The Signs As Nail Polish
  • Sun ; Colors
  • Aries:Fire Engine Red
  • Taurus:Mint Green
  • Gemini:Pastel Yellow
  • Cancer:Baby Pink
  • Leo:Sunshine Yellow
  • Virgo:Deep Grey
  • Libra:Bright Pink
  • Scorpio:Deep Red
  • Sagittarius:Orange
  • Capricorn:Baby Blue
  • Aquarius:Bright Blue
  • Pisces:Lavender
  • Moon ; Glitter,Shimmer or Matte?
  • Glitter(stands out,turns heads):
  • Gemini,Libra,Leo,Aries
  • Shimmer(subtle at first,alluring glow):
  • Scorpio,Pisces,Cancer
  • Matte(straight forward,intriguing):
  • Virgo,Sagittarius,Aquarius,Capricorn,Taurus

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You will not find a person more against the idea of Wanda as the supposed traitor that’s meant to exist in this film than me, especially as that would mean siding with Stark who I strongly believe she still dislikes/distrusts, but honestly given these two screencaps… it might not be impossible.

Similar sleeves, same nail varnish, same rings. Sokovia Accords being pushed across the table to Wanda. If I had to guess I’d say it’s because Sokovia is her country, Novi Grad was her city and it was her brother who died trying to stop Ultron, an enhanced individual of that nation, of that city. It would make sense for them to … not necessarily consult her but want her approval to lend a kind of legitimacy to what they mean to do.

This doesn’t mean that she did agree with the accords, or that she is a traitor to Cap’s side at all, but it certainly lends credence to it as a possibility that it didn’t have before (we are all quite aware how much trust the twins had for Stark, to whit: none), and gives some really interesting possibilities as well for Wanda’s position in the world post AOU. We know she started to train as an Avenger, but this suggests she’s been brought into politics as well to some degree. 

Is this due to her being on both sides in AOU, Ultron’s before switching to the Avengers? Is it because she’s the only firmly non-American Avenger at this moment in the MCU? (We know they’re bringing in Black Panther for this film and he’s from Wakanda but we don’t know where in the timeline he gets introduced so by the end of AOU there are a very limited number of Avenger-level enhanced people). Is it because it was her country AOU happened in, for the most part? Is it because of what happened to Pietro?

Also a note that pleases me on an inherent level because it means I did map Wanda’s character rightly - she still seems shocked and disheartened by violence. Just as in all her fights in AOU she doesn’t like it anywhere near her, it scares her and puts her ill-at-ease. Probably worse than before, now her brother isn’t there to be tacit reassurance and given the circumstances of his death.

@dailymaximoffs, @pietro-t1me, @wanndamaximoff, @pietroimagines, any other people who like to think about the twins or even just the larger MCU, thoughts?

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Carina Nebula - You like dogs and hiking/camping. You have an infectious laugh. You rarely remember your dreams. You get shitty food with friends at 2am sometimes.

Ant Nebula - You love tattoos, wild coloured hair, and other fun body mods. If you wear nail varnish, it’s often chipped. People often think they know you better than they actually do.

Omega Nebula - You’re a lady who likes to kiss ladies. You like to sketch and wish you were better at it. You like to swim in natural bodies of water, like lakes or streams.

SNR 0509 - You like to be prepared. You plan for every contingency you can think of when you try something new, because you hate when things spin out of control. You’re friendly but guarded.

Rosette Nebula - You live life as hard as you know how. You put on a bold “take me or leave me, fuckers” approach with new people. You’re passionate about your hobbies. Your nicknames for your friends are full of swear words.

Crab Nebula - You’re an artist and you love to create beautiful things. You’re constantly struggling to understand and express yourself better. You’re broke as fuck but you’re really good at making the most of it.

NGC 604 - You don’t know what the fuck you’re doing most of the time, and you survive solely on good intentions. It works out for you sometimes, like with one or two old friends, but you’re really hoping to get a better handle on things soon.

Helix Nebula - You’re super into dragons and also at least one video game with fantasy elements. There is at least one poster in your room that has more black than any other colour. You prefer to stay up super late and get up midmorning.

Red Rectangle Nebula - Bringing order to chaos is kind of your thing. You’re the person everyone counts on to know what the fuck is going on when no one else does. You always know where things are and you can clean a room faster than anyone you know.


Today i popped into Superdrug and was excited to see the new ‘Look Beauty’ range was already in store!! There are some great products in this range, love the three coloured eye palettes and the beauty boxes, what especially caught my eye were the nail varnishes, which are named 'Nail Pop’ there are some amazing colours but i am loving the glitter nail varnishes, so to add to my huge collection of varnishes i couldn’t help but buy the pink glitter named 'Bling’, everyone loves a bit of bling!! ;) - Eyes on Polly.

Mani Mondays: NOTD

I want to start another series on my blog featuring different nail of the day which will be referred to as NOTD. Starting now! I know the picture quality isn’t great but I’m hoping to get a new camera in the summer. Bare with me. Anyway on my nails is Julep Maven’s Charlotte and on my ring finger their nail polish in Melissa is used on top to give it a nice duo chrome effect! I love it! You can sign up for Julep Maven here through my referral link. I will not be paid and I am not being paid to include the referral link. I hope you enjoyed the first edition to the new series. Stay tuned for more because I am always changing my polish through out the week!

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I would like to do these on Mondays, what do you think?