nail progress

It started like most things do: for profit.  A scientific experiment, run by a corporation, with little oversight and little ethical attention. A pack of ambitious men and women in a room, a voided lightless room, pounding out science like a hammer against a nail.  Effortless, forthcoming, senseless, progressive.  It was unfathomable what they accomplished, what they were able to do with three  years time and an unlimited bankroll.  It was unlimited power to create and destroy.

How does it really work?

Our brain speaks a language, just like English or French or Mandarin.  They called it Neuronic, after the cells that make up our brain. The key to understanding the language was being able to get a composite picture of the entire neural network, but that required being able to track each neuron’s position and path in real time.  And finally we were able to do that.


Yes, nanomaterials, to be more precise. They called it a rider, because it would attach onto any unoccupied neuron and ride it virtually forever, all the while pinging information back outside the body.  It was incredible science.

All that remained was to figure out the cipher–which neurons corresponded with which functions–and then Pandora’s box would be opened up completely.  They accomplished this in just a few months of testing.  Of course, each person is different, and their neurons corresponded differently, but when you zoom out wider and farther, our brains all speak the same language, with just slightly different dialects.

So that was it?  The era of thoughtlessness was over?

No, far from it.  The technology worked, but it couldn’t be applied to anyone–only those who had injected the riders inside of them, either with or without their consent.

Then we were injected?

No, hold on, I’m getting there.


It’s okay, I know you can’t help yourself. They knew that this wouldn’t go anywhere unless they could market it as actually having a use.  That is, they knew people wouldn’t buy a library card if there were no open books.  They needed a way to open most or all of the books.  

How’d they do it?

That’s the thing: no one knows.  Most think they made the riders replicating and self-sufficient–able to float through the air and enter new hosts.  Others think they simply poured enough into the major water streams and let time do its work. You could hold all the riders in all the Earth in the palm of your hand and not even see them. That’s how infinitesimally small these things are. All they needed to do was make them able to find new bodies.

Wasn’t this illegal?

What, infecting the entire world with nanomaterials that would betray your thoughts and feelings? I’m sure it was, but what can you do?  Take the corporations to court while all the lawyers’ and judges’ and juries’ worst thoughts were portrayed to everyone who had access to them, everyone who had bought their way into the elite, purchased a superhuman power?  

It was chaos at first. The rider translators were prohibitively expensive, on purpose, and only the most affluent few in the world could afford the privilege of looking into the heads of others. Almost every politician was thrown out of office, almost every celebrity or public person was cast in a horrible light over something they had mindlessly thought when someone was in range with a translator.  You know, the wealthy used to hire these people to follow other people around.  The new age thought paparazzi, the nightmares of everyone who was worth exposing.

Couldn’t they block it?  Block the riders, or get rid of them?

The riders, no, those are impenetrable.  But people tried everything: diets, surgeries, horrible devices and treatments, but nothing worked at all.  The only option was to try to block the translators, either by getting out of range or attempting to mix up the signal.  These were…. moderately successful at first, but the corporations kept churning out better and better translators, larger ranges and stronger pathways.   Eventually, there was only one sure way to get some instance of peace.

Getting rid of the translators?

Yes, unfortunately.  People started figuring out that they needed to destroy the translator devices themselves.  Keep in mind, these were fed up people whose lives were all but destroyed.  The tragedy was that the corporations had started permanently planting these in people’s ears.   It was a gruesome and bloody year.  Neighbors and friends turned on each other, even when they weren’t sure if they had them or not. The destruction of many of the devices and the danger that came with wearing one prompted the corporations to keep lowering the price, until eventually almost all but the poorest people had them.  Now everyone could be betrayed and everyone could be betray. 

So that’s why we have live in a state of equality now?  When everyone can know everything about everyone, doesn’t that mean a level playing field?

No, doesn’t it just expose everything? Am I equal because I have equal information, or am I just more informed of my own inequality?  Hey, it’s 7:00 here in the states.  What time is it over there for you, again?


Time for bed then, isn’t it?

Ah, Dad, tell me more…

I’ll think with you more tomorrow.  Be good for your mom.



On Wayhaught

Wynonna Earp is doing the f/f pairing, and it’s doing it right. Last night’s episode was outstanding. Every single wayhaught scene was nailed. As the episode progressed I kept wondering when my dream was going to come crashing down, because that’s what it felt like, a dream like episode. The very first scene of the episode where Nicole is dressing Waverly’s wound was super sweet and tender, and a little angsty, but oh so electrifying. The scene in the barn just hit it out of the ball park. Nicole, she’s just like an angel, so caring and loving, and Waverly is just like dynamite catching fire at Nicole’s super tender neck kiss. The “I know, baby” came first, the caressing of the hair second, and the kiss came third blowing everything out of the water.  Everything in that scene felt right, it felt organic, but most importantly, it made me feel every bit of their love. The scene at the party where Waverly walks down the stairs to meet Nicole was just precious. Deliciously romantic. Reflecting back on the episode I realized that I had just seen the most cliché straight-romantic scene recreated with two princesses. And it was adorable, and it was enchanting, and it was everything I didn’t know I wanted/craved to see that on my screen. Wayhaught’s chemistry was uncontainable from start to finish, and that’s laudable.  I know we’ve been disappointed by a few shows as of late, but this show is doing it right. They deserve our praise and support. I’d be really sad if this show doesn’t get picked up for a second season. They deserve it, and we deserve it.    

Check out the shitty quality of my laptop’s webcam! Anyway, this is my nails as of today. I noticed today more than ever that they are actually growing really well! My index fingers and thumbs are actually looking semi-normal. The down-side is that in lieu of biting my nails, I’ve occasionally been taking teeth to cuticles. 

Still visible however is the scar on my chest from where I picked at that old scab (not to mention a few others on my chest from a few years ago, from scratching at pimples). 

One more negative thing is an admission. Today, with my newly grown thumbnail, I picked at one of my toenails and took a bit off, while risking the strength of that thumbnail in the process. 

That’s enough negatives for one post. I’m here to focus on the postive. Pro: my nails are growing, and Pro: this shirt makes my boobs look good haha.