nails for prom

Healthy Murphy Siblings Facts:
  • They’ve been having a two-year on-and-off prank war with a lifelike plastic iguana. They hide it in random places for the other to find and get the shit scared out of them. They know it’s found when a loud shriek rings throughout the house, and they laugh until their face gets red and veins pop out on the sides of their heads.
  • They know each other’s Starbucks orders by heart: Connor gets a Venti Iced Caffe Americano with a dash of milk and three Sweet’N Low packets. Zoe gets a Short Caramel Macchiato with a Birthday Cake Pop.
  • They totally sneak out of the house at 3am to go to Wendy’s or Taco Bell. They take their food to the playground by their house and eat on the swings. Usually while they’re still in their pajamas.
  • Zoe took Connor’s phone once and took a bunch of unattractive selfies and put it back without him noticing. Connor did the same a few days later with Zoe’s phone.
  • Zoe’s photo ID in Connor’s phone is a picture of her cross eyed, with three chins and her tongue blepped out.
  • Connor’s photo ID in Zoe’s phone is a picture of him with his upper lip curled, his nose scrunched up, and his eyes squinted.
  • Most of their notifications on Facebook are from them tagging each other in stupid memes.
  • Connor is often the chosen victim of Zoe’s Hair Salon™. It was painful at first, but Zoe picked it up really fast and now Connor goes to her willingly for braiding and bitching sessions. He goes to her room pissed off, but leaves a lot calmer and a killer fishtail braid.
  • Zoe once straightened his hair out of boredom and curiosity. Connor said he’d hide her guitar if she ever mentioned what he looked like to anyone.
  • They have matching colored streaks in their hair. Zoe’s is out in the open, while Connor’s is underlayered. They play rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets to pick that month’s color.
  • Connor painted Zoe’s nails for her Homecoming, Prom, and Graduation.
  • They invented a game called where Nerf meet bocce ball. There’s no scoring or rules, it’s mainly just an excuse to shoot Nerf Guns at the windows.
  • Zoe steals Connor’s hoodies and flannels during the winter. She says it’s to make up for all the years he stole her nail polish. He doesn’t complain.
  • They watch a lot of Food Network even when they can’t cook at all. They love Good Eats, Cake Wars, and Chopped.
  • When they’re both home from college Connor takes Zoe out to breakfast and they talk about stuff that they can’t get across over text or the phone.
  • Connor trusts Zoe with things that he can’t tell their dad.
  • Zoe trusts Connor with things she can’t tell their mom.
  • Just
  • Murphy siblings trusting each other and making up for lost time.

Noctis: You with me?

Prompto: ‘Come on, Prom! Say something cool. What would the awesome sidekick secretly in love with his best friend say at a time like this?’

Prompto: Ever at your side.

Noct: …

Prom: ‘Nailed it!’