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May I Have Your Attention Please!! The Image Listed Above is the PROPER WAY to REMOVE GEL POLISH !
Saturate Cotton Ball w/ Pure Acetone Gently Wrap the Entire Nail Surface w/Foil . This allows the Product to simply dissolve & Flake Away. This method is Simple Easy Breezy!
Do not allow the Manicurist/Tech to Drill or File the product which will cause damage to the Natural Nail!! Thanks so much for your Participation!! *Drops Mic* 💅👆This has been a NailVillian Production ! #terranceterry #nailvillian #kingofnails #nailgod #icare

Paraffin manicure is a mixture of a paraffin treatment and a hand massage with moisturizing lotion. This manicure is specifically recommended for people with dehydrated and dry skin. If you want healthy and moist skin for your hands then you should be looking for this manicure at Spas. All the top Spas around the world are offering this manicure due to its high demand and benefits for the customers. This treatment will enrich your dry skin with moist making it look fresher and healthy

A hot oil manicure is great for cracked or dry hands because a hot oil manicure helps to improve overall nail health. Everyday wear on your hands can cause them to become dry and your nails to become brittle, so improve your nail health and skin with a hot oil manicure. A hot oil manicure is also one of the best for men. It leaves the skin feeling softer and allows for better nail health in terms of brittle or dry nails.

Nail wraps are the new way to adorn fingers and toes. Forget nail polish, the best way to decorate your digits are by rocking some designer nail art with these wraps. With many celebrities like Katy Perry, Alexa Chung, Beyoncé and Rihanna leading the way with unique nail designs it’s no wonder they are quickly becoming a beauty must have.