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here are some more trojan hcs that no one asked for

  • there are two dead ants in the corner of laila and alvarez’s dorm, which alvarez has named cabbage and theodore. laila insists they get rid of them. alvarez says she can’t just throw away her children like that
  • jeremy has a habit of walking into a room distracted by his phone (usually twitter or texts with kevin), and he’ll stop in the middle of the room and just sit on the floor, continuing to text
  • this leads jean to constantly trip over him because he’s not expecting jeremy to be sitting right inside the doorway when he comes back from class
  • laila could not for the life of her figure out how to double-knot her shoelaces until she was a junior in high school
  • jeremy has zero navigational sense. at all. jean has to do both the navigating and the driving when they’re in the car together. road trips are a nightmare
  • alvarez has a tattoo of a little astronaut on her arm, just because she thought it looked cool (it does)
  • jean and laila are always competing at something. sometimes they get identical puzzles and see who can put them together fastest, sometimes it’s shopping cart races at walmart at three in the morning.  there’s a pair of freshman backliners that somehow always end up in the baskets of these shopping carts
  • laila is Terrible at math, and is very frequently getting basic equations wrong
  • the biggest argument laila and jean have ever had is over whether fruity pebbles or fruit loops were better.  laila was all for fruit loops, and jean insisted fruity pebbles were superior.  they didn’t talk for three days after
  • jean gets rid of all the black in his wardrobe now that he’s no longer with the ravens. everything is colorful and bright, socks and shoes included
  • alvarez’s favorite nail polish color is called “hush money” purely because it’s called “hush money”
  • jeremy is really good friends with a sophomore striker, and he’ll take her out for breakfast every few weeks, and they’ll talk about new episodes of whatever anime they’re both watching, or a recipe jeremy really wants to try, or how the sophomore’s girlfriend accidentally dyed her hair orange
  • laila loves strawberries.  so much.
  • jeremy has, on several occasions, stopped the car because he saw a dog he wanted to pet
  • jean and laila have two fish that they take care of together, named butter and hargrove the eighth
  • alvarez used to figure skate. she takes laila on ice skating dates all the time partly because laila is terrible at ice skating and alvarez thinks this is adorable, but also partly because she really likes to show off
  • if she knows jean is having a hard time sleeping, alvarez will just send him a continuous stream of memes. most contain cats
  • jeremy has reading glasses
  • (jean Loves jeremy’s reading glasses)
  • laila is demiromantic
  • alvarez loves poetry, she has an entire shelf on her bookcase dedicated to her favorite collections, and has some of her favorite poems memorized. instead of singing/humming to herself when she’s spacing out, she’ll very quietly recite these poems
  • jean can do a perfect impersonation of lightning mcqueen, and very frequently uses it to make some of the freshmen laugh
  • they’re all actual rays of sunshine whom i love

ladyknighttime  asked:

Coordinating nails with dice is a genius idea

As someone who hoards both dice and nail polish, the key is to bring your dice to the beauty supply store and NOT to bring your nail polish to the gaming shop.

I understand how 100% unrelatable this problem is, but for real. If you bring dice into Sally’s, the salesperson is like, “I don’t know what D&D is really, but ooh! Those are so pretty. You should get this purple-teal duochrome so you can do a gold accent nail to match the numbers instead of doing purple with a teal accent!” Like, I’ve never once had someone in a beauty supply store not do their job because they didn’t care about dice, but oh my god, if you bring nail polish into a gaming shop, the dude at the counter will not only act as though your interest in aesthetics disqualifies you from being a real player, but he’ll also pretend he doesn’t know what the word “opalescent” means because that might make him look gay. It’s remarkable.


Oh, I just realized I never posted this!

There were a series of little painting contests at the local GW place, so I stepped up my game to get out of second place and finally get first. Wraithknights are *bad* right now, but the category was “lord of war”, and I do love the way these guys look + I already had two sitting around!

I have been informed that all those round things aren’t really *supposed* to be gems, but they’re one of my favorite things to paint, which is good since there are ~310 of them! :x

a concept

neil painting his nails white and orange (the colors alternating starting with white then orange) with cute little fox paws on them as a design

bonus: neil needs to practice painting nails bc what the Fuck it’s difficult and it’s Impossible to try and practice on yourself. solution? andrew lets neil paint his nails as a way to practice. matchy matchy boyfriends with fox themed nail polish 👌🏻

ID #: 0072

Name: Ada
Age: 17
From: Norway, Oslo
In one word: Friendly

  • I live on bad jokes and puns, and I love to make new friends and to experience something new and different (I love travelling). I also have a thing for Polaroid cameras, watermelon bubblegum, and sparkly nail polishes. 
    I love music, and I listen to almost everything (except country…sorry). An example of my music taste would be the Life is Strange soundtrack, though I listen to more than just that!
    I also enjoy gaming, and some of my faves are Assassin’s Creed, Life is Strange and The Last of Us.
    Creative writing is my hobby, and I also like to read.(I would like to think that I’m creative?) I also love writing and reading letters!
    I do krav maga in my spare time, and my favorite avenger is Captain America, and I absolutely LOVE action movies.
    I would love to send and receive small gifts/trinkets, like tea or stamps etc
  • Snail Mail, Other_ Mainly snail mail, but if you really want, email is cool too

Preferences: Age- 16,17,18,18+


Credit: Asmr.meth

Older Sibling Headcanons

-When their younger sibling feels sick an Omega will build them a nest to nap in, the way their mother always does

-An Alpha trying to make macaroni and cheese for their younger siblings but they burn it and the smoke detector goes off and they end up with a couple of five year olds teaching them how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and saying “even YOU can’t burn that” because five year olds are often unintentionally vicious

-Omegas are very alert by nature but when their younger siblings are involved they become even more watchful, especially when alone in public places, they always make sure to keep a firm grip on the child’s hand and tuck them closer to their side whenever someone passes just a little too close

-A young Alpha holding their baby sibling and trying to croon for it the way their dad does

-Older Alphas trying to teach their younger Alpha siblings to growl and laughing because they sound about as threatening as a kitten

-Teenage Omegas disliking anyone being in or around their nest but happily allowing their younger siblings to crawl in with them if they have trouble sleeping at night

-Two Alpha siblings competing to impress their young Omega sibling by seeing who can make the better block tower and they are super into it while the little Omega honestly isn’t even paying attention

-An Alpha babysitting their younger siblings and they don’t really know how to change a diaper but they try really hard…only to have their slightly younger Omega sibling see it a little later and just being like, “Its inside out…and backwards? How…?”

-Little Omegas pleading for their Alpha sibling to let them paint his nails and the Alpha has completely run out of ideas to entertain the children so they agree, and end up with their feet and hands completely covered with various shades of nail polish

-Playing a game and the older Alpha sibling allowing their little siblings to win despite how much it’s killing the competitive part of them to lose on purpose