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Andre Burakovsky #1

Requested by Anon: Hey! I was wondering if you could do a cute Andre Burakovsky one?? where you meet him by chance but don’t know who he is but he thinks you’re super cute and tries to woo you?? :)

Warnings: alcohol(?)

Word Count: 2283

Author’s Note: Holy crap this one got away from me. I’m so sorry. This imagine really did not want me to write it. I tried to be really creative and not do a typical “at the bar scene” (it kinda turns into that but you’ll see if you read it) I got the inspiration from Andre’s post on instagram. I hope you enjoy it and I’m sorry it is so long. And just in general I wish it was better! Please request again if it isn’t what you wanted! I’d love to right more of Andre because his smile is adorable.

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You finished your makeup and went to help her locate the other heel. Why? Because she invited you to go to the Washington Wizard’s game. You loved sports, all sports and even more you loved D.C. sports. You weren’t the type of fan as in you knew every player on every team but you went to games when you could, especially when you got free court side tickets.

With some help from the Verizon Center staff you found your seat, right on the court. Your friend squealed in excitement. “I can’t believe these are our seats,” you raved. Your boss smiled out you, “honey you better believe it.” As you and your boss sat there talking about work, two very attractive guys took the two empty seats next to you. The one closest to you had brown wavy hair and deep brown eyes. While the man sitting next to him had black long hair and a rounder face with blue eyes. They both had athletic builds and simple senses of styles. “Hi,” the one closes to you said with a glowing smile and dimples to match. “Hi,” you responded with your own glowing smile. The guy next to him looked over at the two of you and also gave a soft smile. “Hello, I’m Tom,” he reached out to shake your hand. You grabbed it firmly, and introduced yourself back and your boss. Then turned to the guy next to you. “And you are?” you questioned. “I’m Andre,” he replied. You smiled at Andre, it’s nice to meet you Andre.” You turned yourself back towards your boss where she was giving you that “look”. “What” you jokingly retorted. “Oh nothing, I just enjoy seeing you flirt. Especially after seeing you reject Roger at the office so many times,” she laughed and you couldn’t help but laugh back. “When will he get the memo?” you agreed. “Oh darling boys are like rocks they never understand women even if we were to spell it out for them, especially Roger,” she continued. You two laughed again at how Roger comes to your desk for any excuse possible. “What’s so funny” Andre asked while giving you a goofy smile. You let out a small laugh and tried to compose yourself. “Nothing just some funny things that happened around the office,” you responded. He smiled back, “well you have a pretty laugh,” he noted. You bashfully smiled, “Thank you, Andre,” you responded. He flashed you a smirk that quickly turned into a smile.

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