nail nail polish

This statue has her arms outstretched, her sad, lonely eyes begging you to embrace her. It’s best not to, though. Those who have, while having stories of stirring, intense visions, have also reported a creeping darkness that resembles hands dipped in ink, and no amount of scrubbing will rid them of it. Supposedly it fades on its own after a few weeks. Although, with the colder weather, one could always wear gloves to hide the markings.


@keeponpolish: To make it a bit clearer for you guys I will explain a few important steps.

  • After applying a no wipe top coat after the base color, cure it under either a LED or UV lamp.
  • Next apply your powder, i chose holographic but you can for sure use chrome or multichrome powders!
  • And after applying the powder then apply small drops of a gel top coat then cure again.
  • When it’s cured use rubbing alcohol or something similar to remove the excess powder onto the nail. The powder which is underneath the top coat drops won’t come off. So the excess powder will come off since it’s not cured under gel top coat! 👍💅🏻