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New from Hasbro - a crossover! Transformers and Skating.  The Powermaster Optimus Prime mold has been redecorated, and a skate ramp and skateboard were included for the Titan Masters figure, Shreddicus.  How about that?

Hasbro says:


(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $49.99/Available at Booth #3329 at Comic-Con International in San Diego)

Before OPTIMUS PRIME was blasting DECEPTICONS in battle, he was greasing the wheels of his skateboard with fellow skater, SHREDDICUS MAXIMUS. Shredding rad gnar on the boardwalks of the Senti Rust Pier, they up their street cred while nailing down their signature trick, the Null-Ray-Ray, annihilating the competition into mere grime… Now get ready for the gnarliest TRANSFORMERS stunt of the 21st century… TRANSFORMERS has worked with Primitive Skateboarding, the company founded by legendary skateboarder, Paul Rodriguez, to roll out this special edition TRANSFORMERS PRIMITIVE OPTIMUS PRIME Figure convention exclusive. Co-designed by Paul, the figure features Primitive Skate’s classic black and gold colors for a more sophisticated and on-brand look. To up the skateboarding theme, the figure is placed in premium Primitive Skate-inspired packaging that mimics a “skate shoe” box featuring grip-tape inspired texture. As the ultimate twist, the pack features rail, ramp and hover board accessories! The pack includes a LEADER CLASS OPTIMUS PRIME figure, a TITAN MASTER SHREDDICUS MAXIMUS figure and eight accessories. Converts from robot to tractor trailer in 23 steps and from tractor trailer to battle station in 10 steps. The TRANSFORMERS PRIMITIVE OPTIMUS PRIME Figure will be for sale during San Diego Comic-Con 2017. Following the convention, a limited number will be available on


[Root is undercover as an employee of a company in which requires psychological assessments and therapies for every employee.]

EDIT: okay so some of you are confused about the timelines? the only clue is Root’s nail polish, it means past and present…i’m an idiot i thought it was obvious.*sighs*

This time I have 15 pgs for you….. For some of you who’ve seen the first 6 pgs, the rest 9 pgs are brand-new. Enjoy.

Alias reference (Root): Mary Fairfax Somerville

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How would bts react to their s/o being a famous olympic figure skater?? thank you!!

A/N: You got it! Hope you enjoy and thank you so much for your request!  ♡

-❤ Kat & Sar 💖

How Bts Would React To You Being An Olympic Figure Skater

Jungkook: He’d come to watch one of your performances. This wasn’t the first time he’s come to support you. He does his best to come to as many of your performances as he can. If his schedule didn’t allow it, he’d watch it on TV and call you right after. You’d make your way onto the ice, slightly nervous, but confident in yourself that you will do well. You begin your performance, and Jungkook immediately stands, smiling and clapping at every wave of your hand or bend of your leg. When you’re performance is finished, you look up into the crowd to see Jungkook. You smile at him as he smiles back, cheering the loudest among the large crowd.

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Jimin: Similar to Jungkook, however, he’d take it one step further. Jimin would bring posters with your name on it, air horns, maybe even a megaphone to yell from the stands how much he loves you. You’d tell him that he was embarrassing you, but you two both know you secretly love his over the top support, and cherish each gesture with all your heart.

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Taehyung: He’d be interested in every detail of your hobby. He’d want to know everything about it. You’d be sitting in the living room with him, snacking on popcorn while watching a movie when he suddenly pauses the movie to ask you more questions. “Why are you asking all these questions, Tae?” You ask out of curiosity. “Because you love it, and I love everything about you.”

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Hoseok: He’d LOVE watching reruns of your shows. He has every single one on cd, plus a highlights reel. You swear that’s the only thing he watches these days, and he’d agree. “Hobi, we’re eating dinner. Wouldn’t you want to watch a movie instead?” He turns to you, “But this one’s my favorite!” You would sometimes even catch him watching them on his laptop while you two were supposed to be sleeping. “Hobi, shouldn’t you be asleep?” You say groggily. “Oh, sorry (Y/N). I didn’t mean to wake you. But this was when you got that gold medal!” You’d always smile to yourself, knowing exactly who you’re number one fan is.

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Namjoon: This man would be completely mesmerized by your craft. He’d be sitting in the stands, jaw wide open, not even blinking as he’s staring at you. The first competition he attended, you thought he didn’t like your performance because he wasn’t clapping. “Did you not like the show, Nam?” He scrunches his eyebrows at you, “I loved it, what are you talking about?” “You weren’t clapping or anything, though.” He chuckles and wraps his arms around you, “You took my breath away, that’s all.”

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Yoongi: Yoongi would be the proudest boyfriend in the world. He’d always be bragging about you to the boys, or to anyone really. He’d be at practice with the rest of bangtan and they would be having a water break, when Yoongi would turn to them and say with a giant grin, “Guys, (Y/N) just placed second at her competition last Saturday.” They’d all nod. “Hey, be more enthusiastic!” You’d come back from practice and tell him how you finally nailed that new trick, and he’d have this smug grin on his face, “That’s my girl. I’m so proud!” He says, bear hugging you.

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Seokjin: Jin’s way of supporting you is always making sure you’re taken care of. He’d pack you snacks for practice, “Don’t forget your lunch! I put extra this time because I know you’re practice was extended!” He’d buy you braces for injuries you didn’t even have, “Here, darling.” “Jin, why are you giving me a knee brace, my knee is perfectly fine?” “Just incase! Put it in your bag!” And when you come home late from a competition, he’s ready to greet you with your favorite meal and foot massage. “Aww, my poor baby! Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you!” You never have to worry with Jin by your side.

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Story One

AN: This is based on Story by clipping. and is the first part of a six-part series.

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Warnings: swearing, drinking, sexing, deathing

Word Count: 4,052


John parked outside the apartment, sitting in the car and staring into space for a long while. It had been a long day and he was tired, sore, and not ready to deal with anyone yet. Not even his sister Mary.

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The Hand in the Hair Habit II

A/N: Sorry I’ve not been active, but I bet you’re tired of hearing that from me so here- instead, have a habit:

She tells me I do this thing…

I never realised I did it until she said something. It was after she first mentioned it to me though that I noticed she has her own version of this thing. Her hands are small and delicate with strong and nimble fingers that are God’s gift to neurosurgery. I’ve felt her hands’ strength alongside their gentle touch. Sometimes they’re used to comfort, sometimes they can be inappropriate and mischievous, I definitely know their capabilities for pleasure, other times they can inflict pain. Small, delicate, inappropriate and strong: a summary of my wife, ladies and gentlemen.

She does this thing…

I remember telling Amelia that Megan was still alive. That day, the day that two officers had come to our front door and said the words I’d been wishing for since I lost her. That day I should not have gone to work, I should have known my limits, but I needed anything to take my mind off the high-pitched ringing in my ears. That day I should not have pushed away the thankful mother of a baby I saved and should not have rudely walked away in a near-PTSD episode.

Amelia was the one to find me, my fists digging into an exam bed’s mattress, kneading out the panic and fear rising in my chest. She said nothing and waited. I knew that look- she wasn’t leaving. I told her about the officers, about how they’d found Megan, and I couldn’t say the last bit. It was the bit that was haunting my every thought that day. She was saying something about finding peace and I wanted to cut her off but the words wouldn’t come. Then she stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck, and I felt her hand stroke my hair. It was the first time that day that I felt myself able to breathe enough to say the words, “She’s alive.”

She drove me back to Meredith’s house, took care of me and handled the situation perfectly. She was perfect- something in the past we had agreed we definitely were not. Amelia, through Teddy, confirmed that it was Megan and I suddenly broke down. As I collapsed into her arms, it was her hand in my hair that encouraged me to cry harder and cling on tighter. By the end of the night, I was dehydrated and exhausted and she ordered me to lie down with my head on her lap. Her hand played with my hair and lulled my reluctant eyelids to close. She was my hero that day.

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hoe tip

this ones for painting your nails. now i have no problem saying that I’m good at nails. I’m fucking good. people are asking me ‘oh where’d ya get your nails done’ and i tell them that i did them and they like ‘damn.’ so here we go. 

1. start with a clean, polish free hand of nails. file your nails. file the tip and buffer the top layer of the nails of gently with a nail buffer. make sure not to file the nail to sharp at the tip or to thin on the top layer. one of my technicians told me once that having oval nails were for old ladies and that square nails make you look younger. i agree with her. keep that in mind. what ever you want/ whatever works best for you. when you’re done, wipe your nails with acetone nail polish remover.

2. get your self a base coat. i like the opi original base coat. it drys fast and make my polish stay long. 

shake your bottle and dip your brush. pull the brush out and wipe off only one side of the brush. turn the brush over, so that side that hasn’t been wiped off is facing the neck of the bottle. tap that side on the neck of the bottle to remove a little more base coat. find the side of the brush that has the most liquid on it and turn the brush so that side will be the one to touch the nail. 

place the brush in the middle of the base of the nail, just short of the cuticle and pull upward to reach the tip. then bring the brush back down just short of the cuticle, on the right side of the nail and again bring the brush to the tip. repeat on the left side of the nail. heres the trick. DONT PUT THE BRUSH RIGHT AT THE BASE OF THE CUTICLE. because the cuticle is a little bit higher than the nail, the polish will pool in that little well and make your nails look un professional. this is why whenever you put on polish, start with the brush away from the cuticle at the bottom of the nail.

3. once all your nails are dry with base coat, choose your color. if your polish is dry, you can buy a thinner, or take a small amount of nail polish remover, add it to the nail polish and shake. it will thin the polish, but it may make it a little bit less opaque. again, repeat step two with your nails. start at the base middle of your nail, away from the cuticle and pull up to the tip. repeat with the right and left sides of the nail. it is important to make thin-ish coats of polish. thin enough to not create a lake of polish, but thick enough to not have any sparse bare spots when you pulling your brush to the tip. i recommend adding a second coat of polish after your first one is dry. 

4. clean around your nail with a pointed q tip. if you’ve succeeded in keeping the polish away from your cuticle, your job shouldn’t be that hard. while doing your first hand, and you make as mistake and your nails are long enough, your can always go in with a nail from you other hands and lightly scrape that polish away while its still wet. 

5. add your top coat. a lot of people find top coat to be very important, but i feel that if you’ve used a base coat, and plan on changing your nails color soon, don’t worry about it. really. 

there you go. you do everything right you aint gonna need to haul your ass to the salon to dish out $20 for a mani. prosper my hoes. prosper

if you want me to make a video of how i do my nails, hmu in my ask box

signs skating
  • Aries: freaks out when their shoe tears due to tricks
  • Taurus: sits on the skateboard and eats tacos instead of actually skating
  • Gemini: falls spastically off the board
  • Cancer: cries because they can never land an ollie
  • Leo: takes photos of the skateboard but doesnt even try skating properly
  • Virgo: just cruises around bc they can
  • Libra: skates more than they should and screams with joy everytime they land a trick.
  • Scorpio: nails every single trick possible
  • sagittarius: skates for 2mins *im done bye*
  • Capricorn: switches on cool music and skates for the atmosphere
  • Aquarius: finds impossible ways to sit on the skateboard and move at the same time.
  • Pisces: falls on their ass and still looks indie somehow