad lips. A shy smile? His lips, I long for. Please.
Eyes: Blue, red? Vains visible. Crying.
Don’t cry.
“John.” It only comes out as a whisper.
“Sherlock? I’m here now. It’s okay, you’re gonna be okay.”
Lips, on mine. Please. But no.
“Is he awake?” Another voice, a female.
Blonde, blue eyes. Short hair, Conclusion: wife.
Hand dissapir from my hair - No home.
Come back.
“Maybe you should let him rest, John.”
The female, the blonde, the wife. A liar.
Suddenly lips on lips. Not my lips, her lips. That wife.
John please.
Foot steps. One, two, three. Fading.
Don’t go.
Door closing.
Come back.
Alone, afraid, awake.

My tips for healthy long claws💅🏼💅🏽💅🏾💅🏿
1️⃣ Don’t use your nails as tools around the house, or for opening objects👎
2️⃣ Don’t use your teeth as a nail clipper. That only creates the bad habit of nail biting🤐
3️⃣ Stay away from cheap nail polishes💀😷💩 Use only those without formaldehyde, toluene, DBP and other known carcinogens that will weaken not just your nails but absorb into your body also.
4️⃣ Let your nails breath from time to time. It’s ok to rock bare clean nails too.
5️⃣ Don’t rely on nail salons. Many of their ingredients + methods can weaken nails too.
6️⃣ Learn to do your own manicures at home, and get yourself a simple manicure kit.
7️⃣ Oil your nails every night before bed with rich oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, or almond oil for example. This will prevent dry nails which can cause easier breakage + chipping.
8️⃣ Try to do dishes with silicone gloves more often instead of always washing with bare hands.
9️⃣ Don’t stress over all your nails not being evenly the same length, as long as their clean and healthy, that’s what matters.
🔟 None of these tips, tricks, methods, and topical products are useful if your diet and lifestyle is 💀💩😷 #ThatsTheTruth
Mis consejos para uñas largas💅🏼💅🏽💅🏾💅🏿
1️⃣ No utilice tus uñas como herramientas en casa o para abrir y quitar cosas👎
2️⃣ No uses tus dientes como cortaúñas. Eso sólo crea un mal hábito🤐
3️⃣ Manténgase alejado de los esmaltes baratos💀😷💩 Use solamente aquellos sin formaldehído, tolueno, DBP y otros carcinógenos conocidos que debilitarán no sólo sus uñas, se absorben en su cuerpo también.
4️⃣ Deje que tus uñas respiren de vez en cuando. Está totalmente bien que las uñas estén sin esmalte y simplemente limpias.
5️⃣ No confíe en los salones de uñas. Muchos de sus ingredientes y métodos pueden debilitar las uñas también.
6️⃣ Aprende a hacer tus propias uñas en casa, y consigue un kit de manicura sencilla.
7️⃣ Cada noche, antes de acostarse usa aceites ricos en las uñas como el aceite de coco, aceite de aguacate, o aceite de almendras por ejemplo. Esto evitará que las uñas estén secas. Uñas secas pueden causar que se rompan

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In all my years of nail art I had never tired dry marbling on a zip lock bag - turns out it’s pretty cool! Watch here ☺.

{ …aaaaaaaaand I ended up with yet another fun character to explore later. Remind me to do some soul-searching on him. ;) His name is Dioneisus and he is a nymph. I think, specifically, either a haliai (sea nymph), a dryad (forest nymph), or some form of star-nymph that isn’t actually a traditional thing but is something I’m open to exploring. :) }

memeteamyomi  asked:

"Kick his ass for me." Joshualina/Mimi

(Literally my first reaction to this prompt was ‘There is a god’, BLESS YOU)

“Why don’t we do this more often?”  Joshualina frowned a tiny bit at the question, examining her slowly drying nails—Mimi had insisted on the rich teal polish, said they matched her eyes. Her gaze drifted to her other hand, held gently in Mimi’s as she worked on Joshualina’s nails carefully, then finally up to the girl’s face.

“I mean, you know…My boys keep me busy.” She chuckled, maybe a little weakly—helping Paul run his campaign on top of all their normal duties with Continue? did get to be a little much sometimes. She didn’t get a chance to be herself, herself like this, often at all: the nights where the wig was all she wanted and cringing at ‘dude’ and ‘he’ and ‘him’ got to be too much were when she would slip out to come find Mimi.

“Well no shit,” Mimi shot back, the affection laced in her tone easy to miss to an untrained ear, but caught by Joshualina, “Them running you ragged is why we need to have chill time more.” Comfortable silence fell over the girls for a little while, music drifting from Mimi’s radio providing low noise. After a bit, Mimi glanced up, hesitated for just a moment, then spoke carefully.

“Is…Joshualina the name you plan to, you know, keep? Like, down the road or whatever?” Joshualina was quiet, Mimi swiftly adding, “Sorry if I worded that wrong or if that wasn’t cool to a—”

“You’re fine…” Joshualina murmured with a shake of her head. This was something she’d been thinking on for a while. Finally, she admitted, “I may as well keep it. It was just what I was able to get Nicky and Paulie to call me…” She adored her boys, she did…but this was something they didn’t quite know how to handle.

“Kick their asses for me.” Mimi replied, but there wasn’t much heat behind it. “You deserve better, fuck boys.” A giggle escaped Joshualina.

“I mean, I do that too, you know that. And you fuck someone who’s a boy part of the time.” Mimi paused a little, and a twinge of panic ran through Joshualina: Mimi and her didn’t mess around when she was Josh, Mimi was a lesbian, she knew that, but maybe bringing that up was—

Mimi leaned in and kissed Joshualina, thumb running over her cheek and brushing through the coarseness of her beard. Joshualina’s moved to wrap her arms around Mimi’s waist, but she pulled away and tsked.

“Bitch, those nails are still drying.” She rested her forehead against Joshualina’s, a small sigh escaping her. “You missed my point. They need to be better to you. You, all of you.”

“They’re getting there,” Joshualina assured her, leaning in to brush another peck against her lips. “And I know if I need someone to be me with, I always have you.”