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Nail growth. Everyone wants nice strong nails, but sometimes its seems impossible for them to grow. Here are some tips to speed up the process (:

-Cuticle care: Taking care of your cuticles can help nail growth a bunch. 

-To start out get some cuticle oil and just dab it on your cuticles, and then massage it into your cuticles gently. Next, with the right tool, gently push them back, but do not cut your cuticles off! They help keep out germs and bacteria for getting into your nails. 

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-After all your cuticles are pushed back grab some hand lotion/cuticle lotion and start massaging! The lotion must say cuticle care, Sally Hanson makes a great one. It will also make your hands soft.

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-Nail care: Wash off the lotion and oil from your nails to prepare them. Then, use some nail strengthening polish to make your nails stronger so they are less likely to chip. Apply a nice coat on all nails. I also like to put it on the tips and edges of my nails to further prevent chipping. You can also apply a coat of nail growth under the strengthening polish if you wish to do so. (:

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Hoped this helped! 

anonymous asked:

Hi New! I was hoping you could help with something , or even have some tips? Nails. I had a horrible nail biting nervousness problem growing up, and I've only gotten over it in the past few months. So my nails are growing out and that's great! But I have no idea how to care for them. I'm trying to file them down but it feels odd, and they're flimsy and i just don't know what to do! You seem to always have amazing tips that I cannot find anywhere else, Any help I would so super appreciate. <3 <3

Heyy. I used to bite my nails too, a looong time ago as a kid.

My nails mostly grow so thick and strong and fast because of the supplements and smoothies. I seriously have to trim/file almost every other day because of how fast they grow. XD

I take B-complex every day and my smoothies usually have just about every vitamin and mineral. I also take other things such as garlic extract for circulation.

Here’s my nutrition tag, you might find some useful info in there. I have a little nutriblast tag if you wanna know exactly what I usually do in my smoothies. I also try to eat kale, asparagus and broccoli every single day! (Mostly kale, the others definitely make it into my daily smoothies if I don’t actually eat them in a meal)

As for nail care itself, I do have that little tag but I actually can’t find a link to the nail treatment oil I use… It’s a Japanese brand, I picked it up in Little Tokyo and it’s seriously great. You can see a better picture of the packaging here. It’s got rosehip, avocado, argan and almond oil, all are suuuuper nutritious for the nail and cuticle. Best treatment oil I’ve ever used, other popular American brands tend to suffocate my nails and make them super thin rather than give them a treatment.

If you can’t find that, I’d say just pick up some oils at your local health shop! Avocado oil would be my top choice just to rub on my nails every day, lots of good vitamins. You could even do a nice whole hand treatment maybe once a week. You could rub the avocado oil all over your nails and hands and then rub castor oil all over, put on some lotion gloves or just use plastic wrap, then wrap your hands up in a heating pad for a few minutes (I like to do like 15-30 minutes because I like to pamper myself, haha).

Hope this answered your question, good luck with your nails! 


  • Nail Polish
  • Clear Top Coat
  • Base Coat
  • Nail File
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Orange Stick

Directions :

  1. Soak nails in a small dish of warm water to soften up the cuticles.  After about a minute of soaking, remove all nail polish. 
  2. When the nail beds are nice and soft, remove your hands from the water and apply cuticle oil at the base of your nails.  This stuff makes it easier to get rid of all those cuticles.  Let the oil soak in for about a minute or two.  
  3. Take the orange stick, ( the wooden stick ) and press in your now soft cuticles.  You’re going to shove them back where they came from so they won’t bother anyone anymore.  Once you’re done with that, give your nails another soak to recover from the trauma.
  4. File your nails with the nail file traveling from the outter corners to the center of your nail.  The back and forth filing motion we all do weakens the nails and allows them to break more easily, so only file one way.  File to your desired shape.
  5. Paint one coat of clear base coat on your nails.  Start at the cuticle and paint down in one stroke to the tip of your nail.  3-5 swipes of base coat should cover the whole nail.  Let that dry for at least two minutes before you move on or you’ll end up with smudgy nails.
  6. This step is really important.  Another one that will make the difference between long lasting or a cheap at home manicure.  Take the bottle of nail polish you’re going to use for color and ROLL it between your hands.  If you shake it to mix up the color you’ll end up with bubbles in the polish and your manicure will go to pot.  Roll it back and forth quickly instead to swish around the color and you’ll end up with perfect nail color.
  7. Start at the base of your nail and swipe the polish all the way to the tip of the nail.  Dip the brush again and repeat two more times until your entire nail is covered in polish.  Then take a quick swipe along the tip of the nail to make sure it’s covered in polish; this will slow down the chipping process.
  8. Very, very carefully clean up the extra nail polish around the edges of your nails.  Wrap a tissue around an orange stick, dip it into a tiny bit of nail polish remover, and clean up the errant nail polish.  BE CAREFUL or you’ll ruin your manicure.

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2ND VIDEO WITH THE CLOTHES SHOW on NAILCARE TIPS. Aka how do you file/ what products should you use etc. etc. All UNSPONSORED UNBIASED information and I sound like I know what Im talking about so there>


My drugstore was having a sale on Revlon products so I picked up this Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish in Satellite. Revlon’s Nail Art series is a whole bunch of different double-ended nail polishes, coordinated to give you the best look. Moon Candy is usually a solid and some kind of crazy glitter, whereas the Expressionist ones are just two solid colors and the Neon ones are a white base and a neon solid. 

I was pretty surprised with how awesome my nails look in the end. Satellite is a very dark red/maroon/wine color paired with what seems to be pink glitter but actually turns out more golden and green and iridescent. The solid color went on very nicely, as expected of Revlon polishes (which I consider to be high quality for a drugstore) but I had to layer on the glitter a bit to get the effect I wanted. (Which makes my nails seem slightly goopy up close) There’s not a whole lot of polish in the bottle itself and it retails for about $9. 

The success of this polish makes me want to go back and buy the whole set, while my drugstore still has a sale! Some of the other colors, especially the blues, look awesome. Have you tried these?

- Bun

My favourite hand and nailcare products | Unlike most women I do not like nail polish. However, I do think taking care of your hands and nails are important. These are my favourite products + mini review:

  • Rituals - Hand Therapy nourishing and softening handscrub (75ml): This smells lovely and feels really soft to the skin. I think it’s a bit pricey though (I paid €10,90 at Rituals in The Netherlands)… Fortunately you only need/have to use this once a week (and less often when it’s not winter) so I won’t be running out of it quickly!
  • nails inc. London - miracle shine buffer: I do like to keep my nails shiny (without using nail polish). At the moment I am using this nail buffer, but for some reason the “shine” will only show the very very first time I use a new nail buffer. The next few applications will look “semi-shiny”…
  • Lush - Lemony Flutter (50g): I haven’t used any other cuticle butters/creams/oils/etc besides Lemony Flutter so I can’t really compare. I do think this product is great and they do make my cuticles soft. I wish Lush would make a smaller version of this, ‘cos there is no way I could finish it within a year (all Lush products are freshly made, so they do have expiry dates).
  • L'Occitane - hand cream (30ml): My favourite hand cream! It contains 20% shea butter which smells lovely - this product keeps my hand soft soft soft! Especially during the cold winter days (and now… for some reason it’s cold in May…!).
  • Hema - nail clippers and glass nail file: These are cheap (can’t remember the exact prices but definitely under €3 each at Hema) and they work perfectly! The glass nail file comes in a plastic cover so there won’t be a chance of breaking (unless you drop it on the floor…)!