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I’m F*ckin Sorry, (Y/n) (Connor Murphy x Reader)

WC; 1,334

TW; Yelling, alcohol and weed, swearing

A/N; For the lovely anon who requested fighting and then making up and fluff with my babe Connor Murphy! And yes, Evan has a crush on the reader.

You shuffled into the room awkwardly, slowly looking around. People were everywhere, and the whole house smelt like alcohol and weed. Every turn you made someone tried to give you a drink or get you to take a hit on a bong. You had started to panic, since you couldn’t find the friends you came with.

“Jared?” You had called, your voice cracking slightly. “Evan?”

You sighed and started walking to the bathroom, ready to hide the night away. You locked the door and pulled out your phone, going to text Jared and Evan.

‘Jared, u motherfucker’

‘Answer me or I’m leaving’

You sighed, and texted Evan.

‘Evan? Where r u?’

‘I’m leaving’

You quietly walked out of the bathroom, trying to walk around everybody. You halted when you saw Connor Murphy in the corner of the room, on his phone and probably high.

You slowly walked over to him and stood in front of him. He slowly raised his eyes to you and awkwardly smiled.

“What do you want?” Connor asked, trying to hide the warmth in his eyes.

“I was wondering if you wanted to get out of here with me.” You smiled, reaching your hand out.

Connor nodded and grabbed your hand, pulling himself up. You both walked out of the house hand-in-hand.

“Where to?” You asked, turning towards Connor.

“The park?” Connor suggested, squeezing your hand once. You nodded and squeezed his hand back awkwardly, smiling at him.

You both walked in the silence, your hand wrapped in his. His hands were cold, and his nails were painted black. “Damn,” you thought, looking at Connor’s perfect black nails. “He should paint my nails sometime.”

Once you arrived at the park, you both sat on a swing next to each other and let go of the each others hand.

“So why were you at a party like that?” You asked, furrowing your eyebrows at Connor.

“What do you mean? ‘Cus I’m a freak?” Connor said quietly and coldly, kicking the wood chips underneath the swings.

“No, that’s not what-” You started.

“It’s fine.” Connor interrupted, nodding at the ground. Connor’s phone rang, and he didn’t move to pick it up.

“Are you going to..?” You asked gently, slowing your swing down to a stop.

Connor nodded and picked up his phone. After a few seconds his mood seemed to instantly change.

“Hello?” Connor answered with a cold voice. You couldn’t hear the other end of the phone but you knew it made Connor upset.

“Fuckin’ fine, I’ll be home soon.” Connor grunted, hanging his phone up. You waited a minute before speaking.

“Who was that?” You asked quietly.

“None of your business.” Connor growled under his breath. You frowned and saw Connor was trying to calm down, but he was only working himself up more. You waited for a few minutes again before you said anything.

“Connor.. Are you okay?” You asked quietly, reaching over and putting your hand on his thigh.

“I said it’s none of your fucking business!” Connor snapped, standing up and shoving your hand off of him. He shook his head angrily and stormed off without saying another word. You watched him leave with a frown, wishing you could help him somehow. You’ve always cared for him.

Connor lied next to you in bed, staring at your ceiling. You were lying together in the pitch dark, hands interlaced. Connor had snuck into your room late at night while his parents had been fighting. Your heart was pounding, but this was somehow the most relaxed you had ever been. Even though neither of you could see, you were staring at Connor. He could feel your eyes on him, and that made him nervous.

He gently scooted closer to you and turned, hesitantly wrapping his arms around your frame. “I-Is this okay?”

You moved closer into Connor’s embrace and took a deep breath. “Yes.”

You both eventually fell asleep in each others arms, only waking in the morning when you heard your door slam open.

“What the fuck?! (Y/n)?!”  Jared shouted, making you and Connor both sit up and bump foreheads.

You sighed as you swung gently in the moonlight, thinking about your weird relationship with Connor. Your phone buzzed in your pocket, and you slowly pulled it out to see messages from your brother Jared.

‘Where the fuck r u?!’ 10:23

‘Mom and dad r freaking out!!!!’ 10:52

‘Okay (y/n) now I’m starting to freak out!!!!!!’ 11:32


‘We’re coming to look for you cunt, you better be safe’ 12:01

You hadn’t realized you were out so late, or that it was 12:15pm. Your brother and friend were out looking for you and you were just sitting there. You ended up staring at the wood chips on the ground and zoning out, losing yourself in thoughts.

A car pulled up and a door opened and slammed shut, and two figures were running towards you.

“Christ, (Y/n)!” Jared pulled you into his arms and squeezed you, quickly letting go. “You couldn’t just shoot us a text saying you were okay?”

You shrugged, and looked at your feet. Jared sighed loudly and turned around, slowly walking back towards his car.

Evan stood there glancing at you, his eyebrows furrowed together slightly.

“Are you okay..?” Evan took a step forward and glanced behind him, seeing Jared looking at the two of you.

“I’m fine, Evan. Just.. Confused.” You smiled sadly and took Evan’s hand, pulling him to the car. Evan’s face turned bright pink as you pulled him, and Jared laughed loudly.

On Monday morning you walked through the hallways confidently, swaying your hips and smirking. Why were you in such a good mood? Well, you had done a lot of thinking over the rest of the weekend and concluded on how you felt about Connor.

Yes, you were in love with him, and you couldn’t feel better. Plus, it didn’t help you had the tune Dead Girl Walking stuck in your head.

People turned their heads in the hallway when they saw you walk by, not used to you being so confident. A hand pulled you out of the middle of the hallway, into an empty classroom.

“Connor? What are you doing?” You said, genuinely shocked. He usually didn’t talk to you much in school. He didn’t usually talk to anyone in school.

“I-I’m,” Connor began, fiddling with his hands and looking everywhere else but at you. “I’m trying t-to say that- I-”

“That you’re..?” You said, knowing what he was going to say but wanting him to say it.

“I-I’m- Christ, I-’m fuckin’ s-sorry, (y/n).” Connor turned bright red and hung his head, his hair falling in his face.

“Do you want to go on a date sometime?” You blurted, making him jerk his head up at you and stare at you with wide eyes.

“Wait, s-seriously?” Connor stuttered, blinking and shocked.

“I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have-” You had started to walk towards the door.

“Yes, I’d l-love to go on a date with you.” Connor said before you got out of the door.

You spun around and smiled brightly, taking two steps towards Connor and gently leaning in to kiss him. You both pulled away a few seconds later, both of your faces pink.

Connor was gripping onto his backpack for dear life and smiling, practically swooning. He was a cutie.

“You’re forgiven, Murphy.” You winked, heading back into the hallway. “Text me.” You blew a kiss.

“Y-Yeah..” Connor whispered into the empty classroom.