“Nails are by me at Dollhouse Nails, and are acrylic extensions with love heart tips in Valentine by Filthy Gorgeous and two coats of Seche Vite topcoat for extra shine. 

The burger is from Berlin Burger International, which is in Neukolln Berlin. Its a cheese burger which I added avocado too as an extra, it was super delicious, and is definably the best burger I have had so far in Berlin. It tasted extra good, as we were hungover as hell, having been at Club Renate the night before. It was a pretty messy one to eat though, but worth it! undeniably a 9/10 kind of burger!”


So the men-about-town behind London’s most popular burger blogs, Nailburgerlar and Burgerac, joined forces last week to deliver a whole heap of burger-inspired fun at Shoreditch House, London. Myself and Sophie, from The Illustrated Nail, were there to give you Burger nail art along side Damien Weighill, temporary tattooist for the night, and Burgerac with his new book & Burgermat Show on display. 

“Simpsons mani painted by myself (nancymcnails) for leannecnails, my trusty side kick! Using a combo of Models own, Barry M and Topshop polishes, finished with the only topcoat that should ever be used, Seche Vite!  

We present to you the almighty DIY Vegan Burger Bagel! Stuffed with onions, avocado, mushrooms, grated soya cheese and ketchup! A solid 8 for joint cooking efforts and the happy food comas that followed!”

Thanks Nancy! I haven’t done a meat-free monday post in quite a while. Check out these two ladies’ blogs for great nail art if you haven’t already nailburgerlars!

Ñam in Barcelona (Spain)!

Hamburger♥ Pim Pam Burger 3 quesos: 100% carne de ternera, parmesano, feta, gouda, rúcula, tomate, cebolla y salsa especial.

Nails ♥ Nails from the Block  diseño por Laia, inspiración de Naomi Yasuda Nails para Lady Gaga. 

Specials Nails for a special day… my birthday 26 years at 26th October. More about me in… Miss Kleckley (sneakers, nails & trends for girls)”

Thanks Miss Kleckley in Barcelona!

Who rule the world ? Girls (and burgers)

Après une semaine de désertion parmi les geek d'une contrée lointaine appellée “Zone d'activité”, Gisèle revient une série de post à vous arracher les poils du nez avec du fil dentaire. Mais avant toute chose, rendez-vous sur le tumblr de Ou comment réconcilier deux hobbies élementairement-capitalistes….. la burgomanucure. En cliquant sur submitt, vous pouvez aussi poster vos photos.

Pour le reste, ce sera musique electro bien sentie avec Joakim (lire ci-dessous) -Chaussures divines à faire palir les déesses grecques de n'avoir connu que la spartiate et shampoo-baobab magique pour faire rugir nos crinières…. (a lire ci-dessous aussi).

“Simone, met les glaçons au frais pour le jaune, le cardiologue dit qu'il faut pas qu eje me surmène….”

“I would like to nominate this burger as "The worst burger ever”.

I got it from the local supermarket,  2 for 1 dollar. So my expectations were NOT high. Still I was very disappointed. I would give this burger a 1/10. The 1 point is for the sesame seeds! Needless to say; I will not be buying this burger again, and no one actually ate the two we did buy.

Color Club - She’s so glam
Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow
Wet'n wild - The gold & the beautiful
Mani done by myself.“

Nail-it-baby, I commend you for even taking one bite! The good news is that your nails are not of the same poor quality. They look great!

Two big names in the American nail blogging scene collaborated for this post today! Sent in from The Holy Nail! Thanks so much!

“Gel nail art by Hey, Nice Nails! of Long Beach, CA. The pointer finger is marbled to look like opal. The middle finger has a real turquoise stone accent. The burger was from Fred 62 in Los Feliz, CA. I think it’s called a Wimpy Burger. It’s pretty basic: lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar, and 1,000 island.


Burger rank: 7.5/10”

Wow Nafrayou! What a great look, and so striking on that black bun! Maybe this will catch on with the Burger Kings here in the UK?

“Hello dears here is my submission from Japan ! Geometric pointy nails create by ladysonails salon. French style with white black and yellow lines. burger was so amazing named the kuro ninja burger from Burger King japan. It’s a special edition limited with black bread and a big tonge of bacon ! Enjoy”

“Enjoying my first veggie burger of the year, rocking my New Year’s Eve manicure!

Wearing OPI "Natural Nail Base Coat”, Make Up Store “Skin”, OPI “Rapi Dry Top Coat”, and a mix of gold, silver and pink rhinestones from random eBay store and pearls from Make Up For Ever. Nails done by me.

The veggie burger is from "Kiosko Burger" (Marquès de L’Argentera, Barcelona) and is by far my favorite veggie burger in town! I always add some cheddar cheese and lots of their homemade ketchup. With some fries on the side, the only thing missing is a strawberry milkshake. I give it a 10/10 points!“

Thanks Josefine!