nail studs

While some apartment and dorm maintenance teams are responsible and arrive in a timely manner, it’s always smart to have a backup plan. 

My dad gave me this toolkit when I first moved out, and it has helped me fix everything from clogged drains to leaking shower heads. 

Here’s what I keep in my toolkit:

  • Electric drill and different sized drill bits
  • Screw drivers (two, one for each type of nail head + and -)
  • Hammer
  • Assorted nails 
  • Studs (these are used to secure nails when your apartment has hallow walls)
  • Measuring tape
  • Pliers
  • A wrench
  • Sand paper
  • Putty
  • Exacto knife kit
  • A small saw
  • Duct tape

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anonymous asked:

hi! i was wondering if you could do a request of the band finding out someone made their (usually tough) s/o cry? thank you!

So I added a bit of a backstory to it just because it popped into my head. 

Warning for the beginning before the band’s reactions: Language/emotional abuse. 

It was a shitty day and y/n just wanted to get home when they saw the last person y/n wanted to see. The asshole sat across from y/n on the bus. Y/n was wearing their work clothes, it’s been a long and hard day, they looked disheveled, their hair was a mess and they were super tired. When y/n looked up and saw the other person was about to start speaking they just wanted to slap that smirk off their face.

Don’t say anything y/n… Don’t respond, it’s just bait. Don’t let them win.

“You don’t look like you’re doing well…” y/n’s Ex says with a vicious laugh. “How’s that new place going for you? Your ‘(boy/girl)friend’ finished bangin whores on tour? Do you really think they’re faithful, especially to the likes of you? I remember when we were together… we had something nice but it’s wasn’t THAT nice you know what I mean? I still had to find people to satisfy my needs…It’s not my fault you caught m-”

Y/n didn’t let them finish. It’s their stop anyway so y/n gets up calmly and back hand smacks the shit talker as hard as they could, causing the other person to let out a scream. Y/n straightens themselves out, smoothing their shirt and running their hands through their hair when they turn around to hop out the bus (which is applauding them) and starts to walk home. Suddenly tears are streaming down their face and y/n is slowly starting to cry harder. Out of nowhere a mix between a yell and a screech sounds: “HEY!”

Shit. Y/n’s now red faced ex is a block away and running towards them, looking like they’re out for blood. Y/n bolts, the house is just a half block away. When they reach the house, they enter and slam the door, locking it. Panting, they lean against the door and slide down it. The tears are starting again. Y/n puts their head in their hands and starts to sob. “Fuck…”


- “wha- the bloody hell happened to you? what are you… hey stop that.”

-When they look up and he sees they’ve been crying he suddenly rushes to them, changing his attitude right away.

-They lean into his arms and he rubs their back trying to figure out what in Satan’s name could have happened to make their lover lose their usually rock solid composure like this.

-He’s never seen them cry, so he has absolutely no idea what to do.

-When they tell Murdoc what happened he freezes, leads them to the couch and leaves. He comes back looking furious, his red eye somehow looks as if it was glowing, his clawed hands grasping a baseball bat studded with nails and only says two words  “Who. Where.”


- “Wha…Oh my are you alrigh?!” He rushes towards them and hugs them tightly, stroking their hair.

-When they look up and 2D sees their puffy eyes and tear streaked face he frowns. “What happened, love?”

-He tries his hardest to reassure them how much he loves them and how amazing they are.

-He picks them up, dumps them in bed and cuddles them, rocking them back and forth soothingly.

- “Ya know what? Fuck this person, I  don’t know who they are but they don’t have much goin on for them if they have to spend their time trying to make you feel bad. Yer amazing, love. I don’t know why they don’t see that and I don’t care. As long as you know it, that’s all that matters.”


-”Hey, y/n h- … are you… crying?”

- “Hey hey hey, c’mere..” He pulls them in a tight and comforting hug.

-”Who do I gotta unleash Mudz on?” He chuckles, making you giggle a bit.

-He pulls them into the kitchen, puts on an apron, and makes their favorite meal.

- As he makes the food they tell him what happened, he pauses sometimes and they notice him grip the pans or the knife harder, they see him tense up during the harsh parts but he stays silent as the story is being told, allowing them to vent. After they were finished he puts everything to the side for a moment and approaches them, sitting down at the table next to them, he gently tilts their chin up “Hey, you know that person didn’t know shit right? Deadass,(Sorry I had to represent my brooklyn boy through speech) all of us are lucky to have you here, especially me. We all love you, I love you, you’re so special and amazing, I can’t imagine being without you…”


-once she sees them crying she rushes to them letting out a string of japanese curses along the way

-She’s surprised to see that someone affected them this badly because they’re the strongest person Noodle knows.

-She lists every single thing that she likes about them for about a half hour from their attitude to how they dress, she makes sure they know she looks up to them.

-She gets the rest of the band to do the same.

-Noodle then takes them to their room and fixes them a bath. While they take a soothing bath, Noodle finds their favorite movie and orders a pizza.