The Color Dust

Inspired by color dust, I created this nail look ;) It wasn’t easy, ‘cause I ran out of nail tapes. So, I have to draw it with my brush. Phew~

Tbh, I really like the after effect of color dust. I saw it on my friend’s pre-wedding video, it looks sooooo cute. They threw the dust to each other, and their face turned out colorful. (I guess I have to try it someday).

Actually I have no idea why I painted the black parts on my nails. I just painted it, and it turned out well. Looks cool, right? If I go to a concert, I’ll paint my nails like this again. (I promise. Especially Coldplay.)

Well Hello you pretty polish!

Once again a gorgeous shade from Essie, let me show you Truth or Flare. It is gorgeous on its own of course but I’ve just add a tiny bit of golden dust on the free edge of my nails, you can see the dust behind my hand (from Melkior).

Love it! :)

I love this color combo. I think the 2 polishes I’ve used are from the nordic colection by OPI.

Here you have My Dogsled is a Hybrid as a base and OPI with a Nice Finnish.

Black and White Mix & Match!

Black is from Bourjois in Noir de Chine, it is my favorite black, topped with a Maybelline top coat called Top Splatter from their Acid wash collection.

the other nails are a black and wihte negative space nails with my Orly Stripper.

Hope you guys love it.