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Emerald Vines - Color-shifting Blue-Green Chrome Nails with Vine Embossing

Decided my short chrome nails were looking a bit blah (too lazy to apply nail tips and sculpt them) so I decided to jazz them up by painting on textured vines with clear builder gel and a nail-art brush. Ended up with a fun set of nails.

(Now here’s something I wish I could do on my dominant hand.)

If you DIY you will need:

Black gel polish

Clear no-wipe gel topcoat

Chameleon powder (mine are No.25 by NAIL MAD on

Clear builder gel (I like CANNI UV Clear Builder cos it’s thick enough to hold its shape when you do designs)

Super fine nail art brush

LED lamp (obviously)

Otherwise just ask your nail technician to do a regular chrome manicure first, then apply the embossing pattern over top and cure. You can flash-cure every few strokes if your gel is a bit runnier. After removing the inhibition layer off the builder gel, buff one more coat of chrome pigment over for some extra color intensity. 

No more topcoat after this because it will remove a lot of the the crispness and detail of the vines.

This is what I gave to Ed the last time I saw him: it’s his own one-of-a-kind custom version of Monopoly! It took many months to design and create from scratch, but it was a fun project to work on, and he really liked it. :D

I did all the art and design work myself, and my sister who is a professional book artist built the box and gameboard using my designs. I’m so lucky she agreed to help me! We were both so pleased with how it turned out.

Ed literally said, “I’m so excited!” when I gave it to him, and then we sat down on the floor and looked at all the pieces together. (That middle photo is him telling me I should be designing things for a living, which is just so flattering considering I didn’t even know I could do this stuff until I started doing it for him.) 

He went around the board and read all the names of the properties out loud, haha. It was so cute! He was particularly amused by the “Stuart’s Couch” space and called Stuart over to see it. The whole time, he kept going, “This is sick! This is so amazing!” <3

The little backpacks and sofas take the place of houses and hotels in the game. (So, technically you could build a sofa on Stuart’s sofa, which I think is funny.) The backpacks are jewelry charms I ordered from China and painted green with nail polish. And I sculpted each of the sofas from polymer clay and baked them in my oven, which made my house smell funny. The orange and green dice came from a specialty gaming vendor at Dragon*Con this year, and the Simpsons, Hobbit, Shrek, and Pokemon player tokens were all eBay purchases. At first Ed said he would always choose to be Blinky, the three-eyed fish from the Simpsons, but then he discovered the Pikachu token and, like, simultaneously burst into tears and orgasmed, so I figure his face was worth the stress of that eBay bidding war. Fact: A well-placed Pikachu will always make Ed Sheeran cry. ;)

If I could change anything about the game now, it would be to redo the money. When I first designed it, Murray was still part of the tour, Graham and the Sing puppet seemed more relevant, and Kevin hadn’t been hired yet. But Ed was still amused by it, I think. He even called Mark over to show him that he was on the 50. Mark laughed, but then he was like, “Only 50?” Each person has a quote on their bill, and Ed read those out loud too, but he stopped and just sort of giggled when he got to his own and didn’t read that one out loud. I’d probably change it to something about being pregnant with steak. Right now it says, “You don’t even look at me when we make love anymore,” which made me laugh at the time that I put it on there, but now I sort of wonder if he even remembers saying it. He might just think I’m weird.

Ed thought the radio stations instead of train stations was a clever idea, yay. And I was so glad to see that he seemed really entertained by the Chance and Community Chest cards! (In his game, they’re called Plus and Multiply cards. For reasons.) They’re all things that have really happened to him, like doing that icecream eating contest or being one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive. When he read the one about a bottle of Nandos peri-peri sauce shattering in his backpack, he was like, “Do you know that story?!” which I thought was funny because… it would sure be a hell of a coincidence if I put it on one of the cards and didn’t know it… but it was so cute that he asked and then shook his head mournfully like he still has regrets about it to this very day. Oh, Ed. You’re my favorite. :) 

Giving this gift to Ed was one of my favorite things I have ever done in my life. He was so happy! I’ve always said my ideal job would be Santa Claus because I love giving people presents, but honestly I don’t think I have ever enjoyed it more than that night. Look at his face! That smile! It makes my heart grow three sizes! It’s probably a good thing I don’t see him more often because I’m sure I’d spoil the boy absolutely rotten if given the opportunity. 

Sorry for such a long post. I’ll stop with the pictures now… after this one. 


(You can see where Jamie Lawson mentioned the game at the BBC in [this video] and Ed talked about it with Buzzfeed [here], with MTV [here], and with Rick Astley [right here].)

Worried Daddy (Part 3) [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: Ok so for a part 3 of Worried Daddy, you should do Smut. And then new baby. But not rough smut, just sweet and loving. 💕💕 love ya!

a/n: giggly seb smut………sign me the fuck up


Part 1 | Part 2

After singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to Logan, Sebastian runs his hand through the boy’s short brown hair, placing a kiss to his forehead. Padding across the room, the lawyer flicks on the star night light before slipping into the hall. He closes the door behind him, grinning at you. You squeal quietly, taking of to the bedroom, heels in hand.

Laughing softly, he runs after you, palm pressed to the opposite wall of the bedroom. When you get to the doorway, you spin around, facing him, curling your finger in a ‘come here’ motion. Licking his lips, the brunette pushes himself forward, socked feet shuffling on the carpet. Giggling, your hand wraps around his striped tie while you walk backwards, pulling him with you.

Sebastian bends down; lips meeting lips. He feels your hands loosen his tie as he releases your lips, smirking and shutting the door with his foot. “It’s gettin’ hot in here…” he sings, wiggling his slender hips, fingers tangling in the end of your white blouse. “So take off all your clothes…” You burst out in laughter when he lifts your shirt off. “What?” he chuckles, “I’m trying to be sexy here, babe, and you’re giving me nothing.” he teases, sliding his navy tie out of his white shirt collar.

Rolling your eyes, you unclasp your simple beige bra, letting it fall to the floor. Peering down at your breasts, he smirks, unbuttoning his shirt. “Your voice is so much deeper than in high school. It’s sexy.” you grin, pushing the smooth fabric off his shoulders; hands running down his chest, poking his toned abs. “And you’ve got a lot more muscle.” you giggle, leading him towards the bed.

Undoing his belt, Sebastian pushes his pants down in a hurry, almost tripping, making you laugh. Chuckling, he brushes his locks behind his ear, index finger in front of his mouth. “Shh, you’re gonna wake Logan up.” he whispers, climbing on the bed, red boxer briefs tight around his dick. You yank them down his hairy thighs, allowing his member to spring free. His green eyes widen, strands of his light brown hair dangling in front of his face. “Okay, okay, lemme get a condo-”

“Bas, that’s kinda defeating the whole purpose.” you retort, biting back a laugh. The lawyer scoffs, covering his face with his hands, shoulders shaking. “You forgot, didn’t you?” you ask, unable to hold back your giggles any longer. He presses his forehead against your collarbone, cackling softly. “Shh, you’re gonna wake him up…” you mock, causing his head to snap up, glaring at you playfully.

You wrap your arms around his sculpted torso, nails digging into his pale skin. A hiss leaves his throat and he bites his lip, peeking at you. “I love you, Y/N.” Sebastian mumbles, the tip of his dick entering you. You choke back a moan, clutching his back and hooking your legs around his waist, feet hitting his ass. He pushes all of himself into you, strands of hair dropping from behind his ear. “This alright, mon amour (my love)?” he asks, forehead crinkling as his lime green eyes sparkle.

“Yes, yes, move…” you mutter, receiving a cocky smirk from him as he slowly begins rocking his hips. “A-asshole.” you grumble, head indenting the pillow.

With a grunt, Sebastian brushes your hair from your eyes, watching your mouth part when he thrusts. “You said- you said that the first time we had sex too.” he pants, biceps flexing, hands pressed to the mattress. “Never thought you’d fall for me.” he admits, dipping down to leave open mouth kisses to your neck. “I’m close, babe.” he rocks his hips against yours, biting your neck and sucking.

You gasp, bringing your fingers to his messy locks, tugging on them. “I am too…” you breathe, nodding. He bucks one last time before he cums along with you. “Sebastian…” you moan out, squirming underneath him, panting while he rides out your orgasm. You shift, feeling him empty inside you. “You know, I loved you in that uniform.” you grin when he pulls out of you.

“I know.” he giggles, “Why do you think I still have it?” he smirks.

Was The Movie Good? | Romanogers

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Summary: I don’t have a summary, just… this is Romanogers smut, enjoy it?
Warnings: Smut <- like can I even write Nat and Steve not fucking? I don’t know.
Admins Note: When you make an RP chat with the Avengers, somehow make Romanogers a thing and then feel the need to write smut because of the rp, cause same! Legit, cause of the rp I’ve been wanting to write Romanogers stuff, been holding back… now I’m just gonna unleash chaos tbh - Ro

Credit to gif owner - low key love this gif omg

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“It’s a good movie, Nat” Steve stated for the billionth time as himself and Natasha walked down to the theatre room, she rolled her green eyes at Steve, hands swinging back and forth as she pushed the door open for them.

“I don’t get it, it’s just some crazy old man torturing people, what’s there to like?” she asked, Steve groaned as he sat on one of the sofa’s, Nat sighed and placed the movie Saw into the player before walking over to Steve “next time, I’m picking the movie” Nat declared, the movie played as Nat sits in Steve’s lap, not really wanting to watch the movie.

The room is filled with the noise of the movie, Steve eyes glued to the ginormous screen as Nat sits watching with a blank face, cringing at some of the scenes that played; she’s done and seen things but for some reason the movies Saw… make’s her cringe the hardest. She shifted uncomfortably in Steve’s lap, causing Steve to frown and look at her before shifting his eyes back to the movie, the problem with having Nat in Steve’s lap is that she fidgets and all kind of Hell breaks loose when she does.

“Can you stop fidgeting” Steve whispered after Nat’s fifth time fidgeting on his lap, she sighed in response “I’m trying to watch the movie” he responded, eyes falling back to the screen, Nat turned and looked at Steve frowning as she did so but he didn’t look back, just huffed and nodded to the screen, hoping that would make her look back… it didn’t. Nat turns in Steve’s lap, facing him and pouting slightly at her boyfriend.

“It’s boring, Steve” Natasha whispers, Steve just hums in response, eyes trained on the screen and focusing solely on the movie, well, trying to “I can think of better things to do in a dark room” Nat grins at Steve.

“I don’t doubt it” Steve finally looks at her, a serious, playful glare being cast at her “but we’re having movie night, watch the movie” he smiles before looking back at the screen, Nat rolls her eyes and smirks, sitting so she is straddling Steve’s lap instead and even though the lights are dimmed she can still see Steve roll his blue eyes. Deciding it was best to ignore her and watch the movie, for once he prayed they could make it through one movie, just one but it seems to be a running theme with them… to never see the ending of ANY movie when watching it together.

Natasha carded her fingers through Steve’s short hair, smiling as Steve released a small sigh, kissing his cheek lightly and he responded by gently wrapping an arm around her waist but not looking at her; Natasha sighed when she could hear the movie playing still, what annoyed her more was the fact Steve was more than willing to watch the movie, it’s like he doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘watching a movie with your girlfriend’, it doesn’t usually mean watching the movie at all, bless his old soul.

Natasha rolled her hips lightly on Steve’s, almost as though she hadn’t moved at all, she kept the motion up a few times before she heard Steve sigh lightly once more, grinning she wrapped her arms around Steve’s neck. He gave her a look of ‘you’re not gonna allow me to watch this movie, are you?’ she simply grinned and chuckled at his face before leaning in and capturing his lips with her own. The kiss started off slow moving, soft and innocent at best, Steve moved his hands to Nat’s waist and gripped her tightly, almost taking control of her movements, causing her hips to press against him harder.

The movie long forgotten as their tongues battled for dominance, their hips rutting together in an almost fifthly manner, Natasha’s hands running through Steve’s hair as Steve’s hand run up and under Natasha’s shirt, grabbing and soothing her warm skin.  Pulling at Steve’s hair released a gritted growl from the back of his throat, causing Natasha smirk against the open-mouthed kissing, her hips now rolling down, hard on his hips, already feeling the bulge under his jeans.

Tugging at the hem of Natasha’s top, it was ripped off and thrown carelessly across the room, it would be eventful finding their clothes later but for now, neither one seemed to care what happened to their clothes, Steve’s was tossed far into the back of the room. Both their hands roaming each other’s chests, Nat’s nails scraping down Steve’s sculpted body, Steve’s hands going to the back of Natasha’s body. Unclasping her bra, letting it drop to the ground at Steve’s feet, hands slowly moving up her sides caressing softly; emitting soft sighs from Nat.

“I told you I can think of better things to do” Nat muttered, tilting her head to the side as Steve kissed her neck and collarbones, humming in reply to her as her nails dug into his broad shoulders. Circling her hips down onto his in a heated frenzy, smirking when Steve gripped her side’s tighter, hands sliding up to rest just under her breasts as he controlled Nat’s moving hips. His own hips jutting up with every roll of her own, causing Steve to whine as he bites down on Nat’s neck, leaving small bruises and not really caring if people saw them later.

Natasha’s hands travelled down Steve’s torso, slowly and softly, nails feather light scratching his skin as one of Steve’s hand wound in her hair and the other rested on her ass, squeezing lightly as he kissed her neck and jaw, always missing her lips. Her hands hastily popped open the button of his jeans, rushing to the zipper down and she smirked as she palmed him over his boxers, he stopped and pulled away; leaning his head back against the sofa and moaning, loudly, if anyone was walking passed they probably heard him over the movie.

“Steve, you gotta be quiet” Natasha whispered, palming his erection harder and squeezing lightly, making Steve releases a strained moan. Natasha, literally and figuratively held Steve in the palm of her hand, she often takes control in most situations of the relationship and the bedroom situations was one of them; till herself or Steve suggests he takes the reigns.

“It’s hard to stay quiet when you are literally palming me through my boxers, Nat” Steve tries to sass, only it comes out breathlessly and soft, Natasha grins in return and quirks an eyebrow at him. Her hand slips into the waistband of his boxer and grips his length, freeing him from the confines of the material, Steve hisses as Natasha slowly strokes him in her hand.

“Is this better?” Natasha smiles innocently; Steve whines as her thumb tease the head of his length and she leans forward kissing his neck and then his jaw, biting lightly as she makes her journey back to his mouth and kisses him slowly, one hand slowly stroking him and the other holding the back of his neck as he moans into her mouth.

Natasha slowly pulled away, getting off Steve’s lap, he reached forward and hooks his finger in the belt loop of her shorts and tugs her forward and pops the button of her own shorts for her, pulling them down her smooth legs and grinning at her blue lace panties as Natasha smirked back at him. Steve hooks his fingers in the lace and tugs down slowly, kissing her abdomen as the lace falls at her feet, kicking them away Nat hooks a finger under Steve’s chin and lifts his head; sometimes staring into those blue eyes makes her feel bad for ruining such an innocent sunflower, only, sometimes.

“Clothes off, Captain” Nat crosses her arms as he narrows his eyes back, playfully but complying but standing up, almost a foot taller than her and pulling his jeans down along with his boxers “was that meant to impress me?” she teasingly asked, for a moment she saw his smile falter, he smirked back just as quickly. Grabbing a hold of her waist and pushing her back on the sofa softly, a wicked grin on Steve’s face as he leans down to kiss Natasha, it’s a searing kiss that holds all of their lust and needs for one another.

“No, but this might” pulling her hips to the edge of the sofa and kneeling down between her legs, he kisses her left thigh, Natasha sighs and runs both hands through Steve’s hair and tugs lightly as he chuckles. Placing her left leg over his shoulder, arm curling around it to hold Nat in place, his hot breath fans over her and makes her shake lightly at the anticipation. He leans down and bites her right thing, Nat gasping in pleasure and pain, Steve pulls back with a satisfied smile at the bruise he left before finally putting his mouth where she craved him to be.

Steve licks a wet, hot strip up Nat’s slick folds, moaning into her; causing her to gasp and tighten her grip on his golden hair, her head falls back against the sofa harshly but is in too much pleasure to care. One of Steve’s hand pinning Nat down, not really doing its job as she all but grinds against Steve’s mouth, back arching off the sofa as Steve’s other hand travels up her body and massages one of her breasts.

His tongue circles her entrance before licking back up, lips circling around her clit and sucking into his mouth, his hand gripping tightly onto her thigh and causing a stinging sensation to contract throughout her body. His tongue circles around her clit a few times before his tongue goes back to lapping up her wetness again, looking up at her. Nat’s eyes are squeezed shut, her mouth hanging agape and soft whisperings of Steve’s name is rolling out of her, one hand scratching at his scalp trying to direct his greedy mouth back to her clit and her other hand, clutching the sofa’s armrest, her knuckles going white from the intensity of which she is holding it.

Steve pulls away slightly breathless and smirking, Nat whimpering from the loss of contact, Steve kneels forward and captures her lips with his own; tongues battling against one another intensely, and Nat could still taste herself on Steve’s tongue, moaning into Steve’s mouth. Nat pulls away and motions for Steve to sit down, getting up and sitting on the sofa, Nat swings and straddles his waist once more; one petit hand holding the back of his neck and the other grasping his shoulder.

Leaning forward and capturing her lips in a soft, slow kiss, as his hands hold her waist and gently lowers her down on his length. Nat pulls back and leans her forward against Steve’s, sighing gently as he sheaths himself inside of her, stopping and allowing her to adjust to him. Nat smiles and pecks his lips, moving her hips in a circular motion, her clit seeking the friction she needed and Steve’s grip getting bruising-ly tighter on her, his fingers grasping her smooth flesh and moaning loudly once again. Natasha lifts herself up and then down, moaning almost as loudly as Steve had done, keeping a steady pace whilst riding him and wrapping both arms around his neck.

Steve’s lifts his hips up to meet every Nat’s, thrusting up into her harshly and moaning loudly. Nat leans forward and starts creating more love bites on Steve’s neck, biting and sucking along his collarbone and moaning his name into his ear, chanting him to get deeper and faster. Steve then takes control of Nat’s hips, pulling her down every time he thrusts up; it’s brutal and harsh, almost animalistic.

“St-eve…” Nat moaned one of Steve’s hands left her waist and delved down straight for her clit, fingers rubbing, fast circles onto her bundle of nerves. The coil tightens in Nat’s abdomen and she knows she is close, so, does Steve. He can feel her walls clench around him, his thrusts start to become sloppy and hard, as they both reach their end. Nat’s coil snaps and her walls clench, sighing out Steve’s, like his name is the only word she remembers, at that moment? It’s true, her mind is fuzzy and her body is buzzing.

Steve’s decent isn’t long afterwards, rocking her hips against his own, watching Nat’s face contort into pure pleasure, and feeling her walls tighten around him even more. Nat moves closer to his ear and softly whispers the word ‘Captain’ into his ear, he groans and within a few more sloppy thrusts he’s coming undone beneath Nat, groaning loudly and longingly. He slows down to a stop, breathing heavily with eyes closed, both their chests heaving from their activities and blissful smiles on their faces.

“I love you” Steve sighs out and Nat nods lightly, lightly smiling at Steve, lifting and sighing gently as he pulls out of her and sits beside him for a few moments, limbs numb and tingly. Both look to the screen to see the credits roll “we just had sex whilst Saw was on” Steve frowned, looking down at Nat, she chuckled in response “that’s the least romantic movie to ever have sex to” he chuckled with her this time.

Steve leant down and kissed Nat softly, holding her cheek with one hand, smiling against her lips as she rested both her hands on his chest, pulling away and smiling gently at him,

“I love you too” Nat grinned before getting up, both helping each other find the other’s clothes, turning everything off in the theatre room “piggyback ride, Rogers” Nat grins, standing up on the sofa and motioning with a finger for him to turn around, Steve rolls his blue eyes before helping her climb onto his back and leave the room.

“Good movie, guys?” Darcy called

“I don’t know, we never got to the ending” Nat called back, turning her head to see Darcy cringe in disgust, Nat giggled as Steve sighed but laughed.

“We’re burning that entire room” Darcy called back.

(Again, if anyone judges me on my smut, I’ll dick/ vagina punch you because I’m not an expert at smut… probably, never will be - Rosalee)

Kik Fam Drabbles:- Theodore & I Got This <- they explain why Darcy Lewis is in this. 


Pairing: Yuri Katsuki / Victor Nikiforov
Rating: K+
Warnings: Sleepy Yuris
Summary: After taking the lead in the first event in Beijing, Victor gives an exhausted Yuri a little TLC

For @victuurimarch

After the rush of adrenaline from skating and the excitement of taking an early lead with a personal best, Yuri is exhausted. He feels it bone deep, unable to stop yawning even through a late, post performance dinner at a nice restaurant that his coach had picked. When he almost falls asleep in his soup Victor laughs softly and pulls the spoon from Yuri’s limp hand, calling to nearby waitstaff for the check.

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