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In my sleep deprived stupor, I made this.

Happy valentines day

(I’ve seen a few people ask what the .wad is, if the tags didn’t give it away, it’s ancient aliens, hard as nails but I recommend it)

Nails Painting Scene


Kaede Akamatsu: (It’s time for my appointment with Shirogane-san! I gotta go fast.)

Kaede Akamatsu: Shirogane-san! I’m here!

Tsumugi Shirogane: Wow, oh? Why are you so excited?

Kaede Akamatsu: Ahaha, sorry! I’ve never got my nails done before, so I’m looking forward to it!

Tsumugi Shirogane: I-I’ll simply feel under pressure if you’re that excited…

Tsumugi Shirogane: It’s not like I’m good at doing nails, so don’t expect too much, okay?

Kaede Akamatsu: Right!

Tsumugi Shirogane: You’re still expecting too much, aren’t you!?

Kaede Akamatsu: (Anyway, from one hand… Shirogane-san started to paint my nails repeatedly…)

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20 Questions with Dr Ferox #12

I am beyond tired folks, struggling to set by body clock back after a night shift again. It’s a peculiar mix of grunge and headache without having done anything super fun to deserve it, so my apologies if I’m a little slow on the uptake.

But here I have 20 more questions and comments you’ve sent me, so lets get into them. I have tried to tag the question askers, but if you asked on Anon then you’ll have to look through yourself to see if you’ve been answered yet.

Anonymous said: How is Lucifer doing? Are you still seeing him? I checked the archives, but I didn’t see any updates past a point and I was curious about the bunbun.

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I am a ball of pure joy right now. I commissioned art of my Dragon Age Inquisitor, Ashokra Adaar, from @needapotion and she absolutely nailed it! I cannot recommend her enough! I certainly hope to commission her again in the future. 

Vous etes un artiste incroyable! :D

(If anyone would like to know more about my Adaar, I’ve begun a fanfic about her here!
For me, Wolf’s greatest achievement is that she returns Arthur to the center of his own story. Too often Arthurian tales concentrate on the Knights of the Round Table or the tragic love of Lancelot and Guinevere. King Arthur is treated like George Washington often is - as a hero who is so noble and so far above the common man that he seems more like a stuffed owl than a real person.
Just as Washington was a real man who surmounted his human weaknesses with wisdom and vision, Wolf’s Arthur is a charismatic, utterly compelling king who earns the love and loyalty of his people. (…) It’s Arthur’s wisdom and fairness that make him a king for the ages.
As Guinevere learns, “When Arthur was present, you did not look at anyone else.”…
—  Mary Jo Putney on “The road to Avalon” by Joan Wolf
Weightlifting for beginners

Have you ever walked into a room and everyone has stopped what they’re doing to look at you? So you go red, mutter an apology and stumble out? Well that’s what my first foray into the weight-lifting area of a gym was like back at university. 

It took me a while to go back and that was only with another woman to keep me company. Since then I’ve fallen in love with lifting weights, especially with how it makes me feel and how it enables me to sculpt my body. Also, I hate cardio and find it much easier to push myself when it comes to picking heavy things up and putting them down again. 

But I’ve been asked many times about how to get into weight lifting so I thought I’d put together a beginner’s guide to weight lifting for men and women (because the weights room can be a scary place for men too!)

Step 1: Picture the hero or heroine in your favourite film and strut into the place like you own it. Hold your head high, have confidence in yourself and remind yourself that you’re there to enjoy it 

Step 2: But don’t be scared about asking for help

Step 3: Nail the basics. I’d recommend that you start with a squat, a deadlift, a shoulder press and a bicep curl. Watch videos on YouTube if you really don’t want to ask for help but remember, personal trainers and gym instructors are there to keep you safe

Step 4: Perfect your technique before you start adding on any serious weight because bad technique + heavy weights = all of the pain 

Step 5: Once you’ve got the technique down start adding the weights on. You should be using a suitable weight for the number of sets and reps that you’re doing. At the end of each set you should be feeling like you can’t really do many more. This is how you force your body to adapt and hit your goals, whether they are strength, hypertrophy (muscle growth) or endurance

Step 6: Track your progress rather than trying to remember all of the numbers. I keep a note on my phone of all of the weights that I’m currently lifting

Step 7: Just like with any other physical progress you may hit a plateau. If this happens, have a deload week. Try some lighter weights or try some other things. When you come back to it you’ll feel fresher and most likely will be able to push your weights up

Remember, it’s never as scary as you think it’s going to be and everyone is much friendlier than you think they’re going to be!

If you’re really struggling it might be worth having a session or two with a personal trainer to put together a programme and show you some of the moves.

Now, please excuse me while I go and hit a PB…

@ people that wear nail polish all the time: do you eventually get good at applying it, or is this gonna look like garbage every time I try?

Also, what do you do while you’re waiting for it to dry? I’m watching youtube videos but it’s getting kind of boring.

Ankh’s Arm Tutorial Under the Read More~!

For those who may or may not know, I cosplay Ankh from Kamen rider ooo’s and let me say they’re aren’t any tutorials on how to do his arm!! So I thought I would do a favor to any future Ankh cosplayers out there by making one!

Notes to see before seeing tutorial:
I made my arm back in August which was like 4 months ago and there’s things I did during that time that I can’t remember why I did now, so sorry if I do something and I can’t explain why I did! Also, due me not having a tutorial to look at myself when I made the arm, I did a lot of trial and error things and I really believe you should try some too when making this. This cosplay is a big step for cosplayers who have never worked with craft foam(literally me doing this) and It’s good to see what works and what does not when using foam. There’s also a shit ton of photo’s in here!! Also sorry for any type-o’s!!! 


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t-vamp  asked:

Hello! My boyfriend just surprised me with an early birthday present of 2 buns yesterday! So far I've bought them a dog pen so they have plenty of room, some oxbow Timothy hay, some pellets, a water bottle thingy, a willow ball, a Timothy grass hutch thingy, and some kaytee chew things. What else do I need? I want to litterbox train them too. Should I take them to the vet? I need advice!

hi! first of all, your boyfriend is amazing. that sounds like a pretty good list, but i would also recommend nail trimmers, some sort of bedding/shavings and a litter box to hold the shavings. poe used to use pine shavings but i’m kinda allergic to them so we’re making the switch to shredded paper, but its mostly a personal preference. bunnies will naturally use the bathroom in one corner of the cage, so figure out which one that is and then stick the litter box there. i would also recommend getting newspaper to line the pen with in case they have accidents. puppy training pads also work cause they’re super absorbent. 

i would advise taking them to the vet just for a regular checkup and so the vet can get to know them. they can also give you tips depending on what kind of rabbit they are. 

bunnies also like to run around, so if you can clear a space in the house for them to frolic that would be good. they like carpeting, but i would maybe wait until they’re properly potty trained to let them frolic on carpet. just clear any cords and you should be good. also, when i first got poe he was a little shy so i would lay down on my stomach and let him climb all over me when he was running around. it got him used to me and was super fun. 

uhhh that’s all i think of for tips right now. let me know if you have any other questions! (and send us pictures of the buns!)

Standard Protective War Water

  1. Place iron nails in a mason jar. Cut iron nails are recommended because they rust very easily, but any iron nails may be used.
  2. Add enough water to cover the nails. Leave this undisturbed until rust begins to form, typically within seven to ten days. Although the jar is usually kept shut, it should be opened periodically to encourage oxidation.
  3. Once the rusting process begins, more water may be added. Keep the jar in a refrigerator or other cool area.
  4. Strain the water and use as needed.

You may continue adding water to the original nails virtually indefinitely. Some people have a War Water starter lasting years, akin to a sour dough starter. However, should mold or bacteria ever form, discard everything, including the jar and start again from the beginning.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)

My Fair Warrior: Part 15

Setting: New York City, New York, USA, 2021

Summary: Feyre thinks Rhys ignoring her after the disaster in Philadelphia, but the Annual Purim Ball gives them a chance to patch things up.

Ship: Feysand

Rating: G

Word Count: 2,898

A/N: Part 15 of my Modern AU. As before, some lines come directly from ACOMAF and belong to Sarah J. Maas. Also, yes, there’s some bending of the timeline thanks to human healing times and real-world logistics.

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter 

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Hello everyone. So I have been getting a lot of questions about hair growth ,recommendations for natural products & products to make your hair softer & thicker. Above is a picture of all my natural & semi natural products that I use.

Starting from the back left to right:-
1)mane n tail comb - great for shine thickness,strength as well as growth. I use it mostly in the summer when I become a beach bum:-)
2)caballo combo- originally for horses - this comb is great all year around,great for growth,thickness & moisturizes. Your hair won’t tangle.
3)the bamboo tea- it contains silca so it’s great for hair growth,skin and nails plus great skin. Overall wellbeing.
4) bamboo novex deep conditioner- I use it as a protein conditioner. If your hair is shedding or damaged, reach for it. It contains bamboo- great for growth sprout.
5) raw Shea butter with coconut oil- enough said.

Front from left
1)Aussie 3 min conditioner- I use it in the shower wen I’m in a hurry but still want that soft hair. This conditioner will never let u down.
2)hair skin & nail gummies- ma doctor recommended them for ma skin but I have noticed great changes in ma hair too.
3) black soap- I use it for clarifying my hair wen I have build up, after swimming or a night out at the bar with the hubby.
4)novex leave in cream- it’s a conditioner that contains bamboo. Smells great as well & makes hair shine.
5)novex bamboo oil- I use it to seal ma ends, great on split ends, shine & scalp conditioning & hair growth as well.
6) Jamaican black castor oil with argan oil- great for hair growth, to seal in moisture ,add shine. Sometimes I mix in olive oil so I can use it as a hot oil treatment.

These products will work on any hair type, relaxed,natural,virgin natural or transitioning. Buy one at a time and see it it works for u. But I’m sure u won’t be disappointed.

Posting this awesomeness on behalf of Midonyah, who says:

I present to you…. Fanfiction nails! \o/

I know a lot of us read Fanfics, and my favorite pairing is Johnlock (as some of you probably know, by now^^)

I wanted to honor one of my favorite fics, and couldn’t be happier when I got the Author’s permission! I used little quotes from “A Cure for Boredom”, by emmagrant01.

Be warned, though, it’s a very explicit Johnlock fic. I used “vanilla” quotes on the nails (mainly because, as much as I love the Fic, I didn’t want to walk around all week with… uhmm… very explicit stuff written on my nails), but for those of you aboard the same ship, it’s a very funny and sexy Fic I highly recommend!

Forever fixated with this album. Perfect in every way and so far ahead of it’s time that 20 years later it still sounds cutting edge. As chaotic as it is beautiful, as emotional as it is mechanical. If you’ve never taken the time to check out Nine Inch Nails I highly recommend you start with The Downward Spiral, Songwriting and production perfection. 

anonymous asked:

Fav fics on ao3?

Omg I’m so late for this, I’m so so so so sorry!!! Okay here goes:

fight me ‘til the sun rises and fight me — so so beautiful. I’m not into second person but this author absolutely nails it. 100% recommend it!

blood rush in the hazy glow — so so beautiful. Ended even more beautifully. You have to read this, it’s a Clexa must.

you’re fired (so yeah you win) — I can’t believe this is over already D: read it. That’s all I have to say.

help, i need somebody (not just anybody) — OMG THIS IS SO WONDERFUL. GO READ IIIIIIITTTT!!!

bare my soul — it’s my favourite Tanagariel fic and it’s so amazing and I luuurv it to death. Absolute death. I’ll take this fic to my grave with me (sorry for the sordidness, Carmen)

between the sheets and remember when (we used to be between the sheets) — dude, if you’re not reading this, who even are you? Just drop everything (yes, even the champagne glass, and no, I don’t care that it stains the carpet) and go read it. It’s mandatory.

strangers on the phone and strangers don’t write (love) letters — my favourite Clexa celeb au, so please do yourself a favour and read it!

you see the smile that’s on my mouth (it’s hiding the words that don’t come out) — (damn I just wrote this from memory) This fucked me up SO bad. It’s beautiful but heartbreaking in some instances.

greencard — I have an undying love for this little sucker. Please go read it. You will cry.

coconut icing — haha another one that will fuck you up pretty bad. Go read it :D

falling but not alone — I LOVE THIS. PERIOD.

she got me up all night (all I’m singing is love songs) — this is probably my favourite one-shot ever. I don’t even know why since it didn’t make me cry or was extremely fluffy or anything. It just filled me with such uncontainable joy. I literally could not stop smiling after reading this one.

chocolate, raspberry, cinnamon — turns out, I love coffee shop au’s. Here’s one of the best for you ;)

you’re annoying (but in a good way) — here’s another one!

I just want you to do me no good (and you look like you could) — this so UH-MAYZING

when love becomes the reason — AAAAAAAGH THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL

doctor goodlove — this is so peculiar and hilarious that it became one of my favourites

the art of co-parenting — it’s dogs, okay? I’d sell my soul for dogs.

those icy fingers up and down my spine (the same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine) — (omg I just wrote this whole title from memory in one go!) I one word: WONDERAMAZANTASTIC

make this leap (say geronimo) — this is unlike any other fic and it’s definitely a Top 5 for me

love remember me (sweetly and tenderly) — simply amazing. Go read it, please.

no church in the wild — this is so sad.

I didn’t have your back (so I’ll give you mine) — I totally did NOT cry in the second chapter. And if I did, I totally have the alcohol excuse. Inebriated or not, this fic is fucking fantastic. Edit: I (hypothetically) cried (you can’t prove it!) because it was so beautiful. It’s happy!

enchanted. — a HP au and it’s so fucking great!!! Read it!!!

There’s some others I love but these are, I feel, my absolute, absolute faves :)

also, check out breaking out, all i want (is you and me, to be)  the world has no right to my heart. They’re all so great ^-^

brookie-15  asked:

Do you have any simple summer nail designs you'd recommend?

Neon gradients:

Heres a gif tutorial on how to do gradients:

Add a palm tree accent nail:

Heres a gif tutorial on how to do a gradient & palm tree:

Summer Fruit:

Nautical nails: