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When she stepped out of the shadows I noticed two things. One, she was cute, like Jade cute. Pretty in a way that was dangerous and almost wild. Two, she wanted to kill us. Or poke us with her trident. Damn that thing looks sharp. She’s as weird and scary as the rest of her freaky race, but also the last one we have to face. After this we can go home. Right? That’s how it’s supposed to go, defeat the big bad and get home and since she’s the last she has to be the one. It’s all that makes sense, though Rose doesn’t seem to think so. She always disagrees with me. I think she just does it to be difficult. -Feferi Piexes. The Empress. Guardian of Life.

More PersonaStuck things. I saw a dress the other day that I thought would be perfect on Feferi, though with some slight modifications so she can fight in it.

So, about two months ago I got a tablet and the first thing I did with it was this. A younger Dualscar from an ongoing DualscarSignless rp with my buddy. That rp is why he’s smiling and also why he’s missing half of his fin. Long rp shenanigans involving armies, fighting, and protecting loved ones. But yeah, I was gonna wait until I had an entire set of these based off our shenanigans, but I decided to go ahead and post this now because it’s been two months and I’m slow as fuck about doing things like this.

You watch him closely, or as closely as you’ll ever let anyone see. He’s been busy, painting the walls and floors and then re-painting them. The amount of slaves and just general populace that he’s gone through would be astounding if you weren’t used to it. But you are, and that means that you’re too used to seeing scenes like this, and leaning against bloodstained walls is honestly a bit more comfortable than sitting on your rock-hard throne.

Bluh. I am done with this

My fingers hurt so bad from this

The second in my series of paintings of my dear friends who I love and adore. 
This is the wonderful Bread, sometimes referred to as Toast and Potato. She is one of the best roleplayers I know, and a fantastic cosplayer as well and deserves all kinds of recognition for the amount of effort she puts into the things she does. I mean hell, her headcanons alone have almost spawned an entirely new alien race, so imagine what would happen if she decided to just make her own full world. She’s brilliant, and deserves love, hugs, and people to rp her otp with her.

I screamed to you “I love you”, tearing my heart out.
You replied “I’m sick of you” and kicked me.
Love is deadly~

Two days and a thousand attempts later and I finally finished illustrating one of my favorite parts of an rp between bread and myself. Beni singing and dancing on stage and for a moment forgetting all the problems he’s been having recently.

When she would get that look in her eyes I knew not to bother her. She was looking into the Void. When she laid there like that, martini forgotten, conversation dropped, silent as a mouse all I could do was sit there and protect her. So that’s what I did. I protected her.

A scene from PersonaStuck. Roxy staring into the Void and her mysterious protector sitting off somewhere we can’t see.

I’m probably not going to finish the background until I get the rest of this scene written and drawn.

This PersonaStuck design is mine.

‘So, come here often?’
'God damnit Beni we’re supposed to be practicing.’
'Well considering how shitty these lines are I’m improvising.’
'I hate working with you.’
'Believe me, the feeling is completely mutual. I don’t like working with bitches like you.’
'You’re wearing too many accessories, your makeup is awefully applied, you’re tacky, and the only reason I haven’t kicked your ass for leaning on me is because if you’re in the hospital I’ll get saddled with someone who is an even worse actor than you.’
'Why Hersha, that’s practically a statement of love coming from you. Whatever would Ren say if he knew?’
'Hey Beni? Go fuck yourself.’
'You first bitch.’

Sometimes roleplay scenes just have to be illustrated, sometimes before they’re even played out. Beni and Hersha attempting to practice their lines for the play they’ve been cast in while walking home from a late practice is one of those things.

These designs were put together by myself and my rp partner and are not associated with any other human designs for them.
The dialogue is entirely by me, and therefore not as in character on Hershas side as it should be. But I think it’s funny.
This is a gift for my rp partner who is sick and feels gross, and hopefully it cheers her up.

So some of my friends have been feeling pretty down lately, so I decided I;m going to paint pictures of them to cheer them up, and practice my digital painting because I need the practice. So have my first of what will probably turn into a long series.
This is June, and I think of him as a friend. I don’t talk to him often because I trip over my words a lot and always worry that I’m annoying him or that my messages are ill-timed, but he’s a great person and when we do talk I always end up smiling, and can only hope that I make him smile the same. 
I shoyuld never paint based off pictures again

Yet another fantroll thing made by me and Bri
His name is Meiten, she came up with it and I thought it was cute.
His horns are based on auger shells
Can’t think of anything else right now, I’ll add to this later.
He’s still a baby, so I drew him as a little kid cause cute.
Drew the ear fin in the style of a good friend of mine because I love her fins better, they’re just so awesome and actually look moveable.