nail venturous

Hey everyone!! I have been so side tracked this past weekend with the engagement that I have forgotten about all my lovely swatches that have been just sitting in my computer ~__~

Today I have for you….dun dun dun…….FLOAM!!!! by Nail Venturous

God, this glorious polish is finally mine, and it is one of the prettiest that I own, hands down. It’s a mixture of green, blue, and yellow matte glitter so on the nail it looks like that wonderful 90s infomercial on Nickelodeon for Floam!

The polish got a bit thick when applying, but most likely my fault bc I always forget to lower the fan in my room when doing my nails. I -did- layer it over China Glaze’s In the Lime Light, which is a neon shimmery green, but I do believe this polish would be fine in a few layers by itself :)

Here are some more photos:

Another post for today! This is Voodoo Doll by Nail Venturous!

The last of the trio of polishes I finally got to scoop up during the last restocking at Ninja Polish. I had been eyeing Voodoo Doll, Floam, and Sticks n’ Stones for months and was ecstatic when I finally purchased them.

Anyways, this color is amazing! It’s a black, white, and silver hex glitter in a black jelly base. Definitely a thick formula but was pretty darn easy to apply, and I got great coverage with only two coats!

Close up:

Overall I loved this polish. And I hope you guys enjoy it too!