nails and their pals


Candy cane nails 💅🏼 // used: “My Pal Joey” by OPI as base, “Feeling Twinkly” by China Glaze, stamping plate 03 from the Festive collection by Mo You London, white stamping polish (ID: 27269) paired with their clear jelly stamper (ID: 24059) from bornprettystore ✨ use discount code: ARMW10 for 10% off your next purchase 😉 also, HK girl topcoat.

You know what’s super great, people being really aggressive over wanting proof that Crucifix Nail Nipples is a True Story™. Like my buddy, my pal, there is no way in hell I am showing you my work invoices for 2012, but even if I could, all it says is “payment rendered for voided work”. There is not in fact a payslip out there that says Crucifix Nail Nipples on it.

And no, me refusing to give you a copy of the work which I do not own the legal rights to (nor do I still have for professional reasons), is not me being “tricky” or “proof” that I’m lying.

It’s me covering my ass against legal procedures, because you know what, it’s one thing to slam someone’s work, it’s quite another to distribute it without their consent. That’s this little thing called theft.

So would you kindly, climb the fuck out of my inbox and shove off.

Submitted by David FUlmer

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The Maxpedition, S-Biner Keyrack and Ipad Mini 3 go into my messenger bag or knapsack. The rest goes in my pockets. I usually only have the Parabellum case, as I always have one or the other pair of glasses on. I have included one very important item that I almost never see in the carries here. My Kent FOT Comb.