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I Just Want You

Niall Horan Smut

Warnings: Language/Smut

Word Count: 1,366

“Niall you’re acting like a child! Can’t you just grow up?”

“You know what? Fuck you then!” His words spat at you as you stared wide eyed in shock that they even came out of his mouth at all.

“Really? Is that how you really feel Niall?” You yelled back at him. The day had been filled with nothing but screaming at one another for reasons so stupid you couldn’t even explain to a friend.

It had all started when Niall woke up this morning, he was a little on edge from the stress to begin with from having to write and record another album while on tour for the second year in a row. On the outside, he might have seemed put together, but once you crack the surface, it was like a tsunami of emotions pouring out of him. And he snapped on you, just as you asked him a simple question about cleaning the house. He turned into a ranting bull, spewing things he wouldn’t dare say to you on any terms. He just cracked.

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Peasant: One Direction sucks!


Pref- He makes you jealous after you break up

Part Two

Niall: You watched him closely. You watched some girl kiss his neck and it made you sick. Who does this girl think she is? Doesn’t she know he doesn’t like fake, blonde bimbos? The second he walked into the party she was all over him. “I hate this.” You muttered, your best friend was next to you but she wasn’t paying attention to a word you said. “He’s just doing that to make me jealous. He told me he loved me last night and when said I didn’t know how I felt anymore he told me that I needed to figure it out before it’s too late. He’s trying to make me figure it out.” That’s what he’s doing; Niall’s trying to force you to admit that you still love him. “Or maybe, he’s moved on and maybe you should too.” She chimed in. No, you thought, there’s no way he’s moved on, he’s trying to make you jealous. The second that girl separated herself from Niall you went over to him, your heart racing. “You’re jealous.” Niall spat at you when you approached him. “No I’m not. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” A smug grin made it’s way across Niall’s face. “Please Y/N you’ve been staring at me all night. It’s obvious.” Niall is an ass; first he gave me an ultimatum and is now trying to make me choose. “Fine. I’m jealous you win. Happy now?” I spat out, trying not to make a scene. “Of course I am.” Niall winked at me before pulling me in, his lips crashing to mine. 

Louis There you were, standing there feeling stupid, again. Feeling embarrassed. You promised Liam you’d be here; you promised Liam that you wouldn’t miss this match. So here you are, at Louis charity match. Liam and Louis were playing, Niall was on the sideline coaching and Harry was standing next to you enjoying the game. Then there was the girl three feet away from you cheering Louis on. “Ignore her.” Harry nudged you. He’s tried to help you through the break up “I can’t. She’s so obnoxious and loud. We get it your Louis thing of the week, you don’t need to rub it in.” You spat out. “At least the damn game is almost over. Then I can get away from those two.” He only invited her here after you told him you were still coming. Things have been rocky between you and Louis since the break up. “Louis!” She ran up and threw her arms around him, her body crashing into his. As soon as Louis eyes met yours you walked away. “Y/N.” Louis called after you but you continued to walk away. “Why are you doing this?” Louis grabbed a hold of your arm, stopping you in your tracks. “Louis, we broke up, I told you I was coming to this so why did you invite some other girl?” . He had a smart-ass smirk on his face, he knew his plan worked. “Your jealous aren’t you?” He was enjoying this. “Yes I am. So what? It’s your fault.” You wanted to walk away from Louis but your legs refused to move. Something was holding you back; maybe it was you not wanting to loose Louis completely. You two have a lot of history and you don’t want to loose that. “Louis, I miss you and I don’t want to loose you but I don’t know what else to do. I don’t know what to say.” You were getting upset; the uncertainty of yours and Louis relationship was killing you. “Well let’s work through this. Together. We can figure all this out.” Louis pecked your cheek and promised you to call you later. You watched him walk away, still feeling uncertain of everything. 

Liam: You watched Liam from across the club. He knows your here, you two have made eye contact multiple times. Every time you try to talk yourself into going over to see him you find a reason not to. You came tonight to try to talk to him; he hasn’t been answering your calls and need to talk to him. You need to apologize. “Stake out?” Niall asked as he sat by you, handing you a drink. “Not at all. I just need to talk to him.” After you two made eye contact again you were ready to get up and go talk to him. You were actually going to do this, until some girl walked up and he handed her a drink. They smiled at each other before she stuck her tongue down his throat. “Gross.” Niall said, over dramatically. He was really trying to make you feel better, to make you happier. As soon as Liam separated himself from the tall skinny blonde he winked at you. “That arrogant son of a-” You shot up out of your seat and finally went to confront Liam. Niall was right behind you. “Is this a joke Liam?” You shouted, bringing more attention to yourself then you would have liked. “I get it, I broke up with you and you’re trying to prove you’ve moved on. I could have guessed that when you didn’t answer my calls.” Niall grabbed your hand, which was his way of telling you it was time to go. “I feel like shit about it everyday. But you don’t have to rub it in my face that you’ve moved on.” You were about to walk away, but you had one more thing to say to him. “You know what? Rub it in my face. Make out with some whore and wink at me, do shit like this to make me jealous I don’t fucking care. You’re only reassuring me that I made the right decision when I dumped your ass. Let’s go Niall.” You followed Niall out of the club. Cameras were flashing in your face as soon as you two got outside. You knew leaving with Niall was going to cause a lot of problems, especially between Niall and Liam but you didn’t care. Liam deserved it. 

Harry: ”Niall, I don’t want to.” You begged, dragging your feet. “Niiaall.” You whined more and more. “I don’t want to, I can’t.” How could Niall expect you to be around Harry? He knew you didn’t want to be anywhere near him. Why couldn’t you just stay at the hotel? You two broke up two weeks ago and he’s already been seeing some new girl. Not only is he seeing someone but also he was rubbing it in your face. After weeks of begging, you decided to join the boys on tour and it’s only hurt you. “It’ll be fun.” Niall’s been telling you since the minute you stepped off the plane, but it hasn’t been fun, it’s been hard. “You may not want to but you need to talk to Harry.” Niall grabbed your hand and walked you towards Harry’s table. He asked the girl sitting on top Harry to leave you two alone for a minute. She agreed and left. After standing there for a minute you sat down next and started to talk. “Harry, this is killing me. I hate seeing you with someone that’s not me. Call me jealous, I don’t care. If you want to be with her please don’t rub it in my face anymore. I’ll be okay, I’ll get over you but please stop making it harder for me.” He wiped the tears from your cheeks. “Don’t cry. I didn’t know this was so hard on you, you didn’t want anything to do with me after the breakup. I don’t know if we can make it work but can I think about it and Ill call you in the morning? Can I think tonight?” You nodded and told Harry to tell Niall you were going to outside. After the concert you went straight to the hotel and locked yourself in your room. All you could think about all night is what Harry’s going to say tomorrow when he calls, if he calls. 

 Zayn: Being One Directions interim stylist is great, or it should be. You get to spend all day every day with the boys. That would be a lot more enjoyable if you and Zayn hadn’t just broke things off. Being on the road with your ex 24/7 can get awkward. There are times you feel like your overstepping your boundaries. Especially when you walked in on him and another girl. He attempted to introduce you two but you weren’t having any part of it, he didn’t even know her name. Could he make it any more obvious that he only brought her on tour to make you jealous? There are lots of fake laughs on Zayns part. When he looks at her, he doesn’t look happy. He doesn’t smile at her for any reason. He doesn’t look or act like he’s interested in her. You used your fitting with Zayn to talk to him. “Zayn, I can tell you’re not interested. Please don’t fool yourself, everyone can tell. Let this girl go, let her find someone who laughs at her jokes, someone who loves her like you loved me.” You were pleading to Zayn; you hoped that for once he’d listen to you. “Y/N I’m never going to be able to love someone like I loved you but your not letting me try.” It didn’t matter what you said to Zayn, he wasn’t going to listen. You could plead all you wanted but it wasn’t going to do any good. “Fine Zayn, just don’t hurt her like you hurt me.” You walked away from Zayn; letting him go back to the girl he didn’t love. 

Niall Imagine - time to meet the family

“They’re going to love you sweetheart” Niall says wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his chin upon my shoulder while I’m standing in front of the mirror. 

“But this is such a big deal meeting your parents especially considering I’m the first serious girlfriend and the only one to meet your parents” I sigh tugging at the hem of my dress. 

“You look perfect, you are perfect. they will love you. I love you” Niall says pressing a small kiss on my shoulder before stepping back from me. 

“Come on lets go love” He says holding his hand out to me. 

I take it with my own intertwining our fingers “ I love you too” I smile softly as we make our way out of our apartment and get into the car. 

“Stop fretting love everything is going to be fine” Niall says placing a hand on my thigh as we continue driving towards the restaurant we’re meeting his mother and grandmother at. 

When we pull up in the car park I quickly check my hair and make up in the mirror before climbing out at allowing Niall to take my hand in his yet again. 

“Niall darling lovely to see you again” His mother smiles standing from her seat at the restaurant table and pulling him into a tight embrace. 

“Hi mum I’ve missed you too’‘Niall laughs as he’s released from her arms.

’'Mum, Grandma this is Nora by girlfriend” Niall says pulling my closer to him and wrapping an arm tightly around my waist. 

“Lovely to meet you Nora, we’ve heard such lovely things about you” Niall’s mother smiles widely before pulling me into a hug. 

Dinner goes great Niall’s mother and grandmother seem to actually like me and I couldn’t be more happy about that. 

“So nice to finally meet you Nora, I hope to see you both again soon” Niall’s grandma says as we all leave the restaurant. 

“Yeah that would be great” Niall smiles kissing his grandmother on the cheek. 

Once we’ve all said our goodbyes I sink into the car seat. 

“See that wasn’t so bad was it” Niall laughs turning to face me. 

“No it was nice actually” I nod smiling a little. 

“Personally i think the bigger problem is me meeting your parents” Niall laughs again. 

“Yeah you’ve got that right” I laugh softly.

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Im just not perfect.

* Ok so this is abbies imagine and its triggering. So please don’t read if you always put your self down. Ok I love you all.*

Abbies P.O.V

Today I’m not eating. Yesterday I didn’t eat today is no different . There is not point any more. Ever since I started dating the most amazing carefree cute boy I have got nothing but hate. Hate on twitter , hate in the mail, hate everywhere. All  of it was about they way I looked . Non of it was ever good. So why not fix the problem. I tried to diet but I didn’t work. I tried to workout but every time I got to the gym I took one look at those girls and got so insecure I just ran out. So this was the next thing I could think of. I haven’t eaten for over a week. I guess by now you’re wondering where is my boyfriend ? Why hasn’t he helped me? Well my boyfriend is currently on tour with his bandmates and wont be home 3 weeks. So here I lay in one of his hoodies on our shared bed and no matter how many times he tells me all I can think is I’m just not perfect.

Nialls P.O.V

 I cant believe I get to see my girl today. We got a week off of tour and I just couldn’t wait to surprise her. I miss running my hands through her brown hair and looking into her brown eyes. She’s just so perfect in everyway possible. I don’t think I’d want her any other way. Finally I’m here and I get to see my girl. I open the door to our apartment and all the lights are off that’s strange. Maybe she’s taking a nap yeah that’s probably it. I go upstairs to go cuddle next to her in bed I push open the door and the sight before me breaks my heart. My Abby is laying on our bed crying and looking almost dead. Shes so broken so fragile how could I be so blind. I run up and wrap her in my arms and I will never ever let go.

Abbies P.O.V

I almost jumped 10 feet in the air when suddenly I relaxed cause I smelled his cologne . Niall my Niall was home and he was crying? I turned to face him.

“ Niall why are you crying?”

“ Abby why are you doing this to yourself. How do you not see how perfect you are. How do you not see that ?”

“ Cause Niall I’m just Abby. I’m not a Victoria Secret model. I’m not good at anything. So why shouldn’t I feel like this.”

“ Because Abby you’re perfect to me. I don’t need a Victoria Secret model. I just want my Abby. My beautiful lovely Abby.”

His grip tightened on me and suddenly I knew. I don’t have to be perfect as long as I am perfect to Niall that’s all that matters. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him.

“ Niall I’m hungry can we go get tacos.”

“ We can do what ever you want princess.”

* Ok Abby I hope this wasn’t too bad. I was kinda long I’m sorry but yeah message me if you like it. If you guys want one message me and I’ll get on it. Ok love you!*  

Dirty Makeup sex with niall

“I saw the way you were looking at him y/n! Why are you still even here!?” Niall screams at me. We were having another fight but this time it was different, I was talking to our close friend Luke Hemmings , when Niall started flipping shit. I’ve never seen him so angry in my life. He was throwing lamps, braking vases, and even calling me some pretty nasty words. 

“I don’t like Luke goddamnit Niall!” I scream tears running down my face. His eyes go dark and he lifts his fisted hand into the air. I close my eyes ready for it to hit me, but instead it hits the wall, picture frames failing and breaking on the floor. I sob some more until Niall starts talking again.

“Admit it.” He says to me flatly.

“Admit what?!” I say chocking slightly on my own words.

“You like him, and you don’t want me anymore.” I look up at him, he looks away focussing his gaze on the floor.

“Niall,” I sigh, “Yes, Luke is very attractive, but I don’t like him like that, I love you.” I say to him, I can’t believe he would ever think differently. He wipes his face and runs his fingers through his blonde hair. 

After a moment Niall looks back up at me collecting himself before taking my hand. “I’m so sorry I overreacted. You’re the best thing that ever happened to y/n. I just get jealous when you’re with any other guy because you’re mine and I want everyone to know that. Also It’s just-” I cut him off by smashing my lips onto his and wrapping my arms around his neck. 

I pull away as we pant getting our breaths back. My forehead is up against his as his blue eyes look into my y/c/e ones. We stay like this for what feels like forever pressed up against each other before Niall slowly leans in and kisses me. The kiss gets deeper and he tugs on my shirt indicating he wants it off. I oblige and slip the white tank-top I had on over my head. I wasn’t wearing a bra, Niall cursed under his breath and attached his mouth onto my right boob while kneading the left. I moaned as he circled his tongue around my nipple, then repeating with the other. I moaned in pleasure pulling at his hair, knowing he loved when I was rough. 

He begins to unbutton my jeans while I start undressing him until we are both standing almost completely naked with just our underwear on. I peck his lips one more time before getting down on my knees before him, keeping eye contact with him the whole time. I tease him playing with the waistband of his boxers and slowly taking them off biting my lip. His massive dick stands erect before me begging to be touched.

“Please.” Niall wines. I almost give in but decide to tease him some more.

“What do you want baby?” I ask him in my most innocent voice. 

“S-suck it. Please?” Niall says looking down at me. I can’t take it anymore he looks so sexy so I take his length into my mouth. He immediately throws his head back moaning my name. I swirl my tongue around it and pump my hand back and fourth on what I can’t fit into my mouth. 

“Shit, baby. You look so hot with my huge cock in your little mouth. Mmmm but it would look so much better in your tight pussy.” I love it when Niall dirty talks me and I moan in response causing vibrations on his dick. 

“Fuck Y/n.” Niall says as his warm cum shoots down my throat. He removes himself from me and I look up at him with my mouth open full of his release and swallowing it all in one huge gulp. 

“Get on the couch.” Niall instructs me. I nod and make my way over and sit on the edge of it. 

“Open your legs.” Niall demands. I open them revealing my dripping center. Niall walks over to me and bends down in between them. He runs his finger up and down my folds covered by my cotton panties. 

“Who made you this wet baby?” Niall asks me, rubbing me.

“LUKE did.” I say, I want to make him angry, because angry sex with Niall is hot as hell, considering he is always gentle and sweet with me. 

“The fuck did you just say?” Niall asks me gripping my hips.

“Oh you didn’t hear me? That really sexy boy  made me this wet. God just looking at him dampens my panties.” I say reaching into my center and pulling my fingers up to my swollen lips sucking on them as I watch Niall’s eyes darken. 

“You’re going to pay for that you slut.” Niall rips my panties off and throws my legs over his shoulders putting his head in between my legs and attacking my pussy. 

“Fuck.” I say pushing his tongue further into me. He takes my other leg and spreads it further than I ever thought was possible, devouring me.  

“I’m gonna cum!” I scream. Niall looks up at me with a smirk and pulls away just before I reach my high.   

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” I scream. Before I can say anything else he forces me further up the couch and climbs on top of me. Without any warning he slams into me, giving me no time to adjust. 

“Do you think LUKE could ever pound this hard into you? Huh y/n?” My body is taken over by pleasure and all I can do is moan in response. 

Niall than starts sucking at my sweet-spot, just above my collarbone marking his territory. I reach between my legs where our bodies meet, and start rubbing my clit to increase the pressure building in the pit of my stomach. 

“Fuck yeah, baby. Touch yourself.” Niall moans into my ear. Niall’s naughty talk and hard thrust make it impossible to hold myself together. I can sense Niall is near too. 

“Let go.” Niall says as he removes his length completely out of me before slamming into me as hard as he can. A mixture of pain and pleasure combine and I release myself into him, Niall coming undone seconds later. 

We lay there. Panting. Our sweaty bodies numb. He rolls off of me slightly but not all the way because he would fall off the couch. 

“I love you Nialler, only you.” I say after a moment of silents. 

“I love you too baby. I’m sorry that I freaked out. We should have just talked it out.” He leans down and kisses my nose. 

“SHIT!” I say leaning up.

“What?! What’s wrong?!” Niall says leaning up as well, and brining me onto his lap.

“We didn’t use a condom….”