@baileyisatourist here’s your #nailarttutorial for the #candynails 💅😊

1⃣paint your nails a shade of light/baby pink.
2⃣for the #cupcakenails, use a pink striper to put the stripes that will serve as the bottom of it. And then use a white polish for the icing. You can use a big dotting tool for the curvy details but you can use its original brush to spread the color evenly. When it’s completely dry, use small dotting tool for the dots(candy sprinkles) use the combination you want. Lastly, use a bigger dotting tool and a red nail polish for the cherry. You can use a bigger red stone too.
3⃣for the #lollipopnails, use a white striper and paint two curvy lines and fill it with white using the same brush. (google a swirly lollipop and copy it 😊) when it’s dry, overlay a metallic hot pink over it but do it thinner. Put on a rhinestone in the middle of the swirl to make it look even better. A silver stone would look great!
4⃣for the #candycanenails, using a hot pink striper, paint 2 straight but diagonal lines but make sure to leave a space for the white line. Follow it with a white striper in the middle of the pink. When it’s dry, cover it with #glitterpolish to sparkle😊
5⃣for the #sundaenails, using a brown polish, paint some curves and fill its bottom (do the same thing at the tip of your nails using the white polish for the icecream🍦.) When it’s dry, use a striper brush for the (brown) cone’s details. (the lines and outline).
👉when the white polish on your tip is dry, use a toothpick or a thin dotting tool to make small lines as the #candysprinkles. (use pastel colors)
6⃣for the last nail, just draw/paint a red heart in the middle of your nail. You can use brush or a big dotting tool. :)
7⃣ DON’T FORGET TO PUT A CLEAR TOP COAT AS A FINISHING TOUCH 😊❤👍 IT WILL MAKE EVERY NAIL DESIGN SO MUCH BETTER. Do it again when the first top coat dries. 😃 #darianaquino #darianaquinonails #nailarts #nailaccent #nailartists #nailstagram #nailartaddict #nailarthow #nailart101