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Detention | Reggie Mantle

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Pairing: Reggie Mantle x Reader

Description: A bad day leads to you getting detention and getting close to the last person you’d ever thought you would.

Warnings: there’s a swear or two in there fo’sho.

Word Count: 1977

A/N: this isn’t the greatest and trying to write reggie was different but here we are. lemme know what you think. i also just added everyone from my usual tagslist bc i remembered this time. ok cool. 

Trouble wasn’t something you found yourself in often. You were the good student with the highest grades, never truant and had a reputation for being nice and polite to everyone. It was one of the reasons why everyone enjoyed your company. You were usually the nicest, friendliest and most positive person around school. There’d only been one time you’d ever gotten into trouble and that was in second grade when you’d stole Jughead’s hat off his head because you thought it was cool and put it on your own. He’d cried because you’d refused to give him it back so the teacher yelled at you, gave you a timeout and made you gave the hat back.

That was the only time in your whole sixteen years of age.

Up until today.

It had been a particularly bad morning. First the stupid alarm hadn’t gone off making you half an hour late then the moment you stepped outside mother nature decided to work against you and send a mass of rainfall. There had been no time for the bus so you’d ran all the way to school getting splashed by the passing cars on the road. By the time you got to school you were drenched, late and in the worst mood possible. Your usual happy smile was nowhere to be seen. Instead, you stormed into the classroom, threw your books down on the desk and sat yourself in your seat with a huff, arms crossed over your chest.

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  • 2D felt nervous at first, unsure if his son’s/daughter’s teachers would like him
  • The teachers questioned his hair and eyes, 2D had to explain in a nutshell of how he got blue hair and 8-ball fractures.

  • 2D gets along with his son’s/daughter’s teachers well with his friendly and reasonable attitude because we all know 2D is a sweetheart


  • The teachers were utterly intimidated of Murdoc’s dirty nails and green skin, they tried to tolerate him as best as they could during the conference.
  • Murdoc got bored near the end of the conference, so he did things to piss the teachers off like asking “Is my child actually a bad student?” and scare the shit out of them. Murdoc’s son/daughter shakes his/her head.

  • “Sir, if you don’t want to take this conference, then take your son/daughter with you.”


  • Russel is very chill when it comes to meeting his son’s/daughter’s teachers.
  • The conferences were a bit longer since the teachers enjoyed talking to Russel.

  • The teachers did question Russel’s white eyes, Russel just avoided the question to avoid freaking the teachers out.

  • Noodle gets hyped when meeting her son’s/daughter’s teachers, she makes sure to make a first good impression for them.
  • Noodle stayed calm so the teachers wouldn’t question her excitement a lot.

  • The teachers are impressed that their student is as talented and smart like his/her mother Noodle.
learning how to ride a bike with seventeen

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// Seungcheol / S.Coups
Seungcheol, I’m going to fall over, I’m telling you right now.” You grip on the handlebars tighter, clenching your teeth. Seungcheol chuckled, “I’ll be right beside you, helping you, until you’re ready. I promise.” Taking a brief moment to close your eyes and take a deep breath, you slowly reach for the pedals. He rests his hands on top of yours, running beside you as you begin pedaling. His hands squeezes your hands tighter when you feel yourself shift to the side, steadying you and keeping you upright. Once you gain confidence, you nod at him to let go, and begin pedaling away. Behind you, Seungcheol cheers your name, proud of you.

// Jeonghan / Junghan
The boys managed to get the day off, so they did what they usually wanted to do: play basketball. Having been sitting on the curb for the past 3 hours watching them play to their heart’s content, you yell to them, asking when they believe they’ll be done. Junghan runs off the court toward you, wiping his face with a towel from his duffel bag and draping it around his neck. He crouches in front of you, holding your hands. “Dino brought his bike, how about you bike around?” When you didn’t respond, he put two and two together. “Wait, you’ve never been on a bicycle before?” You nod sheepishly. He encourages you to get on the bicycle and test it out. Setting the bike a couple of meters away from the curb, Junghan runs back into the shade, clapping his hands lightly, saying words of encouragement. He smiles brightly. “Okay, here I go!”

// Jisoo / Joshua
You know what I miss doing back home? Cruising around Downtown LA on my bike. I just felt so free, you know?” You nod your head absentmindedly. “Wait a second…do you know how to ride a bike?” When you tell him that you couldn’t, he rushed you outside. Joshua is a pretty good teacher, so it wasn’t too long before you were able to ride the bike. Nonetheless, Joshua held his arms out, hovering over your side in case you fell. “Hey, Josh, I think I’m getting the hang of th-” Just as you felt comfortable, you hit a bump in the pavement, causing you to lose your balance. You let go of the handlebars and quickly grab on to Joshua by the shoulders. “Woah!” he exclaims as he catches you, holding you by the waist. “Oh gosh, I can’t even think about being okay at something before messing up!” He laughs and ruffles your hair as you press your forehead to his chest in embarrassment. “Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it! Let’s try that again.”

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Yo, you did the phone thing, too? My junior English teacher didn't give a shit about me playing my DS because I was acing her class without even trying. Feels good man.

i actually got a C in that class :^y

the thing with him was that he was primarily a PE teacher, not a history teacher. i got on his goodside over the course of the first half of the school year. i was kind of the only person in the class that respected him and gave him feedback and ideas on how to make the class more engaging, plus i was pretty great at helping other students pronounce words (being a voice actor has really helped me with sounding out words in my head in conjunction with reading them in real time).

the final nail was in, like, february when i talked to him after class and i basically told him that im pretty bad at paying attention during lectures and whatnot and that i was better at studying books and assignments and all that jazz. it wasnt, like, agreement or anything, but he kinda just realized that even if he made me put my phone away and make direct eye contact with him the entire time there wasnt really a point because it’d go in one ear and out the other. it wasnt really brought up in conversation, it was more like a sign of mutual respect. occasionally he’d ask me to sound out a french word he wasnt entirely confident with, which i would do and then get back to my own business. it was kind of like a several-month transition from student to unofficial teachers assistant, because i remember him coming to me before anyone else when it came to running stuff down to the office.

he was a cool guy.