nail stamping kit

anonymous asked:

I'm really bad at painting my nails. what can i do to improve?

This is a great tutorial for how to properly paint your nails

if you would rather watch a video here are two that are really helpful here & here. the second video also shows how to clean up your cuticles after painting your nails.

if you mean you are bad at making designs and nail art, to improve you just have to practice practice practice! maybe you can buy a nail art wheel to practice on. youll be able to use both hands to have more control until you get the hang of it. maybe you can buy better nail art supplies. if you use a bobby pin and you dont like how your dots come out you can upgrade and buy a dotting tool and that might improve your designs. same with buying nail art brushes or stripers to improve your lines and stripes. remember you can always buy nail stamping plates and kits instead. we love nail stamping plates they are so fun and easy and always look great and all you have to do is stamp it on your nails you dont have to freehand your designs.