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10 DIY PROJECTS YOU NEED TO TRY! Makeup Inspired Room Decor & Organization! Baby Lips,EOS & more DIYs


things the zodiac signs remind me of

aries: paint on your fingers, dirty converse, messy rooms, the feeling of getting a new record, loud music in cars, lying on floors, the stress of forgetting something until the last minute

taurus: leather jackets, coffee candies, white vans, making cookies late at night, matte nail polish, not responding to texts, falling asleep on your bed in the middle of a cold day

gemini: sunlight shining in through windows, frozen yogurt, new clothes, harsh words, blue rooms, needing to have a say in things, endless conversations, hot chocolate

cancer: sweet perfume, light pink dogwood trees, cozy sweatshirts, long hugs, spring nights, crying alone in bathrooms, tiled kitchen floors, listening to music while it’s raining

leo: yellow watering cans, bonfires at night, pale skin, the feeling of belonging, looking in the mirror, endless playlists, cute outfits, laughing, wind in hair, writing in journals

virgo: stacks of books, cute plants, future plans, swimming in the morning, the feeling when you know something is out of place, clean carpets, deep breaths in cold air

libra: long hair, cold shower, fresh fruit on a summer day, letting all of your opinions be known, fooling around in public with your best friends, thrift shops, open windows

scorpio: dark movie theaters, all black converse, unfinished conversations, navy flannels, sexual jokes, chipped nails, not letting people in, bare feet on cool/wet grass

sagittarius: running on a cold night, looking up at the stars, watching the world from a window of an airplane, sitting in cafes, making decisions and assuming they don’t have consequences

capricorn: straight hair, the feeling after a post-concert shower, dark nail polish. puppies&kittens, organized lockers, letting your friends determine who you are

aquarius: illegal drugs, empty houses, dreams that swallow up your tiny town, big cities, accepting failure, being withdrawn, concert lights, looking up at the clouds, sarcasm

pisces: overcrowded rooms, never having plans/doing things on a whim, being loved by everyone, the feeling when you know someone isn’t listening, music while walking on sidewalks


How To Make A Giant OPI Nail Polish Bottle - Storage Idea or Gift Box


Please fire me. I work for a cosmetics manufacturer. For way too many of the products, the ingredients listed on the packaging and other documents DON’T MATCH UP with what we actually put in the product. A while back, we sent some samples to a new customer, who went and got them tested and came back asking us to explain why so many of the ingredients were wrong. My boss told them they must have been very old samples, got the lab to mix up a small batch of each product according to the “correct” ingredients, and then told me to put them in the right bottles to make it look like they’d actually been manufactured in our factory before sending them off for “re-testing.”

5 Things Tag

I was tagged by the lovely @kyluxtrashcompactor. Thanks friend! :D

5 things you’ll find in my bag: hand sanitizer, chapstick, little pill bottle with assortment of pills, tampon, extra hair ties [I am the queen of always being prepared haha]

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom: my imac, my crystal collection, my fandom shrine [complete with Star Wars and Harry Potter books, drawings and funko pop dolls], backup chapstick, nail polish shelf [organized in rainbow color order]

5 things I’ve always wanted to do: open my own vegan bakery, travel more, have a garden and grow my own vegetables, move out of nyc, have my own farm sanctuary with rescued animals

5 things that make me happy: my husband, my close friends, reading and writing fiction, beautiful walks in nature, positive feedback on my creative creations

5 things I’m currently into: kylux, k-dramas, cycling, svu, watching and filming mukbangs :}

5 things on my to do list: deep clean the apartment, finish writing my current kylux fic, make an effort to be more social, go to the beach once before summer ends, start actively working on my baking company

I tag: @gracerene09 , @shiftylinguini , @carpemermaid , @eseter and anyone else who hasn’t and wants to do this!