Experimenting with DIY nail stencils, part 2

Turns out that, for fish anyway, freehand is way easier. But fish are very forgiving. Can I do a Millennium Falcon freehand?

Left hand:
Pinky and middle: Sally Hansen Brisk Blue, SH White On, Lise Watier Tangerine, SH Peach Fuzz, Bizou Caviar.
Ring: Revlon Pop Art, SH White On, Lise Watier Tangerine, SH Peach Fuzz, Bizou Caviar.
Index:  Revlon Pop Art, SH White On, China Glaze Orange You Hot?, SH Peach Fuzz, Bizou Caviar. 
Thumb: Sally Hansen Brisk Blue, SH White On, SH Sun Kissed, SH Peach Fuzz, Bizou Caviar.

Right hand:
Pinky, middle, thumb: Revlon Pop Art, SH White On, SH Sun Kissed, SH Peach Fuzz, Bizou Caviar.
Ring, index: Sally Hansen Brisk Blue, SH White On, SH Sun Kissed, SH Peach Fuzz, Bizou Caviar.

Part 1 is here.


I tried to do something mature and subtle with my new vinyl stencils from
Somehow I managed to create this abomination. It’s the most drab depressing colourscheme ever inflicted on the human retina. Seriously, this is one dull manicure, it actually sucks the life energy from anything around it, I watered my plants with these hands and all my plants died. I tried to listen to some music while wearing this manicure but the all the radio station presets had been replaced with a nameless station playing the funeral march on endless crackling loop overlaid with ghostly moaning. 
Well, you get the idea….
I like all these colours individually but together their powers combine to make something duller than dull.

  • Barry M Gelly shine “elderberry” (x2 coats as base)
  • Miss Sporty “promise the moon 548”
  • Miss Sporty “lilac 190″
  • L A Colors “simply”
  • Rimmel “Sage all the rage”

These are the stencils from the nail box I was talking about in my other post.  I was so excited about using them, but they are awful! I painted my nails Mirror, Mirror and gave them plenty of time to dry between coats. I allowed the polish to dry enough that I pressed my finger on it and it did not smudge or leave imprints. I laid the stencil on my nail and painted over it with a deep red polish, and allowed that to dry, but not completely so I could lift the stencil off. When I went to take it off, the stencil ripped in half and smudged the design all over my nails! What a let down. If you want easier and cheaper stencils, try using tape or wax paper and using scrap book shape punchers. 

So, I’d mentioned making nail stencils from the plastic sheet that Sephora’s nail stickers come on. IT WORKED!

and what I ended up with…

Not flawless, but they work. Also, I had to label them because I, at least, would definitely get them mixed up. (Sorry about the blurry picture.)

From there, I made some paper nails from a page in an Urban Outfitters catalog

Probably should have taken the picture before I cut out the nails. Oops…

Voila! Paper patchwork nails! I’ll probably apply these sometime tomorrow. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

Okay, so these are ridiculous, and I can already tell that they’re not going to last more than a day (they’re already starting to peel a bit at the corners.) BUT, I had to try. They look like my childhood blow-up chair… on acid.

What I used:
nail-shaped stencils
holographic sticker paper (sorry, I don’t know the brand. I think I got it at Michaels)

Had a little play around with my new @twinkled_t nail stencils, and I got inspired to do a honey bee themed design 🐝
The stencils used are paint drip & honeycomb, and polishes used are @barrymcosmetics “cotton” for the base, and “on your marks” & “full throttle” over the stencils. The bee is hand painted with acrylic paints using brushes from. @stylishnailartshop 💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻