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Dress The Part - model: Aya Jones - photographer: Patrick Demarchelier - fashion editor: Phyllis Posnick - hair: Julien D'ys - makeup: Dick Page - nails: Jin Soon Choi - publication: Vogue US May 2016

  • featured designer: Alexander McQueen

what people say: writing is painful 

what people mean: it involves blood and tears and unearthing deep-set emotional trauma, long hidden/long buried; it’s an act of revealing yourself to yourself and continuously coming to terms with how traumatised and broken and damaged you are. there’s no escaping it. you must write from the heart. you must literally write in your own blood, saliva, and piss. if you aren’t at least fucked up enough to rip out your heart and nail it on the page you’re never going to make it as a writer.

what i say: writing is painful

what i mean: i would literally rip out my left kidney and use it as an offering to any gods that are listening if it meant they’d edit this for me

Watercolour Nails! I used White Page by Essie, acrylic paint and Fairy Dust by China Glaze. 😄

Do you know what I want to see - or rather, hear ?

Matsu ASMR.

Osomatsu : Probably soft mindless talking and muttering, maybe one of those “pat your head” videos ? Mostly lots of talking and maybe praises too

Karamatsu : Probably painful roleplays, and stuff like massages and body painting. Lots of nail tapping too

Choromatsu : Pages turning and unintelligible muttering, maybe brushing on the microphone, just tons of soft sounds

Ichimatsu : Either petting cats, or a roleplay in which the viewer is a cat. Some occasional soft talking

Juushimatsu : Kinetic sand, shaving cream, foam… Anything messy really, and muttering that actually ends up being soft talking because the sunshine can’t mutter

Todomatsu : Lots of personal attention, maybe a kidnapping roleplay ? Muttering a lot and tons of caressing and hair brushing sounds

El Dorado is literally a reaction GIF GOLDMINE

When you and your friend are on the same page


When you’re trying to show your friend something important

When two fans react differently to the same thing

When a fandom realizes they fucked up

When your celeb crush is doing THE FACE



When shit gets real

Dealing with TPTB

Being seductive

Fandom comebacks



When you’re 5634% DONE

When you’re trying to be helpful but the other person is being ridiculous

When you’re challenging an argument

When things DO get worse


My personal favorite



Erasure of Urban Nail Art

I was watching Poetic Justice and I was seeing all kinds of beautiful nail art and it made me think about how WoC, especially black and latina WoC/femme individuals in America, have been wearing and innovating intricate and unbelievable nail art for decades, long before the recent mainstream/high fashion popularity surge of nail designing. So, I went to the wikipedia page for “nail art” just to see what it said about WoC and nail art in particular, and *wow surprise* the entire narrative is skipped. The page went straight from ancient nail art, to the addition of the french manicure on the 70s runway, to the recent spike in popularity in the last few years. I was honestly amazed that there was no mention of nail art history in Black/Latin@ urban communities. Makes me want to do extensive research myself. I don’t understand how that history could have been ignored without obliviousness or purposeful erasure.

Another drawing of my children whom I have crafted with my own hand.

Progress update: I’m working on writing, and my goal is to have all of act 1 scripted out by the end of February, then I’ll set a goal for Act 2, and probably start thumb nailing pages for act 1. In the mean time I want to draw a lot of character moments like this one, and get some more designs busted out.

Thanks everyone for showing interest in my babies!