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Nail Tite Tip N°.1

Nail Tite Tip N°.1 | On: Cuticles

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Keep scissors away from them! They are natural barriers made for protection, and usually peel more after they are cut because they are trying to heal. It is okay to cut away a single snag, but other than that, do not cut…they will begin a never ending freefall of tearing. Trust me.

When getting a pro manicure, it’s okay to get the cuticles pushed back, but make sure it’s being done gently. If you push them yourself, do it from a 45 degree angle.

Keep your cuticles well-moisturized. I don’t like a lot of chemicals so I opt for a nice almond oil (which I use for clients) or jojoba, or pure vitamin E. Vitamin E is amazing at enriching and nourishing skin (and hair too). Apply oil before bed and keep your cuticles (and nail beds) happy, healthy, and replenished!


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