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Japanese Cranes Nail Art This look was inspired by this beautiful Japanese print… so lovely. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ The beautiful crane image and two smaller ones can be found on Creative Shop plates 22 and 48. The clouds and mosaics print were picked off MoYou London Asia Collection plate 03. I also used two new China Glaze shades from the Street Regal Collection: Just A Little Embellishment (dark matte teal) and Accent Piece (a luminous golden orange). Hope you like it. Me? I just adore this crane. I bought the plate just for this image. Have a great weekend!

This statue has her arms outstretched, her sad, lonely eyes begging you to embrace her. It’s best not to, though. Those who have, while having stories of stirring, intense visions, have also reported a creeping darkness that resembles hands dipped in ink, and no amount of scrubbing will rid them of it. Supposedly it fades on its own after a few weeks. Although, with the colder weather, one could always wear gloves to hide the markings.

Spider Webs | Nailing It

For somebody who doesn’t like spiders, I’m sure doing a lot of spider-inspired tutorials!  These spider web nails are perfect for this month, and look really cool in a variety of colours!  Using a black background polish is classic, but going with an orange or even a bright green would look really cool as well.  Send me some pictures of your recreations of this design, I’d love to see them!


1) Base Coat

2) Top Coat

3) Black Nail Polish (feel free to use other colours as well)

4) White Paint

5) Small Paint Brush


1) Prepare your nails with a layer of base coat.

2) Paint your nails with two coats of black nail polish.  I also did one nail in orange for a pop of colour.

3) Dip your small paint brush into the white paint.

4) Paint a diagonal line from one corner of your nail to the other.

5) Starting at the same top corner, paint a second line between the edge of your nail and the first line.

6) Once again, paint a third line between the opposite edge of your nail and the middle line.

7) Paint a semi-circle between two of the long lines. 

8) Leave some space before painting a second semi-circle below the first. 

9) Continue adding semi-circles down the section, trying to keep consistent spacing.

10) Repeat steps 7 to 9 in the other sections.

11) Finish the entire design with a layer of top coat.