This is the longest and healthiest my nails have been in my entire life, and I owe it to these products.

My nails have always been weak from being a nail biter (I have occasional relapses still) and have been peeling and splitting. I read this could be due to dryness, so I started religiously moisturizing my cuticles AND nails with Julep’s Mighty Serum before each manicure. This product alone is magical. Immediately better appearing cuticles with no greasiness and no need to even massage it in.

And once I found the Sensitive and Peeling formula of Nail Envy? Amazing! No peeling, no breaks, no splits. My nails have been bent and scraped (I’m a pediatric burn ICU nurse, so I’m tough on my hands) and the formula just keeps them so flexible and strong. The Original OPI Nail Envy never did anything for my nails, even made them worse. But this version, with vitamin E and jojoba oil, is perfect.

I’ve been loving how my natural nails look so much, I’ve been painting them less frequently and usually just have the Nail Envy on, but sometimes I prefer the natural look and add Essie Matte About You.

Good morning lovelies!

I was so surprised when I realized I hadn’t done a swatch post for this polish yet, it’s one of my absolute favorites from Color Club!

This is Color Club Chelsea Girl, it’s a bright cobalt blue creme that’s super opaque and basically just a dream in a bottle.

If you’re careful during application this can be a one coater, but I always like the smooth things out with a second. Shown here is two coats with shiny topcoat, but this polish has a great au naturel shine. Usually super pigmented polishes like this stain my nails horribly, but I didn’t even get a slight tint on my nails with this! Sometimes I can just tell when a polish is going to stain, and for some reason this one was setting off warning bells for me. But I worried for not!

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