Aaaand another one done! There’s a few on here which I lovelovelove, but there’s a few which are just meh.

First close up photo, starting with the pink and black nail, well that’s actually a feather! The one next to it is foil and glitter. Next to that is glitter and a sharpie pen and then some little florals. These are the majorly meh nails.

Next up is a nude nail with pink water colour flowers inspired by our cushions. I actually painted these all on my nails not too long ago! New to that is my fave nail, a cute little parrot! Oooooh I love it! Then some gold and chains, and then another water colour floral which I’ve painted on my own nails

Third close up is holographic polish with pink framing (another look I’ve painted on my own nails), and then watercolour blobs. 

Fourth close up, starting with the light blue nail, I painted little blueberries on there because I used my scented blueberry nail polish for this nail. Next two nails are both florals where I kinda double loaded the brush, I really can’t remember what the technique is called… And then a sailor nail, which is pretty much what I last did on my nails!

Then in the fifth close up is checkered with sunflowers, then DNA, then Pikachu which I did for my friend Jess, and then stripes and floral! 

Coooooool, hope you like!

I found those 2 nailpolish recently and I think they go on quiet nicely.

The Essence nailpolish is called Hello Rosy and the flower glitters are from Nails Inc and it’s called Daisy Lane.