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A Little Hair Pulling Goes a Long Way

Bucky x Reader

WC 1981

Summary You and Bucky are in a relationship and though the sex is wonderful, you want something more.

Warnings SMUT, oral sex (male receiving), unprotected sex (WRAP IT UP. oh and always pee after sex. It’ll help you avoid UTIs), rough sex, dirty talk, bossy Bucky, hair pulling, ass slapping, swear words, drinking mimosas, Natasha getting hurt, uhhh… I think that’s it?

You were laying in bed, basking in post-coital bliss. Bucky was stroking your cheek with his thumb while his other hand rest lazily on your hip. You couldn’t help but smile up at him, rubbing your nose against his.

He sighed happily, “If I could spend every moment with you, like this, I’d die a happy man,” he declared.

You giggled, smacking him in the chest. “Oh, stop it,” you teased.

Leaning in for a kiss, you were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Bucky, you’ve got two minutes to get your ass out here or I’m coming in there. And I really don’t want to see you or Y/N in your birthday suits!” hollered Steve.

Rolling your eyes, you got up and threw on some clothes. Bucky did the same.

“10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1!” The door flew open.

You let out a shriek of surprise. Steve was standing there with his hands covering his eyes. “I warned you guys!”

“Jesus, Steve, what the fuck?” snapped Bucky. “We’re dressed!”

“Oh,” he replied, having the decency to look embarrassed. “Sorry about the door.”

You stood there with your mouth open. “How am I supposed to sleep like that?!”

“Uh…sleep in Bucky’s room until we get back.” He put on his Captain America face, “Bucky, let’s go. The others are waiting.” He began walking away and turned back, sheepishly, “I really am sorry about the door.”

You sighed as Bucky wrapped his arms around you.

“I’ll be back in a few days,” he reminded you, giving you a gentle kiss goodbye.

You entered into your room to pack a bag to take with you. Trudging your way to Bucky’s room, you unpacked and made yourself as comfortable as you could. It was late and you were calling it a night. You snuggled under the blankets and smiled, they smelled like him.

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Movie Night Pt. 5

Girls Night Edition

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 2226

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut, swearing, fingering, dirty talk, biting, marking, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!), fluff and yucky love stuff.

A/N: I had 2 requests in my inbox for a part 5! Movie Night is so much fun! You don’t have to read the first four parts to know what is going on, but it would help! Words in italics is a memory, bold is text messages.

One - Two - Three - Four


“Let’s talk about Bucky!”

You picked up your wineglass and peeked at Natasha above the rim as you took a sip. You shook your head with a smile.

“This is the third time tonight that you have tried prying information out of me,” you said to the group.

“Well, if you were a little more forthcoming with details, we wouldn’t have to pry,” Pepper said, tucking her legs underneath herself on the couch next to you.

“You and Bucky have been so secretive, it’s annoying,” Maria said, swirling the wine in her glass.

“What has it been now?” Sharon asked from her spot on the floor. “Three or four months?”

You took another sip of wine before answering, “Close to four.” A bowl of popcorn appeared in front of your face, suspended in the air by a red mist. Startled, you grabbed it before it fell, “Jesus Wanda… scare someone to death!”

She laughed before sitting in front of you on the floor, back against the couch. “I like the way Bucky grabs her butt when he thinks no one is looking,” she said, looking over her shoulder at you with a wink.

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Come back to me.

Request: “Can you write something about Bucky based on the writing prompt "I was nowhere near the neighbourhood, thought I’d stop by”? Thanks!!!!!! Xxxxxxxx"

Summary: After the decision is made to put Bucky back in cryo, your whole world falls apart and you completely lose control. Will your broken pieces ever be put back together?

Word count: 2,047

Warnings: None

A/N: I ran away with this so prepare for the feels to hit hard. I am aware this is low-key trash.

Italics are used to represent flashbacks.


Originally posted by wintersthighs

“Y/N, it’s always such a pleasure to see you!” The strong, firm voice welcomed you as arms wrapped around your rigid figure. T'Challa had not always been a friend but as it now stood, he definitely wasn’t a foe.

“I’m sorry for not giving you any pre-warning, I was nowhere near the neighbourhood, thought I’d stop by.” You tried to make your voice sound comical, uplifting, you tried to make it sound like just being there didn’t rip your heart to pieces with every breath you inhaled and every step you took but, deep down you knew, you weren’t convincing anyone.

The worst thing being you had no choice, being away hurt even more - ever since they had chosen to freeze Bucky again you had been propelled at full force into a constant cycle of pain and destruction - Bucky was the love of your life, a love you would probably never see again.

“No problem, you’re always welcome. Stay for as long as you like!” T'Challa couldn’t help the sympathy that laced itself into his voice from showing, he always worried about how you were doing because it never seemed to be that you were doing okay.

As you watched T'Challa walk away, you suddenly forgot how to breathe. It always happened this way, every time you came here your body would undergo the same excruciating sequence. With every step closer to his body, your own grew colder than the ice that surrounded Bucky but your heart burned like fire as it pushed lava through your veins.

Steve had asked once to come with you. Personally, up until then, he’d always thought it was something you should do by yourself but once he was prompted by T'Challa of the fact that you had tried to use your skills as a pyrokinesis to melt the ice surrounding Bucky as well as nearly and unknowing setting aflame the whole city of Lagos - Steve thought it was time to intervene, time to help.

But, you didn’t want help. Not because you thought you didn’t need it, as you were well aware that you were spiralling out of control and therefore extremely dangerous, but because you were ignorant, selfish and madly in love with a man that had been snatched from your arms.

You and Bucky were the perfect team together, you kept each other sane. The presence of your smooth hair and soft skin at night kept Bucky’s nightmares at bay and, in the daytime, his electrifying eyes slowed the erratic beat of your heart. However, when Bucky was put in cryo, who was there to save you?

Your soul turned sour and your intentions were malicious, soon enough you were compromising missions and getting other people killed. You put your emotions and personal grudges before your vow to save the lives of the innocent and because of that, you had to go.

Soon enough you ended up taking a “vacation”, as Tony first called it, despite everyone knowing that it was because he had no idea how to deal with you anymore. No-one did.

You no longer were the Y/N they all knew and loved, you didn’t even know yourself anymore. So, your three-month vacation turned into a couple of years and you’d only recently returned to throw in the towel.

Pressing your trembling hands upon the glass that separated yourself from your lover, you let your tears run freely.

“Hey Bucky,” you whimpered, pausing slightly to wait for a reply you would never receive, “so I officially kicked myself off the team yesterday. I think they always knew if I ever came back it would be the last time they would see me but, none the less, hope radiated off their faces.”

Composing yourself you turned to knock on the door just as it flew open, taken back you quickly looked up and saw a security camera pointed straight in your direction. Of course, as soon as you entered the city, F.R.I.D.A.Y would follow your every step, she would know where you were heading before you even did yourself.

“Y/N?” A voice gasped. Looking into the doorway you saw tears already spewing from their eyes, a look of complete shock and confusion written upon their face as they battled between not touching you in case you disappeared and launching themselves on you in a hug.

“Hey Romanoff, looking good!” You chuckled, winking at her with your usual bubbly nature and, with that, she picked the latter, engulfing you in love, a feeling you hadn’t felt directed towards yourself in a long time.

“Y/N, you came at just the right time, everyone’s here and we were just making dinner, you can join us. Please sit next to me! I swear if Tony steals you away to show you his toys I will tackle him to the ground…” Standing there, watching her rant on about everything you missed, broke your heart into a million pieces and not wanting to forget the way it felt to have a best friend, you took everything in. The way sunlight made her auburn hair shine and her eyes sparkle, how her face constantly portrayed a look of control and reservation, she was sarcastic and, oh so, beautiful.

Breathing in her sexy aroma, shivers ran down your spine, it was something you had once been incredibly jealous of. Guys had always looked past you and straight to the beauty that now stood in front you, it had always made you upset until you met Bucky. Then, you were happy to have their eyes pass over you as you knew Bucky’s never would.

The rest of the evening was a blur as wide eyes and open arms greeted you - in an instant, everyone forgot the last couple of years and everything that caused the separation. No one asked questions, no one felt they needed to, you were back and you were safe - that was all that mattered.

“Steve was there, I don’t know why I was expecting him not to be or, maybe, I was just hoping that he wouldn’t be. Hoping that I wouldn’t have to put myself through the pain and realisation that I’d been forgiven by him but never by myself.”

The sound of Steve’s voice brought you back into reality as he stared in bewilderment at you from the other side of the room. With tears racing down his cheeks, he ran towards you, engulfed you in a hug and stifled your whimpers as you tried to apologise.

“The really fucked up thing is I want to go back. I want to watch shitty films on movie nights, I want to prank people with Peter, I want to paint my nails with Nat and I want to train with Steve. I want to hug him, I want to spend the rest of my days making it up to him and I want you to be there with me. I want to lie in your arms and kiss you good night-” By now, you weren’t technically even speaking English, it was more of a mixture between heart raking sobs and a few understandable syllables.

Taking a long, deep breath you composed yourself and continued.

“Tony gave me some gifts, I don’t think he could resist. They’re beautiful but dangerous, they remind me of you. Everything reminds me of you…”

“F.R.I.D.A.Y has been telling me all about your secret missions and I wanted to thank you by giving you a couple of ‘small’ gifts,” Tony said, with a smirk planted firmly on his face as he led you through the maze that was the Avengers main base.

“Tony,” you sighed, rolling your eyes, “you know I hate unnecessarily expensive presents.”

“Oh no, you’ll like these ones. Trust me!” Tony chuckled in return as he was reminded of all the times he tried to shower you in luxuries and all the times those luxuries were instantly returned back to the store.

You silently thanked Tony for respecting the fact you didn’t want to discuss the missions on which the gifts were to be used. You knew Tony often watched over you, your personal guardian angel, ready to call for backup if any was needed, hell, if you were in trouble he’d fly in there himself without a second thought. But he also knew the more personal side to the missions, every one directed at a Hydra base Bucky might have stayed in an effort to find information on how to reverse the curse Hydra had placed on him.

The next couple of hours were spent working with Tony as he modified the armour and weapons he had designed and made specifically for you. Each piece was as perfect as the other, you cringed at how long Tony must have worked on them for. Motivated by the hope that one day he would be able to give you them in person, that you would one day come back alive.

As if reading your mind, Tony let out a sob, a sob so full of pain and hurt it was like a million knives had been stabbed into your chest. Sitting down next to Tony you asked F.R.I.D.A.Y to turn off the camera and joined in. It lasted for about half an hour; both of you clinging onto each other for dear life - Tony crying as he felt responsible for your departure and the imprisonment of Bucky, as you cried knowing eventually you’d have to leave all the happiness you’d felt the last couple of days behind you.

“Soon enough, my time was up and I said my last goodbyes. I was finally leaving for good.”

Taking a deep breath you knew it was time, you’d stayed for way too long already and if you stayed another day you felt like you would never leave.

It wasn’t fair to do that to the team, forcing them to constantly be on the edge of their seats, forcing them to constantly anticipate your departure. None of it was fair, you knew you hadn’t acted in the right way, turning up out of nowhere, interrupting the swing of things. You’d been selfish and you were about to be selfish again: break everyone’s heart another time.

“Vision,” you called out, “it’s time.”

Appearing from thin air, he entered the room with a solemn look on his face. “Y/N, I urge you to think about this, there must be another way, the only thing everyone wants is for you to be happy and safe. Your best chances to be those two things are here with us.”

“Don’t you think I know that?” You shouted, instantly sighing at the fact you’d accidentally and unnecessarily raised your voice, directing your anger at the one person who deserved it the least. Lowering it to almost a whisper, you looked down at your feet. “Vision, please ask everyone to meet in the common room in half an hour and, please, don’t make this harder than it already is.”

Once all your bags had been packed and gifts collected, you headed to your doom. Walking into the doors you found everyone gathered round the table; Sam and Nat were laughing with Cap about something or, more likely, laughing at Cap about something, Vision and Wanda sat together talking in hushed voices and Hawkeye joined Banner in a conversation about something way too complicated for this time in the morning. Searching for Tony, a hand enclosed around yours, giving it a squeeze. “You don’t have to do this, we can work something out,” Tony pleaded, without even looking, you could sense the tears building in his eyes.

Encapsulating him in a hug, you whispered in his ear, “Don’t lie to yourself, Tony. We both know I have no other choice.”

Silence fell as people noticed your presence and tension filled the air. Giving you one last squeeze, Tony kissed your cheek. “You always have a choice.”

“I hate it all so much because I want to go home but even more than that, I need you Bucky, I need you to come back to me,” With that, you finally, utterly and completely fell apart.

Moments later, arms wrapped around your figure - one inhumanly stronger than the other.

“Let’s go home, doll.”

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“His Wedding” (Part 5)

Summery:  Modern-Day(AU) Bucky and you are former exes. He moved on but you couldn’t. Since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will go fine with your two best friends, Steve and Natasha by your side.

Word Count: 3420

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warnings: none 

Characters (by appearance): Bucky Barnes, Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Lilly Parker, Wanda Maximoff

A/N: Enjoy reading and please give me FEEDBACK, YA’LL I LOVE READING YOUR COMMENTS/ASKS 

Tags are open, just shoot me an ask, if you want to continue reading His Wedding.

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Originally posted by ghostwritingforyou

A week had passed away since my meeting with Bucky and Lilly in that Japanese restaurant. A lot happened in these days. Lilly and I were constantly tied up, we were texting, talking and meeting more than I did any of those activities with Nat or Wanda or even my mother. Natasha lives with me, so she is an exception, but the other two ladies in my life were surely disappointed. Although I kept texting them here and there.

Coming back to my week, it was not just Lilly I spent all my time with. Bucky often dropped by my office, more than ever. He said he wanted to be involved in the wedding as much as Lilly is (I was just considering myself lucky since I got to see him).

Apart from that, surprisingly Steve was also determined to help me in every possible way. We’d get lunch or dinner together. He’d share funny stories with me or just listen to me ramble about anything and everything. He’d constantly check up on me, even if it was just a quick text asking me how my day is going. Or something along the lines that made me feel like what I’m doing is not going to be half as bad of an experience. Natasha and Wanda were showing support in their own way, they liked making fun of Lilly. Sometimes it would get out of hand, other times it would also make me laugh. But Steve was here for me, asking what makes me feel better, what I like and what I want to do. He didn’t talk about how the wedding planning is going. After a long day I just want to forget about all of it.

Steve helped me doing exactly that.

After the first night when he showed up at my office, I had not expected him to come back the next day. But when he did, I swear to God my heart did a little dance inside my chest. Steve is an incredibly sweet guy, that’s all. No matter how much I praise him for doing all the nice favors, the words will never do him justice.

It was finally Friday and Nat and Wanda were completely up for a slumber party. We all were lazily draped in mine and Nat’s apartment, slurping on some weird alcoholic punch Wanda made. I took the floor, laying on it comfortably and Nat was braiding Wanda’s long brown locks. Something she often did.

“I think we should find Y/N a man.” Suddenly Wanda speaks up.

“And may I ask why?” I cock an eyebrow at her, she giggles covering her mouth.

“No, we should make a plan and help her steal Bucky back.” Natasha said, completely ignoring my question and me while talking to Wanda. I roll my eyes and adjust the pillow under my neck.

“You guys, could you be anymore childish?” I retort.

“You both are meant to be.” Nat shrugs as if it was so obvious.

“Can we please not talk about this?” I ask, an exhausted sigh leaving my mouth.

“Okay,” Wanda nods, “But what about my suggestion? Let’s set you up with someone.”

“Oh, God.” I mutter under my breath. Here we go again!

“Yeah, c’mon. You’ve been single for, like, a year now.” Nat raised her auburn brows.

“No!” I insist. “I mean, yeah I’ve been single. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like being that way.”

“Also doesn’t mean that you like being hung up on-”

“Don’t you dare utter his name!” I warn Nat before she could complete, pointing my straw at her menacingly as if it’s a knife. She pursed her lips in time and pulls back laughing.

“Good. Just be like Steve!” I tell them. “He’s understanding and is supporting me like a good friend would.”

“Oh we’re on board on the whole supporting thing, Y/N.” Wanda says, nodding her head profusely. “He’s being understanding because it’s for his advantage and because he’s cru- OW!” Wanda screeched before she could complete her sentence. She holds her head, muttering curses under her breathe. Meanwhile, Nat looks totally nonchalant about the fact that she literally pulled out Wanda hair while braiding. I look at them suspiciously but before I could say anything Wanda cries out again,

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

“You were moving, it’s your fault!” Nat hollers.

While they continued to argue, my phone starts to ring. The device sat next to Nat on the couch and she takes a look at it. With an exaggerated groan and an eye roll she passes it to me. “Girl’s night interrupted by your new best friend.”

My eyebrows knot in confusion as I sit up straight to grab my phone and smile at the screen.

“You know, you guys are my only girlfriends here.” I cooed and walk towards the kitchen, picking up the phone finally.

“Hi Lilly!” I exclaim a little dramatically into the speaker.

“Hi, Y/N” she said sweetly. God, how does she have the energy to greet a person like that every time? “I’m sorry to call you on your day off, but this has nothing to do with the planning…”

And for the next ten minutes I talked to her. When I finally get back in the living room, my best friends are looking at me expectantly.

“Why’d she call?” Wanda asks, painting her toe nails in black. Nat was done playing with her hair and now Wanda’s hair was styled in a beautiful French braid.

“Apparently, Bucky and Lilly are having an engagement party.” I inform them, laying down on the floor again.

“Again?” Natasha questions.

“Boy, they both are filthy rich.” Wanda mutters under her breath.

“Yes. This time there are going to be more people. Their parents are in the city, so they’ll be there too.” I inform them.

“And Wanda what do you expect them to do with all the money?” I chuckle.

“Invest them in bonds. Duh,” she said flatly.

“Not everyone is as smart as you,” Nat said sarcastically and turns to me. “Alright, so when is this party?”

“Tomorrow,” I tell them watching them groan. “What? A party is supposed to be fun, right?”

“Yes, but we need to decide what to wear.”

“You guys, I think that is the last thing I would be worried about.” I roll my eyes.

“Oh my God! I have literally nothing to wear!” I groan out in frustration.

How fucking ironic.

“Nat, I have tried everything in here!” I point out to my closet. “Everything I own and is fancy.”

“I thought you’d be the least concerned about this,” Nat chuckles, dropping down on my bed.

The party is in two hours and I haven’t found anything yet. I’m almost considering not to go at all.

“Help me,” is all I say and sit on the edge of my bed, my shoulder slumped.

Natasha enthusiastically goes through my cloths, pushing away the hangers she didn’t like and pulling out the one’s she did. Ultimately, there were three dresses she picked out; all cocktail dresses and laid them neatly on my bed.

“The peach one looks a little…” she twists her lips, holding the dress up to me, to see what it would look like. “… Nah.”

She drops it down on the bed again, and then eyes the orange one, “Oh no. That one makes my calves look fatter,” I point out, already giving it a negative one and it’s after a split second that I realize, how much I sounded like a brat. We both snort in unison.

“Then I think it only comes down to one option,” She picks up the last one. “’Cause everything else in your closet is crappy. Remind me to take you out for shopping next weekend and also…”

Everything Natasha was blabbering about was going straight above my head. My eyes were fixed on the maroon dress laid in front of me. It has a deep collar, with a flowy hem. The border of plunging neckline elaborated in a beautiful floral patter of a darker shade.  

I remember this one. It was a gift from Bucky. There was no occasion, it was just a random present. Bucky loved to shower me with gifts and it was no hiding that the man was obsessed with spoiling his girl. I found it unnecessary, when we used to date. But he never stopped pampering me.

My heart swells inside my chest and suddenly I can’t breathe as I pick up the smooth, soft cloth in my hands, feeling the velvety fabric beneath my fingers. I had worn it on our first anniversary, and the memories of that night are surely making their way to my mind. It was the first anniversary I had ever celebrated with a boyfriend. Meaning, my relationship with Bucky had been the longest one compared to my other ex-boyfriends. Not like I had too many of them to be in a long-term relationship.

He was my first ever true love.

If I look affected right now, Nat would notice something’s wrong and do not want her to think that I, in fact, am still hung up on Bucky and make it even more obvious. I also don’t want to seem vulnerable. It’s just a dress, right? Bucky wouldn’t even remember that he bought me the dress.

“C’mon, I’ll do your hair and make-up and then you can get dressed.” Nat’s voice pulled me out of my thoughts and she brings me to sit on the chair of my dresser. I could get through an entire week of seeing Bucky, it won’t hurt to make it through this small party. Who knows, I actually might have fun?

Originally posted by glutenfreewaffles

The party is going on in full swing, everyone seems happy. Drinking their problems away and relaxing. The evening was held in the couple’s apartment.

Bucky and Lilly’s apartment is huge, like a two story apartment/mansion. When Wanda called them filthy rich, she wasn’t joking. Bucky owns a Law firm while Lilly runs a chain of boutiques almost everywhere in America and also some in London. So, they are the kind of people who wouldn’t mind rolling naked in sea of dollars.

Natasha parted ways with me to be with Clint right after greeting Bucky. But I couldn’t leave with her, because as soon as I arrived I was pulled into a hug by Bucky’s mother, Winifred. She always loved me, still does. And to be honest she is the sweetest person ever. No one was more disappointed in Bucky, than his mom when she came to know that we broke up. She was so ready to be my mother-in-law, and much to my dismay she had also suggested some names of her grandkids. She was so heartbroken from the news, I almost cried. Either way, the break up didn’t stop me and Winnie from being friends. Bucky’s little sister, Rebecca is also a close friend. She always calls me if she needs any kind of advice. I talk to the mother-daughter for a while, exchanging small talks and old stories.

Then I met Bucky’s father and his future-in-laws. Lilly is literally a copy of her parents, Richard and Mary Parker. Both good looking and stylish, charming people and were a delight to talk to. Lilly personally introduced me to them and I was having a nice conversation with them. I also met her little brother, Peter. Just by his innocent and charming looks I could tell this boy is going to break some hearts when he gets older.  

Abruptly, I was pulled away from them by Wanda. We both apologise to my company, before I turned scowling at her. The flute of my half empty wine almost fell from the loose grip I held on it as Wanda pulled me further more away.

“Wanda!?” I gasp, pulling my elbow from her grip.          

“What were you doing there?!” she rushes me over to the open bar, which is outside in the huge balcony; I could spot all my friends. Everyone was here, none of them to ever miss the opportunity to get drunk on a Saturday night.

Tony, Clint, Natasha and Sam were sitting around a table, while Steve, Maria, Pietro and Bruce were seated on the bar stools, closer to the bartender watching him do some bottle juggling.

“Hey, where were you, kiddo?” Tony stands up and pulls me in a bone crushing hug. I found it hard to breathe, but nonetheless forced a laugh and wiggle out of his grip.

“Just inside, Tony.” I nod my head. “You seem to be here alone, where’s Pepper?”

“She’ll be joining us soon.” He informs me. Pepper is a busy woman, running a company as big as the Stark Industries itself is a huge task. It’s been so long since I last saw Pepper and I have to catch up with her. Tonight is a good occasion to connect with all of my friends.

I greet everyone else and Pietro offers me a drink which I gladly accept. Sipping on the amber liquid, I engage myself in their conversation.

A small tap on my shoulder pulls me away from them shortly and look at the person behind me.

“Hi, Steve!” My lips spread in a smile automatically at the sight of his cerulean eyes.

“Hey,” he smiles at me, showing that perfect, sparkling set of teeth.

I stand up to face him and he kisses me softly on the cheek. My heart starts to thump in my chest, and my cheeks turn pinkish when he compliments me, “You look stunning, Y/N!”  

“You don’t look half as bad yourself, Rogers.” I smirk at him, trying to put on a confident look in my demeanour. His eyes sparkle in the moonlight and crinkle at the corner as his lips turn into an even wider smile. Steve looks handsome (as always), in a maroon button down shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and black slacks hugging his muscular thighs perfectly. The top button of his shirt is left open deliberately, and up close from where I’m standing, he smells delicious. I have to bite my lip, in an attempt to stop myself from moaning and breathing him in even more than I already had.

“We match,” he whispers, a hint of friskiness in his tone. His voice is so low that only I am the one who can hear him. He takes a small step back and eyes my dress, licking his soft pink lips.

“We do,” I agree, nodding my head. A small smirk appears on his face and I really have to fight the urge to slap it away. I step aside breaking the stare we both were holding and take my original seat. Steve obviously, sits next to me and again I have to fight myself from grinning uncontrollably and rolling my eyes. I had never seen him act so flirty around me before. He was always shy and right now this confidence is blistering out of him.

Soon Maria and Bruce join us at the table. Late comers which included Thor, his brother Loki, and Jane and Pepper also gather round us. There were a few more other people, out of our group who I assumed to be are Lilly’s friends and other associates from Bucky’s work.  

Being at Bucky’s place had only one advantage – the open bar and the delicious food. So all of us took full advantage of free amenities.

It was around midnight and people were starting to take a leave. Bucky and Lilly’s parents were also heading back to their respective rooms. And once we were left alone, Tony took the authority and commenced the after party. Becky and Peter also decided to join us, although their fun was limited to coke and fries.  

I don’t know why do we need to have an after-party, but everyone was enthusiastic about it, so I decided to tag along. Plus my ride, Nat is staying.

We sought comfort inside rather than out in the chilly balcony. The music booming in the background and I was resting on the couch watching the love-struck couple sitting afar.

She sat on his lap, his nose brushing the underside of her jaw and she smiled closing her eyes. Her lips break into a full laugh when he says something in her ear. His fingers drew soft patterns on her bare thigh as hers make their way into his fluffy brown locks, massaging him there, as she listens to him talk, with a huge smile on her face. It wasn’t a full on PDA. It was more like a ‘tilt-your-head-to-a-side-and-say-aw’ kinda of PDA. I was struggling to find the type of emotion I was feeling while watching them, so close, exchanging smiles, loving words and glances. I was fighting myself with whether to call them cute or just tear my eyes off of them because it is not me who’s getting all of that.

“Still wishing you were in her place?” A voice brought me back to the party and suddenly the music was too loud for my ears. The couch which I am sitting on dips when he sits next to me and I take a look at him.  

“I’m kind of struggling to answer your question. I don’t wanna come out as a needy one.” I said, nibbling on my bottom lip. “You know, I’d thought of my whole future, and I don’t want it with–”

“– Anyone else but him.” Steve completes my sentence, I only chuckle shaking my head and look down at my drink, as I circle a finger on the rim of the glass.

Then he eyes me, I could sense he wants to say more and maybe he’s just putting his words together before he speaks. “But it won’t hurt…” he pauses, still unsure if he should say it or not. “… To give it another try, right? I know Bucky is your first love and everything, but haven’t you ever thought of giving yourself another chance?”

I cock an eyebrow at him and bites the inside of his cheek, tilting his head to the side. My mind goes back to the moment Steve and I had earlier this evening and to all the other times where he and I spend our time with each other.

“I think I know where you’re trying to get…” I trail off, sipping on the drink in front of me.

“You do?” he smirks, noticing the change in my body language is no longer gloomy. I hum in response.

“But I don’t wanna think about it for a while.” I said, being straight-forward.

“Okay, I understand.” He says, nodding his head slowly and takes a huge swing of his beer.

“Maybe I should focus on myself, for now. You know?” I breathe out and he listens to me intently, trying to hide the smile which is threatening to spill on his lips, I don’t mind if he actually laughs at me right now. “And right now I’m surrounded by all of my friends.” I tell him as I glance around, finding everybody laughing and just having great time. Clint and Sam were throwing darts, while Thor and Loki were chugging on beer. Tony, Pepper and Nat rooting for Loki whereas Jane, Wanda and Maria are on Thor’s side. I chuckle at the sight, both of them acting competitive. Loki cheats by putting his entire hand in Thor’s mug and he pulls away making a sour face, cursing at his brother.

“And I’m lagging behind on all the booze! So, I wanna catch up. Do mind accompanying me?” I turn my attention back to Steve and get up to my full height, tugging at his hand, urging him to get up. He stands up close to me, a mischievous smile playing on my lips and he stares deep into my eyes before I lick my lips and his gaze falls on them and back to my eyes.

I step aside breaking the moment and walk towards the bar, ordering Nat to line up some shots for me, she grins and gestures her hand in a heavy motion, yelling, “That’s my girl!!”

The rest of the night was a blur and I knew I was pretty much drunk. I could barely recognize the familiar faces around me. Boy, my head was going to burst the next morning. But who cares?

Part 6

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In a one-off game of Star Wars Saga Edition, my character had the unusual quirk of nailing the first persuasion roll (nat 20 usually), but utterly failing any subsequent rolls, with hilarious results.

GM: You come before the Imperial Governor with an offer to sell the droid control module.

Me: (Rolling a 19) Hello Governor, we are here to sell you this wonderful droid control module, which you can use to help consolidate your power over this sector.

Governor: How did you come by this device?

Me: (Rolling a 2) It was definitely not obtained through murder.

Skip ahead to a job we were doing for the Governor,

Me OOC: Can I call out to the traitor and convince him we are here to escort him to a safe house?

GM: Sure, roll persuasion for bellowing at the top of your lungs.

Me: (Rolling a nat 20) Imperial Academy Instructor, we are a squad of stormtroopers sent here to take you to a safe house.

GM: You hear nothing but footsteps.

Me: (Rolling a 3) And we are in no way going to shoot you in the head and dump your corpse in space!

My long overdue, super detailed, spoiler-y-ish review of The Fault In Our Stars movie!

Basically this movie was everything I ever wanted it to be. I know that sounds cheesy and you might be saying “you’re stupid, there must’ve been something wrong” but I can honestly 100% say that it is the best book to screen adaption that I’ve ever seen. I felt everything all over again, the happiness, the love, the anxiety, the sadness, the fear. No other book adaption has ever made me feel the same exact emotions in the same exact way that I felt when reading.

Let’s start with the overall feel of the film. I had my concerns that it was gonna be this goopy, cheesy, yuck-fest but everything was so real and genuine. Seriously, it felt like a true teenage love story, they were funny, awkward, they talked like kids (but in the intelligent way that we know they do), they acted their age. Nothing felt fake or forced, you believed that these were real people.



Hazel-When I initially heard about Shailene’s casting, I’ll admit, I was really concerned, I had only ever seen her in an episode or two of that god-awful American Teenager show and I was less than impressed with her acting. But I have to say, I could not see anyone else has Hazel, she plays her so well, intelligent, humble, self deprecating, strong. She is book-Hazel. I was surprised to hear how much narration she has throughout the film, I thought they were gonna cut it out completely or pretty significantly but nope, all that dialog you hear in the book is there. She captures her whole essence so well, even her look. I know this mainly has to do with the costumers and creative directors but everything from her baggy, mis-matched clothes to her, simple hair, makeup-less face, unkempt eyebrows and even her mannerisms and line delivery are just absolutely spot on. Some of my favorite scenes were one’s that relied totally on her acting, not the love story. Like when she’s leaving Van Houten’s, after all the screaming, yelling, and douchepants-ing, she gives him a big “Go Fuck Yourself” and seriously I have never heard more thunderous applause in a movie theater. Also the Eulogy. Oh My God the Eulogy. That scene was flawless and where nearly everyone lost it. It was so genuine but still light hearted, it hurt so much to watch her say goodbye to someone who was sitting right in front of her. All it is her simply talking to Gus, no fluffy montages or crazy music, it’s just Shailene in her element. She was so believable, truly.

Augustus-Ansel Elgort, Jesus Christ this kid is probably the most beautiful human specimen I’ve ever seen. I was an exception when it came to him, I was never concerned with his lack of dark hair and light blue eyes but I was skeptical of his acting simply because he was basically an unknown at the time of his casting but he is undoubtedly the Augustus Waters. His line delivery is what probably got me to love him the most. He simply acts like Gus would, he’s silly yet direct, sarcastic yet genuine. He never delivers for the sake of the line, it’s all for the sake of the moment. I don’t think I can explain to you guys how he literally was born for this role, you’ll just have to wait and see. But seriously, my sister HATED his casting, she’s one of those casting-nazis, the kind that shits over an eye color or hair that is even a shade lighter than expected. But when I say that she left that theater in love, I shit you not, that’s exactly what happened. She fell in love with Gus allover again, Ansel did that to all of us, he brought Gus to life in a way that I could’ve never anticipated. Aside from the obvious sides of his personality, there are certain elements that really got to me. One of those being Gus’ limp. I know this seems small but I was so concerned that the fact that he had a prosthetic would barely be addressed or cut out completely (*cough* Peeta Mellark *cough*) but this kid committed, he was always aware of the leg, swinging it over, dragging it a bit, he never faltered. Also there’s his goofy side, the scene when they’re in the plane is totally adorable, he’s terrified and astounded all at the same time. He seriously provides so many laugh, the trophy scene, and the car-egging scene are some standouts. I’m not sure if you guys saw the b-roll footage, but the delivery of the 5 legs, 4 eyes, and 2 and a half pairs of working lungs" line was fucking great. Ands then there’s the gas station scene, it was so hard to watch, you’re seeing this guy who has been so idyllically built up only to be ripped down and forced to face his harsh reality in the worse possible way. He looks repulsive in the best way, he’s white with blue lips, has blood shot eyes, covered in his own vomit and just so broken to the point where he’s barely coherent. I was so impressed with Ansel here, he made me feel devastated and hopeless, my heart broke for him. You guys will have to wait to see the rest since he has so many awesome one liners that I can’t remember along with the lines we all know and love. But seriously, Ansel nailed it.

Isaac-Nat nailed this role, he’s a total scene-stealer. He’s not in the movie much, only 5 or so scenes come to mind but in each of them he’s the star. First of all the trophy scene. You start out all sad for him because of what Monica did but once we gets to the destruction it’s al laughs from there, he’s actually totally in the background, blurred out by Hazel and Gus who are having a conversation in the foreground but the way in which he goes about breaking stuff is so great. That scene as a whole is just perfect. Also the egging scene as well as his eulogy were spot on, again, everything is so believable.

Hazel’s Parents-I NEVER expected to like these two so much, in the book they simply felt like another element but I fell in love with her parents, their scenes were actually some of the toughest to watch, there pain is so evident yet they still maintain a sense love and hilarity. I was pleasantly surprised in what a big role they ended up playing, I loved seeing their relationship and even how they interacted with Gus. (also I have an old man crush on her dad…unf.)

Van Houten-I’ll be honest, I never truly developed my own idea of this character so I was kinda open to what they had in store but Willem Dafoe is exactly the kind of douchepants I never knew I needed. You seriously want to clock this guy in the face. The scene in his house just makes you hate him and it plays out exactly as it did in the book. You get a sense of his craziness, the point where he starts blasting Swedish rap is hilarious but you still want to hate him. Even when you start to sympathize with him after learning about his daughter, you still think, “yeah, I feel bad for this guy and he’s nuts but still, he can go back to his hermit shell now”

Specific scenes

Support group-There are two support group scenes, the first one, we learn about Patrick and his balls and the miserable life he leads, It’s hilarious! and we even get a look at his life through a little montage. The second is the one where Gus is introduced, the awkward staring is done perfectly.

Gus’ Driving-This was not omitted, Gus drives like a crazy son of a bitch and he and Hazel discuss cancer perks

Any scene where Hazel and Gus simply talk-There’s a ton of these so I’m just gonna clump them all but every conversation driven scene is great and they help lay the foundation for the relationship. Some of my favorites were actually their text conversations, pretty much all of them are in there and their text bubbles actually pop up to make the conversations easy to read, some goes for all their phone conversations, They’re all there and done exactly as they were in the book.

The trophy scene-I mentioned this one before but again, it’s hilarious, a ton of great one-liners by both Gus and Isaac.

The Disney World discussion-It’s there along with the “I can’t believe I have a crush on a girl with such cliché wishes line”

The plane to Amsterdam-this scene is shortened from that in the book but the way that Ansel conveys Gus’ nervousness with amazement is priceless

Orangee-Such an adorable part, when Gus proclaims his love you’ll feel like a puddle of goo

Van Houten’s house-A great scene where Hazel’s strength really shines. The “Go Fuck Yourself” line that I mentioned before is one of my favorite moments,

The Anne Frank House-This part is SO beautiful, every element works so well. The emotion of the setting mixed with Hazel’s drive to make it up the stairs and the spoken dialogue (done by Anne Frank, not Otto Frank like in the book) just leads up to the kiss which is so beautiful and passionate. You can just feel everything changing at that specific moment, it’s truly the films turning point.

The sex scene-real, honest, sexy, tender and sweet. There’s nothing gratuitous. Some of the book dialogue is there but most has been simplified, those omitted are not missed though, their chemistry is at its height and they still feel like teenagers. Also the speak so softly during this scene, which is why I think I loved the dialogue so much.

Gus reveals his remission-Heartbreaking. The second he says the “lit up like a Christmas tree” line, the sobs started and never stopped

Eggs-FUCKING HILARIOUS, great moments from all three

The Gas Station-I covered this before but your hear will break, there’s no avoiding it. This scene was done perfectly.

Hazel discussing the future with her parents-A great scene, you feel every emotion that every person involved is feeling

The Eulogy Scene-Top notch acting my Shai, Ansel and Nat, you will cry. You will.

The Call-Hazel never actually picks up the phone, she just breaks down and so will you

The Funeral-You never actually see Augustus in the casket, which I’m actually really thankful for. Hazel doesn’t say the “I love you present tense” line but she leaves the cigarettes and gives the bullshit Eulogy about his parent’s encouragements 

Van Houten at the Funeral-He’s still annoying, but you do feel pity when he talks about his daughter. He gives Hazel Gus’ letter but he spews some bullshit and she blows up on him, leading her to crumple up the letter.

Hazel reading the letter-This scene plays out a bit differently than in the book. After the funeral (same day) Hazel and her dad talk and then Isaac comes over to discuss things and mentions Gus’ correspondence with Van Houten thus leading Hazel to go to her car and find the crumpled up letter. She reads it, Gus narrates and a montage of their best moments shows, it’s not cheesy at all though and you see him sneaking into the ICU to see her when she’s unconscious. The movie ends the same way the book does with the letter finishing up and an overhead shot of Hazel holding the letter. Ed’s song plays and you will cry yourself to death.


Some specific things I can remember off the top of my head

-The movie starts the same way the trailer does, the whole “you can sugarcoat it blah blah blah” thing

-You get a hilarious montage about Patrick and his ball cancer along with some songs about his undying love for Jesus

-The Staring scene during the second support group scene is GOLD

-The metaphor scene is longer than the one that’s already out there

-Isaac grabs a whole lotta boob when you see him making out with Monica

-They don’t watch V for Vendetta but there is a poster in Gus’ room

-As I mentioned before, Ansel walks with a limp throughout the whole movie, he also lifts up his pants to show the prosthetic, wears shorts, lies in bed with it clearly showing and there’s a shot of his stump after the sex scene when they’re cuddling naked

-The text conversations are shown by these little text bubbles that pop up, they’re white line art and are hand-drawn so they go with the motif of the movie art. Emails are also shown by popping up on the screen

-There’s one tiny little complaint have and that’s the use of “tumblr-language” I’m gonna call it. There’s multiple occasions where lines like “what is this life?” and “I can’t even” are used. It’s not an issue, it just came off a bit forced 

-Kaitlyn has been totally omitted but you won’t miss her

-Same goes for Gus’ siblings so there’s no “seeing me naked took Hazel Grace’s breath away” line

-John’s Cameo did not make it in thus no little girl asks about Hazel’s cannula

-The blind video game scene is gone so no “Hump the moist cave wall”

-The swing-set selling this is omitted and it is never referred to as “the vaguely pedophilic swing-set of tears”, just “the swing-set of tears.” You don’t see them selling it but it’s gone at the end of the movie.

-Gus’ ex-girlfriend with brain cancer has been totally cut out

-Gus comes to hazels house before they go to the airport so you never hear the fight between him and his parents thus his remission is a total surprise…well for those who haven’t read the book

-You never see them in the airport, it leads straight from Hazel’s house to the plane

-Hazel says “Go Fuck Yourself” to Van Houten before leaving his house

-The girl who plays Lidewij has great hair (just a thought) she also comes of extremely caring

-Anne Frank narrates during the kissing scene instead of Otto Frank. It’s an absolutely gorgeous scene

-The sex scene is very tender and soft, some dialog has been omitted but there’s still a ton there. You don’t see any actual sex but Gus is shirtless as well as Hazel who takes off both her shirt and bra, they later snuggle naked which is when you see Gus’ stump

-There’s a ton of beautiful interactions between Gus and Hazel when Gus is sick

-The Eulogy is almost word for word exactly the same as the book

-The movie actually feels a lot longer than I thought it would, which I’m really thankful for :)

That’s all I can think of for now but I promise you, everything about this movie was done right, seriously no major complaints whatsoever. By biggest tip is to not go into it wanting to find differences, and if you haven’t started already, DO NOT re-read the book before seeing the movie, I think that’s why I loved it so much because I wasn’t focusing on changes, just the story itself. 

You will leave this moving feeling everything that you felt while reading, I've never had that before with a movie but I promise, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted the adaption to be.

I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

If you guys want to know anything else, feel free to message me.