nails by very emily

So I noticed on Tracer’s summer games skins that her nails are painted, and i saw Emily’s nails are painted, so i was thinking.

Tracer really, really loves having her nails painted, but a lot of the time when she tries to do it she cant focus and gets all bouncy and jittery and makes a mess and frustrates herself.

So eventually Emily notices, and it becomes almost a weekly tradition for the two of them that when they both get home, Emily paints Lena’s nails for her, very patiently helping her get her nerves out and when theyre all done Lena is very happy and kisses Emily thank you and watches intently and talks about her day while Emily paints her nails to match Tracer’s.

My Homage nails (part one)



This is my homage to Nails by Very Emily !

Her work is so amazing and I am so happy to have found her blog..she is such an inspiration! And although we have only just officially met, it didn’t take long for me to see what a wonferful, sweet girl she is. :)

P.s- Please excuse the messyness..I just did these on my mom who was super tired and she kept moving/falling asleep. lol